One Piece: Unlimited World Red - DLC details

- bathing suit costs offer up a 50% reduction to water damage
- these suits will also drop overall hit points by 15%
- costumes all cost 400 yen each
- school girl costumes give 10% SP recovery rate on their attacks
- Zoro deals 20% more damage


Tekken director looking to announce 2 titles in 2014

The following comes from Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada...

“Tekken is one of my life’s works, and while I can’t say much here, together with the titles we were going to announce this year, I’m also working on several other titles simultaneously with Tekken. From there, I’d like to announce at least two of those titles in 2014, and I feel that it’s something I must do.

From there, there are a few titles that we’ve been quietly working on, and some we’ve been thinking about working on, so the year 2014 looks like it’ll be a tough one. Perhaps I’ll be asking readers on Twitter when I get stuck on ideas or hit a dead-end.

Actually, I’ve had to be part of way too many mysterious jobs and non-paying holiday gigs from requests like ‘please show up at this event!’ and ‘please make a surprise appearance in this video!’ even if they weren’t proper plans like those ‘let’s learn from the creator!’ type events.

For the year 2014, I’d like to focus more on my main job, so please continue supporting us… although first, I’ll be passing by New Year’s parties from other companies, and then I’ll seriously start on my main job!!”


Japanese developers share their goals for 2014

Tetsuya Nomura – Square Enix

Key phrase: Constancy

Resolution: My surroundings have been constantly changing, but I don't have any special expectations for myself in 2014. I do have some new ideas, but I plan to strive to meet fans' expectations as always.

Hideki Kamiya – Platinum Games

Key phrase: Have fun making games

Resolution: There's a lot I hold dear in making games, but I think for developers, having fun is most important. The atmosphere of the workplace shows clearly in a game's quality, so I want to treasure a team atmosphere where each member can have fun developing games. Also, 2014 will be the year where a new project will fully be set in motion. I want to boldly and happily walk that path without fear of failure.

Maya Ito – Namco Bandai

Key phrase: More!

Resolution: For 2014, I want to pursue "more." By putting together a new proposal, I'd like to expand my horizons. When working and editing, I'd like to come up with better ideas, see if I can be more creative. Even if I think something is good, by constantly thinking "more" I believe I can make many people, including myself, happy. I'd like to always strive for more in 2014 so that more people can enjoy "more."9

Akihiro Hino – Level-5

Key phrase: Interpersonal connections

Resolution: At present, it is impossible to develop an online game or smartphone game without considering other players. I believe that taking into account interpersonal connectivity when developing games will become even more important in the future. For 2014, I'd like to start by moving forward with smartphone games. I'm determined to succeed. I believe that this is just as important now as it was when Level-5 first became a publisher. I want try new things and strive ahead, like when I first started out.

Chiyomaru Shikura – 5pb.

Key phrase: Reality

Resolution: What is "reality" in a game? It's not something that is necessarily achieved through photorealistic 3D graphics. Even with the high-end CG of the new console generation, such excitement will soon become commonplace. What I'd like to focus on in 2014 is designing scientific and human stories. I believe that what lasts through the generations is not pretty CG and effects, but meticulous and moving stories.

Masahiro Sakurai – Sora

Key phrase: Completion

Resolution: I resolve to complete development on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U and release it in 2014.P

Katsuhiro Harada – Namco Bandai

Key phrase: Kindle the old and learn the new

Resolution: The root of what is entertaining is surprisingly simple, and my wants are surprisingly simple as well. But I do want to seek out new experiences.

Junichiro Tamura – Acquire

Key phrase: Change

Resolution: Recently, the way we play games has undergone a great deal of very rapid change. It's very difficult to predict how it might change even further. With the arrival of new game consoles potentially changing the face of the gaming world, it all looks to be very interesting and exciting. In the upcoming year, I hope to make a game that can capture the surprise and fascination of gamers everywhere.

Naoki Yoshida – Square Enix

Key phrase: Never forget the basics

Resolution: I'd like to make 2014 truly a "year of 14" with not only the release of the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, but, among other things, we are also planning a tour which will give me a chance to meet with fans. Instead of settling down now that we're "reborn," I feel that we reached a point where we can face new challenges. I plan to continue to work even harder than before, but I also intend to constantly remind myself never to forget the basics.


Project X Zone available for $15 via eShop

Namco Bandai grabs trademark for 'Lost Land Adventure'

As is usually the case with trademarks, we have no idea what this one is all about. Namco Bandai has grabbed a new trademark for the name Lost Land Adventure. All we know is that it's a game! Hopefully we'll find out more soon.


Project X Zone - $19 at Amazon

Tales series breaks 16 million units shipped worldwide

- Tales games are sold in over 100 countries
- altogether the series shipped more than 16,000,000 units worldwide


Super Robot Taisen news coming Christmas Eve

Namco Bandai has some news about the Super Robot Taisen series and they're planning to share it on Christmas Eve. The company will be hosting a live-stream at 11 PM Japan time concerning the franchise. The stream will feature Super Robot Taisen chief producer Takanobu Terada, as well as voice actors Hikaru Midorikawa and Yuichi Nakamura.



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