Ship to Shore opening pre-orders for Klonoa: Door to Phantomile vinyl album tomorrow


We had a good idea it was coming, and now it's official. Ship to Shore has officially revealed their Klonoa: Door to Phantomile vinyl album, and pre-orders open tomorrow at noon ET. The album includes two records, and they're press on two different variants.

Thanks to OperationGamer17 and WolfStarSonic for the heads up!

Ship To Shore PhonoCo. teasing Klonoa vinyl album release

Always nice to see Klonoa get some love

Last year, Ship To Shore PhoneCo. ran a poll about doing a vinyl album release. Fans both Door to Phantomile and Lunatea's Veil were chosen as the winners. Ship to Shore hasn't said much of anything since that poll until now, and it seems they're teasing a release on the way.

The official Ship to Shore Twitter account has shared the above tweets, which clearly feature Klonoa music playing in the background. They also include a cat, which is no doubt a reference to Klonoa as well. Looks like we can expect a vinyl reveal in the near future!

Thanks to OperationGamer17 for the heads up!

First 4 Figures gauging interest in a Klonoa statue

Let's make this happen!

First 4 Figures has worked with countless companies and brands to turn their IP into gorgeous statues. The biggest franchises out there have gotten the special treatment, from Legend of Zelda and Mario to Kirby and more. Now First 4 Figures is looking to see what other statues people would like, and today they're considering working with the Klonoa brand.

While nothing is set in stone at this point, First 4 Figures wants to see if fans out there would like to snatch up a Klonoa statue. If this is something you'd like to see happen, you can cast your vote in an official poll right here. You have to be a member of the Official Collector's Club to vote.

Thanks to Operationgamer17 for the heads up!

The Yeetee offering genderbent Luigi/Peach and Klonoa t-shirts for today only

Two fantastic designs

The Yetee is offering not one, but two awesome gaming shirts for today only. First up is a Luigi and Princess Peach genderbent shirt, which the characters swap roles. Along with that, there's a more traditional Klonoa shirt that's just as gorgeous. You only have today to snag these shirts, so don't wait too long!

Thanks to OperationGamer17 for the heads up!

Klonoa's 22nd anniversary celebrated with new art and a musical arrangement

Happy anniversary, Klonoa!

Believe it or not, its been 22 long years since the Klonoa series first came onto the scene. While Klonoa hasn't seem much game action in recent years, Klonoa director Hideo Yoshizawa and composer Kohta Takahashi still have love for the franchise. Yoshizawa shared the artwork seen above, and Takahashi put together a special musical arrangement, which you can listen to below.

Google search shows Nintendo UK updated their Klonoa listing 3 days ago

The plot thickens...

Ready for the next breadcrumb in the Klonoa trail? Just the other day, we saw that Bandai Namco grabbed a new trademark for Klonoa Encore, which lead to speculation of a re-release or new title. Today, we have a new piece of evidence that shows something might indeed be going on.

By doing a Google search for "Nintendo.com Klonoa," the first result you get is for a Nintendo UK page listing for Klonoa's release on Wii. The interesting thing is, that page was updated 3 days ago, as indicated by the Google results. Why on earth would Nintendo be working on that page recently? Hopefully we'll find out soon!

Thanks to OperationGamer17 for the heads up!

"Klonoa of the Wind Encore" trademark surfaces

Is Klonoa coming back?

Klonoa, which has been loved by those who played, but never really found a big audience, may be giving things another go. Bandai Namco has filed a trademark for Klonoa of the Wind Encore, but no details are tied to the trademark. Adding 'Encore' to the name falls in line with previous Bandai Namco titles. The problem is, Encore has been added to Bandai Namco game names to indicate both a remake and a new title.

Taking things a step further, the 'of the Wind' name ties in to the original Klonoa as well. Here in the states, the game was known as Klonoa: Door to Phantomile. Over in Japan, the full name was Klonoa of the Wind: Klonoa: Door to Phantomile. Seeing as how the original Klonoa was already remade for Wii, it would be strange to see yet another remake of the same game. Hopefully this a brand-new game with a straightforward Klonoa name, but only time will tell.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

Klonoa trademark renewed earlier this month

The Klonoa anime film was cancelled recently, and it left fans of the character reeling. Following that, a Bandai Namco rep said that while he couldn't confirm any projects in the works, the company hears the fan requests for the character to return. Today we have the tiniest of tidbits to pin our hopes on.

Research has shown that Bandai Namco filed to renew the Klonoa trademark earlier this month. It's been quite some time since we've seen any activity with Klonoa trademarks, the last time being a renewal for Klonoa: Door to Phantomile's trademark all the way back in 2016. That was tied to the anime project as far as we know.

Now we get to speculate as to whether this trademark renewal for Klonoa in general is related to something new in the works, or just a standard protection.

Thanks to Operationgamer17 for the heads up!

Bandai Namco Community, Social Media & Event Manager says the company hear's your requests for Klonoa's return

Klonoa fans have had it rough. The games may have received a lot of critical praise, but it doesn't seem like that's translated into much commercial success. It's been 10 years since the last game, and many fans had their hopes pinned on the upcoming anime movie. Unfortunately, as most of you know, this movie has since been cancelled.

While the cancellation is indeed sad, the news was followed by an outpouring of love from fans for the Klonoa series. Thankfully that outpouring has not gone unnoticed. Rashed Nambro, Community, Social Media & Event Management at Bandai Namco, made a point to say that the company hears all the requests from fans. He went on to say that this doesn't necessarily mean that a new installment is in the works, but it's still good to know our voices are heard.

Thanks to OperationGamer17 for the heads up!

The Klonoa anime project appears to be dead

Well that's not the news I wanted to share for the start of the new year. We're sad to report that the Klonoa anime project seems to have been halted. The wording does leave some room for another team to pick it up, but that's just my own speculation. Now we need Matthew Perry to swoop in and save the day!

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