Platinum teases a fifth "Platinum 4" announcement

You sneaky bastards!

The fourth reveal in the Platinum 4 series ended up being an April Fools' Day joke, which rubbed quite a few people the wrong way. Waiting weeks and weeks to find out the 4th reveal was a joke was quite a bit disappointing. Turns out there was more to that joke than we originally thought.

Platinum is now teasing a fifth reveal in the Platinum 4 series. They're calling this a 'Bonus Stage' announcement, and apparently details are coming soon. To coincide with this reveal, a fifth star titled “????? – XX.XX.2020” has been added to the Platinum 4 website.

Check out the Japanese trailer for The Wonderful 101: Remastered

Positively wonderful

A new trailer has been released in Japanese (EDIT: also in English) for The Wonderful 101: Remastered from PlatinumGames. Check out 60 seconds of wonderful action above (and below).

PlatinumGames and Nighthawk Interactive are proud to announce general release dates for The Wonderful 101: Remastered! The Wonderful 101: Remastered is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam in North America on May 19, Europe on May 22, and Japan on June 11. It is now available for pre-order at all major retailers.

The Wonderful 101 was originally released for Nintendo Wii U in 2013. PlatinumGames and director Hideki Kamiya announced the Kickstarter campaign to fund this multi-platform, remastered edition on February 3, 2020. Scheduled to run until March 6, the campaign has already received an enormous amount of support from fans, ensuring a general release for The Wonderful 101: Remastered to players all over the world.

Platinum's Hideki Kamiya shares a special message thanking fans for their support of the Wonderful 101: Remastered Kickstarter

He's not such a bad guy after all

The Wonderful 101: Remastered Kickstarter went above and beyond what anyone expected when it came to backers. The game brought in over $2.25 million, which is pretty insane when you consider the base goal was $50k for a Switch version. To show his gratitude, Hideki Kamiya took to Kickstarter to share a special message with fans. You can find his full blog below.

This is Hideki Kamiya, director of The Wonderful 101.

Our Kickstarter campaign has finally come to an end!

Looking back, I was filled with both worry and excitement over finally getting a chance to find out just how many people were interested in a port of a game that came out seven long years ago. In the end, we got more support than I had ever dreamed of, and I think it's become a happy ending for both us and all of the backers.

The month passed in the blink of an eye. I can remember us first thanking over 13,000 Kickstarter backers who pledged us the first 100 million yen, then watching with excitement every day as everyone worked to help us complete our stretch goals. And on the final day, we were able to share our joy with everyone during the final stream. Every day was so exciting and full of fun, and it's kind of sad to think it's all coming to an end.

During the campaign, I also got to make a video with Mega64, something I'd always dreamed of, and PlatinumGames also got to run its very first booth at PAX. I was worried about whether or not we'd actually be able to see enough people come to our booth, and was overjoyed to see how many people attended our autograph session. In just one month, I've experienced a ton of exceptionally memorable moments, even when compared to everything I've experienced during my career thus far.

As I explained in my interview video, The Wonderful 101 has the biggest volume of content out of any action game I've ever worked on. When we developed it seven years ago, we just tried to cram everything we could into the game, and we always wished we had the chance to polish up some of the details. Now, thanks to the support of everyone who participated in this crowdfunding campaign, we've finally gotten the chance to do that, making this remaster the definitive version of the game. Honestly, it feels like a miracle!

This will also be the first game that PlatinumGames self-publishes. I truly feel from the bottom of my heart that every backer who took part in this campaign has become our special ally, unlike any other.

PlatinumGames hopes to keep working on developing original titles while also growing as a publisher. No matter what may be waiting for us in the future, we will never forget the gratitude we feel toward everyone who supported us in setting off on a new start through the Kickstarter campaign for The Wonderful 101: Remastered. We're going to work hard on every one of our games from here on out to make sure we'll always keep being a company that you can feel proud about. Thank you so very much for supporting us in this small yet important first step.

We still have a ton of work to do, including creating the rewards as well as the DLC, but first we want to make sure we deliver The Wonderful 101: Remastered to all of you as quickly as possible. Whether you've already played the original or will be experiencing this game for the first time, we want to work our hardest to make sure everyone can enjoy this special, unique game.

Once more, we'd all like to extend a warm, heartfelt thank you to all of our beloved backers. You'll always have a special place in our hearts!

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

Platinum celebrates MadWorld's 10th anniversary with new artwork

That's just mad!

Believe it or not, somehow its been 10 years since MadWorld hit the Wii. While it may not have been the biggest financial success for Platinum, the company still looks back fondly on the experience. To celebrate the game hitting 10 years, Masaki Yamanaka, MadWorld's lead character designer, shared the new piece of artwork above.

Platinum explains why Project G.G. has a more "realistic" visual style

Visuals to suit the world

Project G.G. has only gotten one teaser trailer so far, but its given us a good idea of the art direction for the title. It's certainly not as fantastical as you might expect from Platinum, and there's a reason for that. Hideki Kamiya explained the choice during a PAX East 2020 panel.

“It’s not necessarily that we’re looking to go in a more realistic direction, but we felt that that style would be more suited to the G.G. world – to the G.G. game. (Viewtiful) Joe’s more animation, (The Wonderful) 101 is more toys/figures, and it just so happens that this more realistic style gives the impact that we want for the giant hero.”

Kamiya says he can't do it alone, needs fans to rally together to make Capcom greenlight Viewtiful Joe 3

Let's henshin a go-go!

Kamiya has said countless times in recent weeks that he wants to work on Viewtiful Joe 3. He has also said that it can't happen without Capcom's blessing. In an interview with NWR, Kamiya once again said what needs to happen in order to bring that sequel to fruition. It looks like Kamiya is really turning to the fans to help make his dream a reality.

(These comments come from Kamiya, but were interpreted by a translator) He said maybe if enough people actually reach out to them and propose it, it might happen. He alone cannot do it. So, if you guys rally people up and get them together he would love to do it.

Seems like it's time for someone to get the ball rolling on a campaign. A catchy hashtag, a movement on social media, and email campaign, and so on. Anyone care to take up the mantle?!

Platinum was "really nervous" about launching The Wonderful 101: Remastered's Kickstarter

Thankfully things went wonderfully

The Wonderful 101: Remastered found Kickstarter success literally within an hour of going live. That's pretty fantastic for a title that failed to find an audience the first time out. Time has been kind to the game, and thousands are eager to give the game a second chance.

In an interview with Siliconera, Platinum's Hideki Kamiya opened up about the company's fears for the Kickstarter. Turns out the team was really worried about things not going well.

We were really nervous with the Wonderful 101: Remastered Kickstarter. Really terrified. This is the first time we’d done anything like this. We really didn’t know what to expect. We were thinking “What if we don’t hit the first goal? What are we going to do?” Thankfully, it was a success very quickly, so now we have nothing but happiness. We’re glad for all of the support. When we were in the office and it hit the goal, we were watching it on a large screen that we have. When we hit the goal, everyone in the office cheered.

Kamiya says he's going to take Project G.G. very seriously

A very important title for Platinum

Project G.G. is going to be a very important title for PlatinumGames. The game is going to 100% owned and published by Platinum themselves, which marks the first time they're publishing a game. That holds a lot of weight, and in a USGamer interview with Platinum's Hideki Kamiya, he opened up about the seriousness of the project.

"I do feel a sense of freedom, but while I have the sense of freedom, I have a sense of responsibility. It is gonna be now our original IP and a Platinum-only game, I feel like I want to take this game very seriously."

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

Platinum is "very open" to collaborating with SisQo on The Wonderful 101: Remastered

That's gotta be one of the weirdest headlines I've ever written

This headline might not make any sense if you missed our story back in early February. You can read the full version here, but we'll give you a short version as well. Someone claiming to be the singer SisQo pledged to The Wonderful 101: Remastered's Kickstarter, and it actually turned out to be him. SisQo said he'd love to collab on the game somehow, and word of that made it back to Platinum.

In an interview with USGamer, Platinum's Atsushi Inaba addressed the situation with SisQo, and surprisingly, it seems the team is interested in the idea.

"We were really thrilled when this offer came in and we're really grateful for the support. If there's a chance to do a collaboration we are very open to it. That's all we can really say for now."

It sounds to me like something is already in the works with this collab, but that's just my own speculation. I guess we'll find out soon enough, as the game's launch isn't far off at all!

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

PlatinumGames hosting a celebratory Kickstarter closing stream on March 6th at 8am PST/11am EST for The Wonderful 101: Remastered

A wonderful stream

PlatinumGames has announced a special closing live-stream to celebrate their beginning in self-publishing thanks to the success of the Kickstarter campaign for The Wonderful 101: Remastered. Hosted by Fraser Agar, the stream will take place on Twitch starting March 6th at 8am PST/11am EST, counting down to the end of the Kickstarter. Stay tuned for "Laughs, surprises, and very awesome special guests!"


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