RUMOR: A monthly subscription service might be heading to Fortnite

More V-Bang for your V-Bucks

While Fortnite already has a seasonal battle pass that players can buy, it seems that Epic is considering another paid feature for the game. A survey has been sent around that asks players if they'd be interested in a monthly subscription service. This service would include discounts on V-Bucks, provide access to exclusive content, allow early access to the battle pass, and throw in some extra V-Bucks for your trouble.

While a final price for this service isn't locked down, the survey does point to a price that could be as high as $16. That would be pretty steep, especially considering pricing for the battle pass.

RUMOR - Another round of evidence points to Crash 4: It's About Time coming to Switch

Is it just a matter of time?

I think we all expect Crash 4: It's About Time to head to Switch. Activision tried to pretend that both the Spyro Reignited Trilogy and the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy weren't coming over, but they eventually did. People have been feeling the same way about Crash 4: It's About Time, and now we have some more evidence to back that up.

Dataminers have been digging through the PS4 version of the game, and they found some hints at what could be a Switch version. Information in the INI file mentions a Switch version, and it even references the project name for Spyro Reignited Trilogy on Switch, which Crash 4: It's About Time would no doubt use as a base to build the game upon. This would also indicate that Toys for Bob would be handling the port, which is the same team that handled the Spyro Reignited Trilogy and the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Switch ports.

You can hear the full rundown of details on this info in the video above. Check out the snippet at the 3:09 mark.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

RUMOR - Resident Evil 3: Cloud Version coming to Switch

Is a second Cloud outing for Resident Evil on the way?

Switch owners can enjoy the Cloud version of Control on Switch today, and a Cloud version of Hitman is on the way as well. It looks like those games might not be the only Cloud titles on the way to Switch, as an interesting discovery has been found by dataminers.

When you launch the Cloud version of Control on Switch, you'll get directed to the following site. Dataminers were quick to dig through the site to see what else they could find, which led to the discovery of the icon above.

Capcom hasn't announced Resident Evil 3: Cloud Version for Switch, but the move would make sense. Resident Evil 7 got a Cloud release in Japan, and it's likely Capcom wants to continue that move with other installments in the franchise. Now we just sit back and wait for them to confirm it!

RUMOR: Super Mario 3D All-Stars may have broken a U.S. record for 3D Mario sales

Let's crunch some numbers

The NPD results for September 2020 showed that Super Mario 3D All-Stars debuted in the second spot on the charts, losing out to Marvel's Avengers. The thing is, when you take a closer look at the data, there's a much different story going on here.

First up, the data for Marvel's Avengers includes digital and physical sales combined. With Super Mario 3D All-Stars, the NPD position is based on physical sales only. That makes Mario's second place finish much more impressive overall!

Along with that, more specific NPD data has apparently leaked. That gives us some actual numbers to work with.

In the case of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, the total physical U.S. sales for September 2020 reportedly sit at around 1,165,000 units. The game managed to sell that total in about 2 weeks' worth of time. The previous record-holder for U.S. launch month sales goes to either Super Mario Galaxy (1,120,000 units in 3 weeks) or Super Mario Odyssey (1,100,000 units in 1 week), depending on how you want to look at things. Obviously digital sales were a factor for Odyssey and not Galaxy, and we don't have the data on how many digital units were sold.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars had a huge retail debut, but there's no doubt the digital numbers have been insane as well. The weekly charts showed the game sitting at the #1 position for every single week, so it was definitely pulling in big numbers. If we knew those digital numbers and could add them into the physical NPD total, there's very little doubt that Super Mario 3D All-Stars would be the new record-holder for a 3D Mario title when it comes to debut month sales.

RUMOR: Tetsuya Nomura may be hinting at more Kingdom Hearts content for Switch

Here come the Smash rumors...

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is coming to the Switch in less than a month, marking the first time the series has appeared on the platform. It might not be a mainline Kingdom Hearts game, but it's better than nothing!

Fans have been hopeful that this game could be an entry point for more Kingdom Hearts games on Switch, and today there's a little glimmer of hope for the future. In an interview with a Nintendo Dream magazine, Kingdom Hearts creator
Tetsuya Nomura is asked about the franchise being on Switch. You can see the back-and-forth conversation below, as translated by Styster.

Interviewer: Nomura-san, there hasn't really been an opportunity to have a Kingdom Hearts title you worked on appear on a Nintendo system, has there?

Nomura: No. However, I think we'll be able to deliver something [to Nintendo fans] in the not-too-distant future...

Interviewer: How exciting! We are really looking forward to this!

Now there are a few things to point out. We don't have the full context of this interview, but we do know it's from the November 2020 issue. That means the interview most likely has some chatter about Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. It would be extremely odd for Nomura to tease something for Nintendo fans, and have that turn out to be Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. Also, there would be no point in being coy about the game if it were Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. That title was announced long ago, and fans have known it was coming for months and months now.

We still need to see the full interview to see the context of the discussion, but this little snippet does seem to tease something new on the way. Let's cross our fingers and toes for something big!

Thanks ton Dondom95 for the heads up!

RUMOR: Concept art for an underwater portion of Super Nintendo World's Mario Kart ride surface

Let's take a dip

It looks like we might have a sneak peek at an underwater section for Super Nintendo World's Mario Kart ride, thanks to some concept art. Suzy Riffel worked on designing the Universal Studios Japan Minion Park, and the imagery above was spotted as part of her resume. As you can see, there's no doubt the concept art shows some underwater action for Mario Kart. Whether this design makes it into the final cut for the ride remains to be seen.

RUMOR: Is SEGA teasing a reveal for Sonic Adventure 3? (UPDATE)

Third time's a charm?

SEGA loves to tease Sonic fans when it comes to the reveal of new games, and it certainly seems like they're up to their old tricks once again.

SEGA recently shared the above image on Twitter, and it doesn't seem like much of anything at first. Just a joke about the Fibonacci sequence at first glance, but a second look reveals something more.

If you look closely at Sonic's cheek, you can see a very faint '3' hiding in the image. SEGA has hidden stuff in Sonic imagery before, so this is very much in their wheelhouse. It's also worth noting that the Sonic image itself comes from Sonic Adventure.

Following that, Mike Pollock, the voice actor for Eggman, replied to the tweet with his own reference to the number 3. This could either be Pollock picking up on the fan chatter and just joining for fun, or he could be deliberately getting in on the tease as well.

I think it's quite obvious SEGA is teasing something for Sonic, and with the character's 30th anniversary coming in 2021, it seems like the perfect time to go all-out on a Sonic Adventure 3. Sonic fans have been waiting patiently since April to see what SEGA is working on for the Blue Blur. If that wait leads to Sonic Adventure 3, I have a feeling most fans will feel their patience paid off!

UPDATE - Some new evidence has surfaced, and it could either point to this being a mistake, or even more legitimate. As you can see in the image above, the Fibonacci sequence image that SEGA used can be found on Shutterstock. This is indeed the same image, but as you might notice, there are numbers and letters throughout. The number 3 appears in exactly the same spot it does in the Sonic image. The question is, did SEGA remove all the other letters/numbers and somehow accidentally leave the 3 behind, or did they purposefully remove all the numbers/letters EXCEPT 3?

Thanks to MegaJacobF for the heads up!

RUMOR - Paramount considering a Dr. Robotnik spin-off film

Get a load of THIS, Sonic

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie ended up being a big hit with both fans and critics alike. We already know that Paramount is working on a sequel, but rumors are floating around about a spin-off project as well.

Industry insider Daniel Richtman is reporting that Paramount is considering a spin-off film that will focus on the antics of Dr. Robotnik. Obviously, this movie would retain Jim Carrey in the role of Robotnik, but there are no details on what path the story would follow.

The follow-up to Sonic the Hedgehog will no doubt pull in some big numbers, but a spin-off shifting the focus to Jim Carrey could do equally well!

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

RUMOR: Kirby Fighters 2 datamining reveals test 3D Kirby programs

Is it finally happening?!

Nintendo and HAL have tried to bring Kirby into the world of 3D games numerous times in the past, but nothing ever panned out. We've seen Kirby in polygonal form multiple times, but was always in 2D side-scrollers or small experimental projects. Now we might have a peek at the two companies trying to expand Kirby into the third dimension once again.

Kirby Fighters 2 randomly saw release just a few hours back, but dataminers are already digging through the game to see what they can find. Surprisingly, the game appears to be hiding some very interesting test code. Tucked away inside the data is something called "Kirby3d," and it includes elements tied to Kirby, Blade Knight, Waddle Dees, and a sword. The code in here is completely different from Kirby's Blowout Blast, which was a somewhat 3D game on the 3DS. This code could very well show that Nintendo and HAL are finally ready to make the true 3D leap with Kirby.

The source code also contains a bunch of different experimental mini-projects that use a Kirby base template, but the real findings here come from "Kirby3d." Looks like the future of Kirby could be very interesting indeed!

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

New inside info casts doubt on the Mass Effect Trilogy coming to Switch

This rumor is my least favorite on the Citadel

For months now, we've been hearing rumors about a Mass Effect Trilogy in the works. EA is yet to confirm that release, but we're hearing that a reveal is coming very soon. Unfortunately, the other half of the rumor that says the package is coming to Switch may not be correct.

According to industry inside Jeff Grubb, the Mass Effect Trilogy is real, but it's not coming to Switch. At least not in 2020, that is.

“EA has multiple games coming to Nintendo Switch and Mass Effect is definitely not one of them. Not yet, anyhow. If that happens, it won’t happen in that one-year window that they talked about in their last shareholder meeting.”

In other words, there's still a chance the collection could come to Switch, but it's not going to happen this year. That's something we've seen with countless other multiplatform games, so it wouldn't be a surprise. Switch owners are used to waiting a few extra months to get their version of a game. Let's hope that's the case with the Mass Effect Trilogy, rather than the package not coming to Switch at all.


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