Bethesda offering Doom 25th Anniversary Wireless Controller for Switch, Created By Power A

Want to get DOOMed?

Enhanced Wireless Controller for enhanced play!

- Officially licensed by Bethesda & Nintendo
- Pro-Style Bluetooth wireless Controller
- Motion Controls for intuitive gaming
- Two mappable Advanced Gaming Buttons on back
- Internal mesh pocket for additional games or small accessories
- Two AA batteries included: up to 30hrs of gameplay
- Familiar ergonomic designs
- Flashing low battery indicator
- Made by PowerA

Preorder your controller here ($50)

DOOM Eternal devs talk about the game's Tex Avery-style approach to violence

Learning from the cartoon masters

DOOM has always been a gory series, but advancements in hardware have allowed for the series to be more gruesome than ever. That means the dev team behind DOOM Eternal are going for the the most realistic depictions of DOOM violence ever, right? Not the case say Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin, game director and creative director on DOOM Eternal. Sure, things are going to look violent, but it's about finding the ridiculous aspect of the violence and heading in that direction. Stratton and Martin explained in an interview with GamesIndustry.

Hugo Martin: "Our gore is not real. It's more Warner Bros. animation level of gore. It's zany Tex Avery stuff more than it is shish kebabing somebody's eyeball on the end of a stake... And we've always ridden that line. It's ridiculous. It's cartoonish gore and violence, so I think that makes it less disturbing to play and to create for the artist."

Marty Stratton: "That's a real conscious decision on our part too," Martin said. "I have kids. There's no nudity. There's no cursing in our game. You don't kill human beings; you actually protect them. It's a violent game, there's no question. But there's a nuance to it, and I think we've never had any issues internally with any of the artists. And I don't see us having one in the future, just because the style of the content is, while still being gory, not quite as real."

New update available for Wolfenstein: Youngblood

A big round of changes

A new update is available for Wolfenstein: Youngblood on Switch, and it appears to the the Version 1.0.5 update that we've been talking about in recent weeks. The update number might actually be different on Switch, but the update itself contains all the same content. You can get a full recap on what the patch does here.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Update 1.0.5 - "New Features and Balance Changes" promo video

What does this update do?

We've talked at length about Wolfenstein: Youngblood's Version 1.0.5 update, and today we get a video showcasing some of the changes it makes. The update still isn't available on Switch yet, but should be coming very soon.

Best Buy offering DOOM Eternal steelbook for those who preorder

DOOM is so metal

DOOM and metal just seem to go together, don't they? Why not pair your preorder of DOOM Eternal with a steelbook case from Best Buy? Lock in your preorder and you'll get to take one of these cases home. Please note that the inside of the case most likely has a spot for a disc, and not a game card. Still though, it's an awesome case!

DOOM 64 "multiplatform" classification pops up in Australia

Are we DOOMed?

Not that long ago, we shared news of a Euro classification for DOOM 64. That listing stated PC and PS4, but many think it'll be coming to Switch as well, since the ratings for DOOM Classic and DOOM II stated the same. Now we have another listing for the game, this time for Australia. It's listed as multiplatform, but Australia tends to do this with almost all their ratings. Hopefully it's just more proof in general that the game is coming soon.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood's Version 1.05 update fully detailed

Another big round of changes

The Version 1.05 patch for Wolfenstein: Youngblood isn't on Switch yet, but it's coming soon. We got a tease of what the patch will include the other week, but now we have the full patch notes. Check out the complete rundown below.


Adjusted difficulty of all boss fights.
Enemies can now have their health bars toggled on or off in the Options menu. (This does not turn off armor types.)
Took a variety of actions to reduce the feeling of enemy “bullet sponginess”.
An amount of ammo for basic weapons is now replenished after a player respawns.
Added more special weapon ammo throughout more difficult areas.
Added duplicate tutorial laptops to the game to make 100% completion more attainable.
Fixed an issue that could cause some enemies in certain areas to spawn prematurely.
Increased the speed of switching between certain weapons to make it easier to adapt to enemy armor types.


Client players can now explode Host player DKW charges by shooting them.
A data tape required to complete the Silent Outpost mission could go missing, preventing completion of the mission. This tape will now appear correctly for all players.
Equalized damage modifiers for all weapon classes and upgrades for Host and Client players. Previously a bug could cause one player to do a lot more damage with certain weapon types and upgrades.
The “available unlocks” and message could play despite there being active enemies. This will no longer occur.
Fixed a variety of timing bugs with completion events that could cause progression not to be saved in certain circumstances.
Co-op levers will now work much more reliably when playing solo.
Improved sister AI so that she gets out of the way of large enemies more often and improved ability to successfully heal the player when they are downed.


Tutorials not collected by players in Paris Streets sections 1 or 2 will now be present in Paris Streets section 3. This will allow players to backtrack from later sections of the game in order to get tutorials that count towards game completion percentage.
Added checkpoints to all Tower mission and Tower Guardian fights. Note that returning to the towers after completing the main missions will not have checkpoints.
Players who expend all lives and reset to the latest checkpoint will now find their base weapons refilled to at least 50% of ammo capacity. This will function with all ammo modifier skills and upgrades but does not affect special or heavy weapons.
Additional special weapon ammo has been added to all boss and guardian fights.
We have doubled the amount of damage done to armored enemies by the incorrect weapon type. This will result in enemies feeling much less absorptive of damage when the player has the wrong weapon equipped. We still highly encourage players to spend their silver to upgrade a variety of weapon types so as to maximize damage to tough enemies.
General Winkler has had his health lowered to be more in line with the difficulty of the Zeppelin level.
The Bombdog damage has been slightly lowered.
The base Shotgun, Autopistol, and SMG damage output has been increased to bring them in line with other basic weapons.
Tower Gate Guardians have had their level lowered in all Districts to better reflect the level of enemies inside the Towers. The Towers are still intended to be played by players level 20 or higher.
Added the ability to toggle “iron sights” on/off. This option can be found in the Controls menu.
Lowered controller rumble on Xbox One.
Added the option to turn off enemy health bars to the Gameplay options. Note that this will not turn off armor barriers or enemy level, so we recommend players have a high degree of familiarity with enemies before turning health bars off.
Added more than 20 additional duplicate tutorials to the Districts to allow for easier game completion as well as better coverage for new players.
Added a unique icon for Tutorial Computers when player has the correct Secrets Collector upgrade.
Lowered Lothar’s healthpoints during the “Penthouse” stage of the boss.
Made a variety of changes to Lothar’s accuracy and damage during his final stage.
Added an alarm and audio cue for the 4th Reich jet planes during the Lothar fight to give players more of a chance to dodge or shoot down the planes.
Reduced the number of missiles during the Lothar flight stage.

MachineGames says its been 'incredibly weird and disappointing' to see Wolfenstein's theme of fighting Nazis become 'problematic'

Wolfenstein has always been about taking on Nazis and stopping their attacks. It's something you'll find in the first game, all the way up to Wolfenstein: Younblood. In a PCGamesInsider interview with MachineGames senior game director Andreas Öjerfors, we hear that how the theme of fighting Nazis started to drum up different conversation from the public when Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was announced.

"It's incredibly weird and disappointing. We never meant for our stories to be relevant, we wanted to tell great, interesting stories to the best of our abilities. But then, when we started to talk about Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, we started to get comment online about the theme of the game, fighting the Nazis. Somehow some people felt that was problematic, which is just incredibly disappointing. We've seen an increase of right-wing extremism in the Western world. We see that online to a great degree. Right-wing extremists are great at affecting the debate online. And of course, maybe they abused us to whip up some anger when we were making Wolfenstein II."

Bethesda says The Elder Scrolls Online is 'not going to happen' on Switch without a streaming service, the system isn't 'powerful enough'

Not gonna happen

Bethesda has worked some magic in bringing over a number of their titles to Switch, but today we're hearing about one that's pretty much impossible. If you were holding out hope for the Elder Scrolls Online to hit Switch, you might want to let the idea go. According to a Twinfinite interview with Bethesda Game Director Matt Firor, it's just not possible.

“Not going to happen. The only way it’d work is if there was some kind of streaming service on Switch. It’s just not powerful enough.”


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