RUMOR - Life is Strange coming to Switch

Stranger things have happened

For years now, I've been wondering why Life is Strange hasn't made its way to Switch. The game seems like a perfect fit for the platform. Visual novels are all over the Switch, and while Life is Strange isn't a traditional visual novel, it certainly shares a few similar elements. Thankfully, it seems the game might soon be making its way over.

An industry insider over on ResetEra has shared a bunch of information on upcoming Life is Strange titles, and according to them, the original game is making its way to Switch. This insider has shared details with the staff at ResetEra that weren't made public, but staff felt the materials they saw were enough to verify the insider's claims. That said, the insider has since requested that the info be removed from the forum.

Now all we can do is sit back and wait for an official announcement. A Life is Strange port really does seem like a no-brainer, so hopefully this turns out to be true.

RUMOR: Toadette may have been planned as a playable character in Super Mario 3D World

(Not) ready for adventure

With Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury out now on Switch, dataminers are digging into every line of code to see what they can find. While most of the content is as expected, there's one little bit of data that may point to a cancelled playable character.

As you can hear in the tweet above, a line of dialog for Toadette was discovered. The line would appear to indicate that she was a playable character at some point. For whatever reason, Toadette didn't make the cut in the final game. All that's left of this potential playable character is this single line of dialog. Now all we do is wait for modders to make it happen!

RUMOR: Star Wars: Republic Commando heading to Switch

Most impressive

Star Wars: Republic Commando was a tactical first-person shooter that launched back on the original Xbox and PC back in 2005. Rumor has it the game is making a return, and it's heading to Switch.

Dataminers are reporting that a version of the game has been uploaded to Nintendo's servers as of today, complete with the icon you see above. Aspyr is tied to the title, which makes a lot of sense, as they've re-released other classic Star Wars games on Switch.

If the game has already been uploaded to Nintendo's servers, you'd imagine that a release date is right around the corner. We'll just have to hang tight and wait for Aspyr to officially spill the beans.

Some fans are convinced that the next Fortnite crossover could be with Five Nights at Freddy's

The man behind the rumor.

Fans of both Fortnite and Five Nights at Freddy's have been compiling evidence that a crossover between the two franchises could be in order.

Speculation began when well-known Fortnite leaker "HYPEX" discovered hidden files through a datamine of the latest Fortnite update. These files include footstep sound effects that resemble Foxy's dash to the office door in the original FNAF, and an unreleased skin codenamed "FrenchFry." In the past, the first letter of each word in a Fortnite codename ended up perfectly matching the character's name. For example, "TourBus" was the codename for Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. The "FF" initials pair up nicely with "Freddy Fazbear," the main antagonist in the FNAF franchise.

If you're still not convinced, some Fortnite content creators received a promotional teaser package from Epic Games containing a bag of tokens, which are similar to the ones found at arcades like Chuck-E-Cheese (however, others think this could be hinting at Geralt from The Witcher).

The "evidence" of this crossover is admittedly very vague, but Freddy Fazbear would somewhat fit the "Bounty Hunter" theme of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. We'll just have to wait and see!

Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville "Complete Edition" listed for Switch release on March 19th, 2021

It'll grow on you

We've actually heard the rumor of Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville coming to the Switch already. The original info game from GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb, who listed the game among other rumored titles. All the other games Grubb mentioned have either released on Switch or are confirmed to be on the way. The only one left is Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, and it looks like we finally have something near a confirmation on that.

GameFly has a knack for listing Switch games before they're announced, and their info always ends up being spot-on. Their latest listing is for Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville "Complete Edition," which they say is coming March 19th, 2021. If that's the case, we should be hearing an official announcement from EA any day now.

Rumors of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes for Switch persist

Is it really going to happen?

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl originally released for the DS back in 2006, making it over 15 years since the games debuted. Fans have been clamoring for remakes for awhile now, and there's been quite a few rumors about that request making its way to Switch. While we still don't have a confirmation from Nintendo or Pokemon Co., the rumor has once again popped up.

The Spanish Pokemon fan site Centro Pokemon is saying that sources close to the project have confirmed that Diamond and Pearl remakes are indeed being worked on for Switch. Apparently we'll see the reveal of these remakes in February at some point, and they stick more closely to the original games than Pokemon Let's GO did with Pokemon Red/Blue.

Adding fuel to the fire, it seems there's something going on with the domain diamondpearl.pokemon.com. While you get a 403 error when visiting, this is different from domains for other Pokemon games. Trying to visit both blackwhite.pokemon.com and http://rubysapphire.pokemon.com give you no return at all.

Is this all just speculation, or are we actually nearing a reveal? February isn't far off, so I guess we'll all find out if this rumor is true or not soon enough!

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

RUMOR: Crash Bandicoot cartoon cancelled after a year in development

Crash and burn

After years of not getting much love from Activision, Crash Bandicoot has been making a comeback. The N. Sane Trilogy brought back fans by the millions, and Crash Bandicoot 4 advanced the franchise. Rumor has it a cartoon was going to take things another step, but apparently it's been squashed.

You can see the supposed test footage for the cartoon above, which was apparently a project between Amazon and Activision. Why was the plug pulled on this cartoon after a year of work? We heard there were some disputes about the direction of the script, and apparently they were big enough to stop the project in its tracks.

Knuckles rumored to have a sizable role in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie sequel

Punch it up

We know for a fact that the Sonic the Hedgehog movie is getting a sequel, and there's a pretty good chance Tails will have some time in the spotlight. That said, it seems another big Sonic character will be getting some love as well.

Rumors are floating around concerning Knuckles, who will supposedly have a notable role in the sequel. This is going to be considerably more than a cameo, although details haven't been shared. It does seem that Knuckles gliding and wall-climbing abilities will be showcased as well.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

RUMOR: Nintendo planning to restart Smash Bros. Ultimate college tournament efforts sometime after Spring 2021

eSports are back on the menu, boys

Nintendo really doesn't do much backing of Smash Bros. Ultimate when it comes to the eSports scene, which has been a real point of contention for fans. That said, it seems Nintendo might be looking to restart their efforts on the college side of things.

PlayVS is the "Official Platform and League for High School, Youth and College eSports." The organization was looking to offer some Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments in Spring 2021, but apparently Nintendo stepped in to call things off. According to PlayVS, this is because Nintendo "wants to wait to restart their college initiatives at a later date." Obviously this isn't super specific, but it is a glimmer of hope.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

RUMOR: Resident Evil Revelations 3 is in the works for Switch

Natalia, the sluice!

Resident Evil Revelations debuted on the 3DS, and it was a real show-stopper for the portable. The game was successful enough to make its way to multiple other platforms, and get a sequel as well. Now we're hearing that a third entry is on the way, and Capcom's focus is on bringing it to Switch.

Capcom suffered a leak recently, and it revealed a ton of different projects. Included in that leak was Resident Evil Outrage, which is apparently considered internally to be a continuation of the Revelations series. Whether it retains the name remains to be seen, but for all intents and purposes, Outrage will be very much in the style of the Revelations games.

According to an industry insider, Capcom is focusing on Switch as the main platform for Resident Evil Outrage. The game will make its way to other consoles as well, but first and foremost, this will be a Switch title. We've seen this happen before with the 3DS, and thanks to the success Switch has seen, seeing Capcom give Switch the focus for another Resident Evil spin-off makes a lot of sense.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!


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