Game Informer Replay - Bayonetta

In this pre-recorded episode, Game Informer males Andrew Reiner, Joe Juba, Brian Shea and Leo Vader gaze back at one of the best stylish-action games ever made.

PlatinumGames shares a look at various Bayonetta products in the works

Some fancy merch incoming

PlatinumGames is celebrating 10 years of Bayonetta in some very special ways. We shared some artwork and comments from the dev team yesterday, and now we have a look at all sorts of merch in the works. Backpacks, watchers, figurines, and more are on the way! Check out everything in the works at Platinum's official blog.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD director praises Astral Chain, says the game inspires him to improve his own work

No monkeying around

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD is now available, and SEGA's team are making the internet rounds with various interviews about the title. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, game director and producer Masao Shirosaki covers all sorts of details on the game, but it's a snippet at the end of the interview that's particularly noteworthy. When asked about games that have impressed him this year, Shirosaki was quick to mention a Switch exclusive.

Another game would be Astral Chain. I played it because the director, Takahisa Taura, happens to be a former schoolmate of mine, but it was a well-made, fun, solid action game. His work inspires me to continue to improve my own.

Platinum celebrates Bayonetta's 10th anniversary with special art, a Twitter/Instagram contest, and a message from Hideki Kamiya

Happy 10th, Bayonetta!

Believe it or not, the original Bayonetta is now 10 years old! PlatinumGames isn't celebrating the occasion in style with a special piece of art from character designer Mari Shimazaki, but that's not all. Check out all the excitement below, including comment from Hideki Kamiya!

October 29th, 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Bayonetta in Japan! In celebration, we’re marking the coming year as “Bayonetta: Year Ten.” We at PlatinumGames like to share our joy at reaching milestones like these with our fans, and to that end we’re kicking off a Twitter and Instagram submission campaign!

In this campaign we’ll be offering one-of-a-kind prizes, such as special T-shirts featuring the design at the top of this page by Bayonetta series character designer Mari Shimazaki. We look forward to seeing a lot of submissions!

Details on how to participate can be seen here. Now please enjoy the following message to the fans from Bayonetta series director Hideki Kamiya!

Ten Years of Bayonetta! A Message from Hideki Kamiya

Sincerest thanks to all of you who’ve supported Bayonetta over the last ten years. Today is a momentous occasion for me, and it’s all because of your tremendous love.

Bayonetta was my very first title here at PlatinumGames, and I went into it with a lofty goal – to make the best action game I possibly could. I poured my all into the game with that feeling firmly in mind.

Now, ten years later, as I look back on those development days, I see peaks and valleys, good times and bad. But our staff pulled together through it all and, working as one, I think we managed to pull off something truly miraculous.

To everyone who’s been involved with the Bayonetta series, and to all of the Bayonetta fans who’ve helped us get here: Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I hope you’ll follow Bayonetta’s adventures, and continue to love and support her for years to come.

Astral Chain devblog update: "Odds and Ends"

The little bits and bobs

The latest dev blog for Astral Chain dives into the finer details of the game. All the small elements that help build the game world around the player. Check out a snippet of the blog below, and then click over for the full piece.

First of all, let’s look at the minor characters who make up most of Neuron. Some of these officers play small parts in the main story, though most of what you’ll see of them comes from chatter around HQ and optional side cases. Are there any Neuron squadmates you particularly enjoyed working with?

Full blog here

Development of 'Okami' sequel desired by both Hideki Kamiya and Ikumi Nakamura

Okami 2??

Ikumi Nakamura (background designer for Okami) and Hideki Kamiya (director and story lead) took to Twitter to express their want of a new entry in the Okami franchise. It's not quite a confirmation, but the desire from both of them seemingly confirms they're working on making it happen. The Tweet urges fans to message Capcom to express their want of a sequel.

"Okami is going to be back! We want to make Okami sequel and fans are looking forward to it too. You guys want to see Kamiya’s Okami again, right, everyone?"

Full Tweet + video here!

If the Tweet is to be believed at face value, "Okami is going to be back" is a really strong indicator of a sequel happening with Capcom's approval.

Astral Chain devblog update: "An Introduction to UV Animation"

Nailing the futuristic look

Platinum Games is back with another dev blog for Astral Chain. This latest blog is penned by Shohei Kameoka, environmental artist at PlatinumGames. Kameoka gives a look at how the team went about creating the right look for the game's holograms. Check out a snippet of the blog below, and then click over for the full piece!

One of the most appealing parts of ASTRAL CHAIN is its urban, near-future sci-fi setting. Nothing says “near-future city” like holograms, right? And if you want your holograms to look good, you’ve got to keep them moving! To create those hologram animations, I made heavy use of a technique called “UV Animation.” UV animation is a well-worn technique at this point, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t versatile! In this blog, I’d like to show off a few of its uses in ASTRAL CHAIN.

Full blog here

Famitsu features a Smash Bros. Ultimate/Astral Chain 'Nintendo Catalog Ticket' advert

Nintendo's latest print ad in Famitsu is a pretty unique one. It features Astral Chain and Smash Bros. Ultimate in order to promote the Nintendo Catalog Ticket, which we know as the Switch game vouchers. If only we still had the option to get that voucher here in the states!

Astral Chain - overview trailer

The few survivors of a massive global disaster gather together in a futuristic megacity. Now it’s your job to protect them against otherworldly invaders–but you’re not alone as a member of a special police task force equipped with sentient armaments called Legions. In this brand-new action game from PlatinumGames, control the protagonist and a Legion simultaneously to chain stylish combos. Change Legions on the fly to vary your style and unleash a variety of abilities. The last remnants of humanity depend on you, and to save the world, you must investigate its dark side

Astral Chain devblog update: "Cracking the Game Design Case"

The challenge creating new gameplay mechanics

Platinum has put together another dev blog for Astral Chain, and this one looks at some of the challenges the dev team faced when creating the game. Astral Chain certainly does some new and unique things, and those elements were quite tough for Platinum to figure out. Check out a snippet of the blog below, and then click over for the full piece.

You can’t make a game, especially not an all-new title with an ambitious and original genre like “Synergetic Action,” without making several difficult decisions and design changes along the way. I’m game designer Sota Kotajima, and today I’d like to tell you about one of these big design decisions we ran into while making ASTRAL CHAIN. But first of all, what sort of changes are we talking about? Well, here are the three that made the biggest impression on me:

A major change from dark fantasy to science fiction, demanding complete overhauls to both the world design and story!
One version of “Synergetic Action” gameplay we tried out played more like a rhythm game than anything else!
Originally, the game was built around taking on and solving one case at a time!

Full blog here


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