Producer gives update on Metal Gear Solid movie adaptation

The following info comes from a Kotaku interview with producer Avi Arad.

"If you go to Metal Gear Solid, it's actually full of storytelling and with Metal Gear, you have Cain and Abel."

- will be having dinner with Kojima soon
- movie is still in its very early stages a
- about three years or more away


Did You Know Gaming - How Metal Gear came to be

Platinum sends The Wonderful 101 to Hideo Kojima

4chan puts together a special card for Hideo Kojima's 50th birthday

Did you know that Hideo Kojima will be 50 on August 24th? The gang over at 4chan's /v/ did, so they put together the awesome birthday card you see below.


Mega Man Battle Network 6 and its Boktai crossover

Did you know that Mega Man Battle Network 6 had a Boktai crossover in Japan? Unfortunately, the Boktai game it tied in with never saw release stateside. That's why this scenario was removed from MMBN6's localization. Now fans have translated that element of the game and hacked it back into the North American version!

Direct link here


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