Fairy Tail may be delayed once again

Not a Fairy Tail ending

When Fairy Tail was originally announced, the plan was to launch it on March 19th, 2020. Koei Tecmo later announced that there would be a delay to June 26th, 2020, as the team needed more time to create the experience they wanted. Now we're hearing that the game might be delayed once more.

The latest issue of Famitsu apparently has a feature on the game, and it reveals that the June 26th, 2020 date is no longer happening. The game is being bumped back to July 30th, 2020, and the delay is related to the impact of the pandemic. Certainly an understandable delay, if this info does turn out to be true.

Atelier series artists look back on their work with the franchise and share development stories

The art of Atelier

Famitsu recently had the opportunity to chat with numerous Atelier artists to discuss how the franchise has evolved over the years. The feature includes comments from Hidari, Kishida Mel, NOCO, Toridamono. You can see a summary of all the interesting tidbits below.

- NOCO (Mysterious series) came up with twelve different rough designs for Nelke in Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists
- after hearing that NOCO designed twelve options, Hosoi told him to draw one more
- Hidari (Dusk series) laughed and said he’s glad that this part of the character designer company culture continues on
- all the Atelier series character designers went through a phase where they felt they were unsuited to be the character designer
- Hidari had to ask advice from Kishida Mel when he was present for another project
- Toridamono only got some confidence after taking the first step and drawing some rough designs at the Nagano office
- NOCO was more feeling the pressure to meet expectations, but character design duties were split between him and Yuugen
- Gust’s Atelier series is a rare case where character designers are put at the forefront of game projects
- according to Hosoi, this wasn’t the case before, but rather a change made during the PlayStation 3 era
- this was done in order to give more focus on the creators, including character designers
- this movement started with Atelier Rorona
- NOCO says that he wants Gust to create a dark Atelier game
- Toridamono wants to see a sci-fi game
- Hidari mentioned that the Dusk series was conceived to completely change the impression of the Atelier series
- as part of this, he drew some darker-themed and Japanese-themed concept art
- that concept didn’t end up coming to fruition, leading to the Dusk series we know today
- Hosoi said those ideas ended up getting fleshed out in Nights of Azure and Blue Reflection

Fairy Tail dev breaks down how the game's delay let them improve multiple aspects of the experience

Three major areas of improvement

Fairy Tail was delayed from its original March 19th release date to June 25th, 2020, which is a considerable amount of time. What has the dev team done with the extra months? Producer Keisuke Kikuchi explains in a NoisyPixel interview.

We utilized the additional time to brush up on various aspects of the game, including gameplay mechanics, game balance, and visual effects.

In particular, we improved on three major game mechanics.

First off, FAIRY TAIL’s creator Hiro Mashima oversaw and helped create new Unison Raids, all of which are exclusive to this game and did not appear in the original manga. We are confident players will enjoy these new attacks which can only be experienced in FAIRY TAIL.

Our team also improved the rank system, a feature in the game which allows players to upgrade their favorite character. Points received from completing requests can be freely assigned in order to increase a character’s rank. For example, as a mage increases in rank, they learn new skills and gain access to additional features. This allows each character to become stronger in aspects that differ from those received when leveling up.

Players can also utilize various materials to produce a variety of equipable Lacrima. Our team increased the total number of available Lacrima and improved their functions so that players can make even greater use of this system.

In addition to game mechanics, we also worked on a number of other aspects of FAIRY TAIL. The camera and visual effects during battles were improved, along with lighting and object behavior in order to enhance the game’s atmosphere. Character animations and facial expressions during events were refined as well.

Finally, we made great efforts to increase the balance of boss attack patterns and attack strength, along with fine-tuning the distribution of experience points among party members and in other aspects of the game as well.

Koei Tecmo Europe announces 'Fairy Tail Guild Box' pre-orders open tomorrow, April 23rd

A fairy good announcement

The collector's "Guild Box" edition of Fairy Tail from Koei Tecmo has now been confirmed for release in Europe, and pre-orders will be opening tomorrow, April 23rd, 2020 at 12:00 BST. Available directly from the Koei Tecmo EU Shop, the pricing for the bundle is set at £99.99. A North American release has yet to be announced. A full summary of the game and what's included in this collector's edition can be found below.

Strengthen Your Bonds, Learn New Magic, And Fight Together To Become The No. 1 Guild in this brand-new magical JRPG!

Demons, dark wizards, dragons, and cats. You’ll find it all as you start your journey in the land of Fiore and play through the adventures of Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia as well as other eccentric members of the FAIRY TAIL mage guild on a fun-filled and thrilling quest. GUST Studios is creating the game under the supervision of author Hiro Mashima, promising a faithful recreation for the FAIRY TAIL world and its unusual inhabitants, including everything from magic to its iconic characters.

GUILD BOX Includes:

• Collector's Box
• Original Illustration B2 Poster
• Sorcerer Magazine Special Issue: Game Release Edition
• 3D Character Cards (3 Designs)
• Special sticker set
• Fairy Tale Full Game (PS4 or Switch)

Key Game Features:

• Experience the exciting story - From popular fan-favourite episodes to original in-game episodes, players can experience the magical world of Earth Land and fight with Fairy Tail in the exhilarating story!
• Play as powerful mages from different guilds - Take on formidable foes as Dragon Slayers, summoners, shape shifters, enchanters, and other colourful mages from the top guilds of Earth Land!
• Grow and expand the guild together - Complete requests, strengthen friendships, and upgrade the guild’s facilities to increase the Guild Rank. The higher the rank, the more challenging requests are. Fight and prevail to become the #1 guild in the Kingdom of Fiore and beyond!
• Magic battles, Fairy Tail style - Wield fire and ice magic, summon spirits and weapons, control time, crush matter, use the Unison Raid, Dragon Force, Mode Change, and more - characters battle with their distinctive abilities from the comics and anime, faithfully recreated in 3D graphics!

Team-Up with Guilds Across Magnolia to Defeat Powerful Foes in FAIRY TAIL

Welcome, guests!

KOEI TECMO America and developer GUST Studios revealed new guest characters featured in their upcoming magical JRPG, FAIRY TAIL. New guild hall features were also detailed to give fans a taste of the different gameplay highlights outside of battle they can expect when the game launches across North America on June 26, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, and on June 25, 2020 for Windows PC via Steam®.

During FAIRY TAIL’s gripping narrative, players will team-up with a range of guest characters from other guilds across Magnolia to take on common enemies. These fan-favorite characters are ready to team-up and support your party in battle, and include: the ‘Arc of Time User,’ Ultear Milkovich, from the Crime Sorcière guild; the ‘Ice-Make Wizard,’ Lyon Vastia, from the Lamia Scale guild; the ‘Burning Hair Wizard,’ Flare Corona, from the Raven Tail guild; and Minerva Orland, ‘Sabertooth Guild’s Finest Lady.’ And while guest characters are not playable, they will instead join your party and automatically perform a range of powerful magic abilities – including those featured in the anime and manga!

Throughout the FAIRY TAIL adventure, from Tenrou Island to the Grand Magic Games and beyond, the guild’s famed hall becomes a key meeting point for party members to prepare for upcoming quests. Inside the guild, items are available for sale and trade – including consumable items, Lacrima, and a variety of materials at the item shop. There’s even a selection of drinks at the bar that provide different status effects to party members. By saving up gold and purchasing upgrades for the guild, an increased inventory of items and drinks are available for purchase, and the appearance of the guild itself becomes increasingly more extravagant.

Within the guild hall, players are also able to talk to their comrades and challenge them to thrilling one-on-one duels, with the winner receiving rewards based upon the character they just defeated. Players are also able to find members of other guilds across Magnolia and challenge them to duels, leading to all-new exciting battles that have never appeared in the manga or anime!

FAIRY TAIL is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch™, the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, and Windows PC via Steam®, and is available now for pre-order through select retailers.

A Digital Deluxe version of FAIRY TAIL has also been recently revealed, boasting a special Grand Magic Games costume, a bonus Lacrima set, and a DDX Limited Ryza costume for Lucy!

Purchasing any version of the game, physically or digitally, within a limited time from launch will also unlock the Early Purchase Bonus special Miss FAIRY TAIL costume for Erza.

Koei Tecmo giving out a free Atelier Ryza wallpaper for completing a survey

Got a few minutes?

Got a little spare time on your hands? Koei Tecmo is hoping you fill it by participating in their survey for the Atelier series. The survey asks about the platforms you have, your experience with the Atelier series, where you get your news from, and so on. Once you complete the survey, you'll be rewarded with an exclusive wallpaper for Atelier Ryza.

If you're up for it, you can check out the survey here.

Koei Tecmo donating ¥100,000,000 worth of medical supplies to Yokohama, Japan to fight against coronavirus

An extremely generous donation

Koei Tecmo has announced that they will be giving a large donation to the city government of Yokohama, Japan to help fight the spreading of COVID-19. Including 6000 medical masks from their subsidiaries, Koei Tecmo will be donating a total of 100 million yen (927,995 USD) worth of supplies. Hopefully this generous donation can provide some relief to the people of Yokohama.

Fairy Tail to include Ultear Milkovich, Lyon Vastia, Flare Corona, and Minerva Orland as non-playable guest party characters

Four fan favorites

Another round of familiar faces are making their way to Fairy Tail. This week's issue of Famitsu confirms that Ultear Milkovich, Lyon Vastia, Flare Corona, and Minerva Orland will all be included as non-playable guest party characters. Ultear, Lyon, Flare, and Minerva, who are affiliated with other guilds, will automatically perform actions and cannot be controlled by the player.

Fairy Tail to get post-launch DLC, photo mode being considered

Plenty of content to look forward to

Fairy Tail is coming to Switch on June 25th, 2020, and it aims to bring the anime/manga series to life in ways fans haven't seen before. It's also aiming to provide an experience that'll keep players coming back long after launch.

In an interview with Noisypixel, Fairy Tail producer Keisuke Kikuchi confirms that post-launch DLC is in the works. There's also talk of a photo mode, but that's not set in stone yet. Check out full comments from Kikuchi below.

“As Fairy Tail has a lot of characters and costumes, we are planning to provide DLC so that players can continue to enjoy new content even after the initial release. In addition, we are preparing costumes for the base game as well.

We also received the same request (for a photo mode) from Fairy Tail’s creator Hiro Mashima. The development team is discussing a number of ideas, but exactly what form the photo mode will take is still being discussed. However, I would definitely like to prepare this feature in the future.”

Check out the bikini-clad reversible cover art for 'Fairy Tail' that received the majority vote in Koei Tecmo conducted poll

You gotta bikini me!

Koei Tecmo has revealed the winner of the Fairy Tail "Reversible Inlay" poll that they conducted on Twitter back in March 2020. Three different images were provided to be selected from, and option C (shown above) earned the majority 49.3% (2,606) of the votes. Featuring the game's female characters in swimwear, it's not too surprising as to why the particular reversible cover art was selected by Twitter users. If you're interested in what option A (30.8% of the votes) & option B (19.9% of the votes) looked like, you can view them below. Fairy Tail will be released for Nintendo Switch on June 26th.


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