Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 - new official wallpaper

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Official Soundtrack releases in Japan

Disc A

Visit of 1 昏-out night
2 a endless machinations
3 sheath pull out sword
Dances in 4 mayhem of the night
5 thunderclap angry waves
6 complete
7 feedback and rewards
8 fleeting peace
9 intersect Dragon and Tiger
10 emptiness Hikari
11 warm look
12 warriors of Yadorikihen
13 Blood and iron masquerade (gouging masquerade)
14 torrent of swell leading to the ocean
15 ridicule the cyber maze
16 dance freeze sword Rokka disturbance
17 road to its ambition is paradise
18 impending dark clouds
19 super 争波 motion
20 Kills
21 revenge silver bullet
22 condemned 討滅
23 St. girl Reiiki
24 Kagamirankyo Kanade
25 force torrent
26 烙苑 chanting
27 paradise Genso
28 Rinne new chapter - Karaoke version -
29 visit nightmare
The ends of the 30 fight
31 innocent Naru prayer
32 full Yuku hope
33 all dissolved in the morning glow
34 fate of Ai
35 void of the ring (ring)
36 multiverse (multi-universe)
37 cordierite (iolite)
38 lapis lazuli color moment
39 Rinne new chapter (re-incarnation Alternative)

Disc B

1 Retsusen of symptom (Prelude)
2 exasperation of Gintora (white tiger)
3 Tenma Shorai
4 penetration
5 to hand the retribution
6 Shinto purification (igniter) - Lolo Makeover -
7 windowsill of brother and sister
8 gun Engineering of Fukumetsu
9 tangled each other star road
10 doll I dance in silence
11 sparkling crystal (prism), rhythm of collapse (rhythm)
12 bloom frozen sword Rokka deviation
13 Kyoshin exquisite contrivance
14 討滅
15 Utopia - Gentiles -
16 Utopia - gather persons ~
17 Utopia ~ rolled mirror ~
Sink to 18 condolences
19 One of the consequences
20 seismic 奔Ru
21 Zettsumeagomon
22 Ai of fate - duet version -
23 silence is filled with
24 road Going person
25 at the time of dawn
26 windowsill of blue bird
27 the back side of the story
28 fate of Ai
29 void of the ring (ring)
30 multiverse (multi-universe)
31 cordierite (iolite)
32 lapis lazuli color moment
33 Shinto purification (igniter)
Bonus track
34 yen spoon of knight
35 parallel world (parallel world)

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 - file size

I could not be more excited for Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 if I tried. I need that Mega Man Zero fix, and this series does that oh-so well!

MINECON 2016 Indie Zone to feature Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack, Shovel Knight

If you're attending MINECON 2016 in California and feel like playing something other than Minecraft, you're in luck. The event is going to have an indie zone that features a bunch of upcoming and already-released indie games. In this year's selection will be both Shovel Knight and the Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack.


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