SEGA's main goal in creating the Genesis was to 'make a console that could beat Nintendo'

SEGA had made consoles prior to the SEGA Genesis, but the company set out with a very specific goal when creating their 16-bit platform. According to SEGA former president Hideki Sato, beating Nintendo was top priority.

In short, we just wanted to make a game console that could beat Nintendo. We released our very first video game console, the SG-1000, and it sold 160,000 units. Those were huge numbers, considering Sega has only made arcade games that sold no more than several thousand units up until then. However, it stood no chance against the Family Computer, which released on the same day…

There's no doubt that the Genesis gave the SNES a run for its money, and definitely made for a very heated war between gaming fans. I'm happy those days are over, and SEGA/Nintendo fans seem to have a deep appreciation of one another now.

Sega Genesis Classics - Nintendo Switch trailer

London, England – September 18th, 2018 – SEGA® Europe Ltd. is excited to announce that after a successful launch on PlayStation® 4 and Xbox® One earlier this year, SEGA® Genesis Classics™ is finally set to release both digitally and physically on Nintendo Switch™ this winter, with some brand-new features.

Hot on the heels of the SEGA AGES™ titles announced last week and set to launch during the Tokyo Gaming Show, SEGA continues a winter of bringing great classics to the portable Switch. Retro fans can now finally play the Genesis Classics collection on their way to school or work, in their lunch break or basically anywhere on the go! SEGA Genesis Classics has over 50 retro favourites to experience across every genre: arcade action, shooters, beat'm ups, puzzlers and hidden gems, with a raft of modern features. Exclusively for the Nintendo Switch players can now compete in same-screen local coop mode and use each Joy-Con individually if desired. Familiar features like online multiplayer, achievements, mirror modes, rewind and save states are all part of the collection for everyone to revisit and enjoy.

The physical edition of SEGA Genesis Classics is now available for pre-order from U.S. retailers. Details of the digital pre-order will soon be announced. For all the latest information about SEGA and the SEGA Genesis Classics visit: www.genesisclassics.sega.com and www.sega.com

SEGA releasing Genesis Mini in 2018

Hmmm...where have I seen this idea before?! SEGA has confirmed that they'll be releasing a SEGA Mini sometime this year. SEGA didn't reveal what will be included on the hardware, but it'll likely be along the lines of what we've seen on the NES and SNES Classic. The device is being created by AtGames Flashback Zone.

Fan-Art: Back to Bits - The 16-bit era captured in animated GIFs

Back to Bits was an art project that aimed to capture some of the greatest 8-bit games in GIF form. Now that project kicks off its second wave, this time with the focus on 16-bit titles. The GIF above is just one of forty different creations. Check out the gallery here.

Factor 5 almost worked on a Super Castlevania IV port for the Genesis

Coming from a Nintendo Life interview with Factor 5's co-founder Julian Eggebrecht...

We did recreate one of the SNES Castlevania 4 levels, or at least part of one, that used Mode 7 in one part. I vaguely remember it might have been the huge swinging chandelier bit. They were quite impressed but Konami Osaka at the time decided to get into Genesis game creation in a bigger way and pulled all Genesis work internal.

Super Castlevania IV is no-doubt one of the shining gems of the Super Nintendo library. That title almost jumping ship to the Genesis at some point blows my mind! It simply wasn't meant to be, I guess. That's okay, we still have awesome musicians out there who show us what the game could have sounded like on Genesis!

Hyperkin releasing 3-in-1 adapter for RetroN 5

- 3-in-1 cart adapter
- plays Game Gear, Master System and Master System Card games
- plugs into the Genesis slot

Make NES, SNES, Genesis Music With Super Audio Cart

The most complete set of classic video game samples ever produced. Features seven legendary systems from the 70s to early 90s, unparalleled accuracy, and a powerful synth engine to transform them into a limitless variety of modern sounds.


Seven legendary video game systems
NES, SNES, GB, 2600, C64, SMS, GEN
Over 5,500 samples
Over 600 unique sound sources
All-new SNES ROM sample bank
Classic GEN game instruments
Meticulous editing to preserve authenticity
Recorded using actual hardware


Four independent sound source layers
Integrated sound source browser
Over a dozen filter models
5 FX racks with 8 modules each
Includes custom SNESVERB
Poly arpeggiator, gate & sequencer
64-slot modulation matrix
Full NKS compatibility: Komplete Kontrol & Maschine
Compatible with the FREE Kontakt Player

Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Xenogears)
"Super Audio Cart is so much fun, and absolutely spot-on for simulating retro game sounds. This is absolutely a fantastic sample library for all game music fans."

Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage, ActRaiser, Revenge of Shinobi, Etrian Odyssey)
"It's extremely convenient to be able to create arrangements with such diverse sounds so quickly, just using MIDI. Of course, Super Audio Cart isn't just for 'retro' sounds - it's also very useful for modern music as well."

Grab yours here

Blast from teh Past - Nintendo System 3 Organizer (NES, SNES, Genesis)

Thanks to MrNintendoSense for the heads up!


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