Ninja Box - more footage

In Ninja Box, the outrageous ninjas lurk in town, and various materials for parts can be obtained. In order to create your very own “secret base,” your adventure will leave the village and expand over the town.

Digimon Survive to include Xuanwumon

Digimon are the champions

Digimon Survive is heading to the Switch in 2020, and voice actor Volcano Ota has revealed another Digimon that'll be making an appearance. We now know that Xuanwumon, one of the Four Holy Beast Digimon who protect the Digital World, will be included in the game.

The breathtaking world of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch arrives on Switch

Ready for a magical adventure?

Santa Clara, CA., (September 20, 2019) - Leading interactive entertainment publisher and developer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. today released Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered™, an enhanced version of 2013’s beloved action role-playing game featuring upgraded graphics on PlayStation 4 and STEAM. The original version of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is also be available on Nintendo Switch, marking its official debut on a handheld platform.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered on PlayStation 4 and PC features brilliant new visual enhancements, giving PlayStation 4 players the ability to enjoy the game at 1080p resolution and with a super-smooth frame rate of 60 frames per second (fps). PlayStation 4 Pro users can also opt for a true 4K resolution at 30 fps, or 1440p at 60fps. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch on Nintendo Switch is the first handheld iteration of the acclaimed title, letting Switch players experience the game with 720p resolution at 30 fps while docked in TV mode at home, or in handheld mode on the go. The game retains the same dynamic fight system combining real-time action and turn-based tactical elements, as well as the dozens of locations and hundreds of creatures that comprise the vast universe of Ni no Kuni.

Developed by LEVEL-5, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch’s tale unfolds through animation storyboarded and created by the legendary Studio Ghibli, with music composed by award-winning musician Joe Hisaishi. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch tells the charming yet tragic story of Oliver, a young boy who embarks on a journey to another world—one filled with familiars and foes—in hopes of bringing back his mother following a tragic incident. With a copy of the Wizard’s Companion book in hand and trusted friend Drippy by his side, Oliver must traverse exotic lands to tame familiars and take on malevolent foes. With his newly formed team of friends and familiars, it’s up to Oliver to overcome the challenges of personal growth and fierce enemies in order to save his mom.

Pokken Tournament DX "Dark Nova" Group Match now live

Going dark

The next special Group Match is now live in Pokkén Tournament DX, and it runs to Sept. 22nd, 2019. The "Dark Nova" Group Match is a Team Battle competition, once again on a Fixed Battle Arena. Participating in this brings a special title reward based on Shadow Mewtwo, and if you place highly, you'll get other titles based on your placement. If you already received the title from the last time this event ran, you will not receive it again

Another round of Ninja Box screens now available

Check out more screens here

In Ninja Box, the outrageous ninjas lurk in town, and various materials for parts can be obtained. In order to create your very own “secret base,” your adventure will leave the village and expand over the town.

Fishing Spirits: Switch Version hits 160k sold in Japan, demo released

Catch of the day

Fishing Spirits: Switch Version has been quietly racking up some decent sales in Japan. As of this week, the game has hit 160k physical sales, but data on the digital version is not known. In order to woo in even more customers, Bandai Namco has published a demo for the game on the Switch eShop. The demo can be accessed with the code D3GM3303T42BVWLB.

Dragon Ball FighterZ getting Gogeta (SSGSS) on Sept. 26th, 2019

We expect lots of screaming

We've shared the footage and details on the character, and now we have the release date. Bandai Namco will be releasing Gogeta (SSGSS) for Dragon Ball FighterZ on Sept. 26th, 2019. The character is paid DLC, and will cost ¥540.

Google search shows Nintendo UK updated their Klonoa listing 3 days ago

The plot thickens...

Ready for the next breadcrumb in the Klonoa trail? Just the other day, we saw that Bandai Namco grabbed a new trademark for Klonoa Encore, which lead to speculation of a re-release or new title. Today, we have a new piece of evidence that shows something might indeed be going on.

By doing a Google search for "Nintendo.com Klonoa," the first result you get is for a Nintendo UK page listing for Klonoa's release on Wii. The interesting thing is, that page was updated 3 days ago, as indicated by the Google results. Why on earth would Nintendo be working on that page recently? Hopefully we'll find out soon!

Thanks to OperationGamer17 for the heads up!

Bandai Namco grabs multiple 'Encore' trademarks

Splatterhouse, Mr. Driller, and more!

Just a few hours back, we caught wind of Bandai Namco locking in a trademark for 'Klonoa of the Wind Encore'. Turns out there's even more Encore trademarks than we first thought. Bandai Namco has filed trademarks for the following names.

- “Genpei Touma Den Encore“
- “Klonoa Encore“
- “Mr. Driller Encore“
- “Splatter House Encore“
- “Wagyan Land Encore“

It looks like Bandai Namco might be cooking up some sort of remake/remaster series for multiple games. Sadly, this lessens the change that the Klonoa trademark is for a brand-new game.

God Eater 3's Version 2.00 update launches Sept. 19th, 2019

Nearly time to eat

Bandai Namco has confirmed that God Eater 3 will be updated to Version 2.00 on Sept. 19th, 2019. We've already shared all the details on this update, but you can see a complete recap on what it offers below.

Version 2.00 Highlights

The second round of free updates will feature an additional episode dubbed “Encounters with the Past.” In version 2.00, the first chapter of that story will unfold via Claire’s chapter, where you will head to her Sympathy Domain in order to strengthen your Engage. Hugo and Zeke chapters will follow in version 2.10, with the additional stories for other ally characters due out after. Bandai Namco noted that after version 2.00, updates will be released at a faster pace than normal.

—“Encounters with the Past” will be added to the “Additional Episodes” menu.
—By completing missions with your allies, your Sympathy sync rate will rise. Episodes unlock by increasing sync rate.
—The new costumes that were previously teased are included in the version 2.00 update.
—As is the new Aragami, Ash Forged Barbarius Ira.
—The “Ash Forged God Arc Parts” and “Ash Forged God Arc Parts (Alternate Color)” are also included in the update, respectively equipped with the “War Cry” and “Blade Impulse” Burst Plugins.

Version 2.00 at a Glance

Adjusted Burst Plugin configurations – Changed “Close Call” to “Rage Shield” in Quadriga’s Tower Shield.
“Abandoned God Arc” + maximum level changed to 35 (after clearing the Claire chapter of “Encounters with the Past”).
“Abandoned God Arc” +2 appear in the following missions:
EX Time Attack Missions
Extra Missions (new addition)
Claire Certification Missions 31 to 34 (new addition)
Adjusted attack cancel dive to turn 360 degrees when turning off lock-on.


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