The Girl from Arkanya hits Kickstarter goal, officially heading to Switch

Marisa and her capybara companion are heading to Switch!

The Girl from Arkanya is a top-down treasure hunting RPG, mimicking the style and feel of 2D Zelda games. Explore the jungles of Amazonia as Marisa, alongside her capybara companion!

The Girl from Arkanya is the tale of Marisa, an aspiring young adventurer with her sights set on becoming the world’s greatest treasure hunter! She is accompanied by her capybara companion, and you will need to use both characters together in creative ways to solve puzzles and challenges. But treasure hunting can be a risky business! As Marisa ventures further in to untamed wilds and dark dungeons, you must constantly weigh risk versus reward as one wrong step could mean losing everything.

The base funding goal for The Girl from Arkanya was just $10k, and that was hit easily. That means the game is officially heading to Switch! There's still plenty of stretch goals to hit, though. You can check out details on those here.

Fallen City Brawl Kickstarter now live

Help bring this 2D beat'em-up to Switch!

Fallen City Brawl is a hard-hitting 2D pixel-art beat 'em up with a strong late 80's/early 90's retro arcade influence.

Huge pixel-art sprites and animated backgrounds across 8 stages of hand-to-hand brawling!

- Deep fighting system - combos, counters, parries, air-throws, grappling, special moves, RIOT ('Super') moves. Smash the enemies through destructible scenery and continue the fight with some ground n pound!

- Powerful soundtrack composed by Daniel Lindholm (Street Fighter V, Yakuza: Dead Souls)

- Four playable characters each with their own combos, special moves, RIOT moves and story told through animated cut-scenes!

- Large range of weapons to be picked up including bats, pipes, knives, oil drums, hand guns, assault rifle, shot-gun, crates, grenades, chains and chainsaws!

- Two-player local co-op! Brawl together, with special 'tag-team' moves.

- Special Forces back-up: upgrade-able, heavily armed mercenary attacks clear the screen of enemies with devastating force!
A ferocious wolf fights alongside you through some sections of the game - command him to loyally defend you, or unleash him, sit back and watch the carnage!

The Kickstarter is looking for just over $18k to bring this game to Switch. Check out the Kickstarter here (thanks Pajob!)

This Is The Zodiac Speaking heads to Switch on Sept. 24th, 2020, Kickstarter to expand the game's scale now live

Help this one offer even more content

$13 000 and world fame – this is what This is the Zodiac Speaking developers are aiming for! Today Punch Punk Games (developer) and Klabater (publisher) have launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign designed to expand the community and scale of its extremely ambitious project.

This is the Zodiac Speaking was created by a team of award-winning writers, developers, acclaimed musicians, and a legendary music label and will be available on September 24, 2020 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. More details below!

This is the Zodiac Speaking is a fact-based single-player noir/psychological thriller based on the story of Zodiac, one of the most famous never-caught serial killers. It mixes vintage ’70s California visuals and an original epic cinematic soundtrack with gameplay elements that include classic horror, investigation, stealth mechanics, and multiple endings to discover. It offers two unique gameplay modes, one that blends storytelling with stealth action gameplay and the other (Detective Mode) that emphasizes immersive investigative storytelling.

Play as San Francisco journalist Robert Hartnell. Robert receives a mysterious phone call from the serial killer Zodiac who greets him with the infamous ‘hello, this is the Zodiac speaking’. This single event kicks off a series of events that will take Robert down a spiraling path toward confronting one of America’s most notorious killers and...his own past.

"This is the Zodiac Speaking is a true American crime story. The Zodiac killer is ingrained in American pop culture. And though this game is by no means a homage to serial killers, it’s a story about their victims and the people who survived,” said Krzysztof Grudziński, Director and Narrative Designer in Punch Punk Games “The selection of Zodiac is the backdrop we are using to tell a unique story about a troubled protagonist, a San Francisco based journalist Robert Hartnell, who one day receives an ominous phone call. We look forward to sharing Robert’s story with you on September 24, regardless of the level of campaign’ success.”

MORE THAN A GAME! Meet the amazing team behind This is the Zodiac Speaking

The co-author of the script to This is the Zodiac Speaking is Lukasz Orbitowski, one of the best Polish writers, laureate of the ultra-prestigious Paszporty Polityki pop-cultural award and nominated for the Nike Award (most important literature prize). Orbitowski is one of Poland's most important horror authors. Together with Krzysztof Grudziński, Head of Punch Punk Games, they plunged into the dark and dangerous 70s to produce an immersive and mature story.

Music for the game was created by AGIM, a restless innovator and experimenter of the Polish electronic music scene. The official soundtrack from the game will be published in Europe (digital distribution and vinyl edition) by a legendary electronic music label, Pias Recordings. The amazing soundtrack prepared by A_GIM, an acclaimed DJ, instantly sparked the interest among the Pias team. Pias will work with Klabater, the publisher of the game.

“It rarely happens you gather so many talented people behind one game. And it is even more impressive when you consider the fact that This is the zodiac Speaking is an ambitious narrative game,” said Michal Gembicki, Joint-CEO in Klabater. “Acclaimed musicians, awarded writers, and of course very talented Punch Punk development team lead by Krzysztof Grudziński, they are all on board. I’m really excited about this joint cooperation. Narrative games at their best!”

Game Features:

Discover the facts and evidence-based story of America’s most famous never-caught serial killer.

Experience the story from the perspective of a person who survived the attack of the serial killer, face your trauma, and run an investigation that will lead you to the truth about Zodiac.

Unravel the details behind the murders, visit locations inspired by the original crime scenes, experience real psychological sessions that will help you to manage your traumas.

Reveal 3 alternative endings, all based upon your investigation decisions.

Enjoy the atmospheric film music and original retro-inspired art style.

Travel to the vintage ’70s and feel the old-school vibe while visiting faithfully depicted California’s hallmark spots from the past.

Altari Games Launches Anime-Style Action Game Lost Ruins Kickstarter Campaign With Switch Stretch Goal

$15k for a Switch version

Altari Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their anime infused 2D action survival game Lost Ruins on August 3rd, 2020. Lost Ruins is a dark, 2D side-scrolling metroidvania, where you play as a young girl who has awoken in a strange, dimly lit dungeon without any of her memories. With the help of a mysterious magician, Beatrice, the girl goes on a perilous journey to survive, find answers, battle monsters, and unlock the secrets of the lost ruins and her missing memories.

Lost Ruins features anime-style pixel art with modern action game play. Players can customize their style by equipping two different weapons and spells at once, along with armor, and items. Combat can be both fast and methodical. Equippable weapons such as knives, swords, axes and bows feature different speeds, traits and effects. Players can attack, dodge roll, deflect projectiles, and cast spells at enemies while surviving the lost ruins. Boss fights are dramatic and feature uniquely designed female characters that help to unfold the story.

“It is hard to find a game that combines modern game design with an anime style. We wanted to make such a game because we wanted to play it ourselves.” says Park Jinhong, leader and art director of Lost Ruins at Seoul-based Altari Games. “We are experienced in online game development. However, we liked console games and wanted to make our own decisions, so we created our own company.”

Lost Ruins allows players to cast a variety of spells through wands, tonics, and scrolls. Elements within the world will react with other elements realistically. Flammable liquids will be set ablaze when in contact with lit lanterns. Ice magic will freeze bodies of water, making them dangerously cold. The more players understand the environment and how to use it to their advantage, the safer they will be and the more effective they will become. Players can choose a play style that works best for them.

The Lost Ruins Kickstarter campaign has an initial goal of $10,000 and is targeting a PC release, with stretch goals for Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. Backers can support various tiers and receive rewards including the digital game, an art book, additional costumes, even the ability to name an NPC, or create a boss, weapon or enemy. The campaign will run from August 3rd until September 3rd.

2D beat'em-up "Fallen City Brawl" hoping to release for Switch via Kickstarter

An old-fashioned beat down

Fallen City Brawl, a 2D beat ’em-up inspired by Double Dragon, Final Fight, Streets of Rage, and more, is looking to release on Switch. An official Kickstarter for the game is going to launch on Aug. 4th, 2020, which is when we'll find out just how much cash is needed to make a port happen. When that Kickstarter is live, we'll certainly bring you full details.

Guts ‘N Goals takes to Kickstarter in hopes of a Switch release

$10k to lock in a release

Aspiring part-time assistant amateur soccer coach CodeManu announced the kickoff of the Kickstarter campaign for his arcade-style beat ‘em up soccer game, Guts ‘N Goals (PC, Nintendo Switch). Guts ‘N Goals allows players to beat their friends at a game of soccer, literally by mixing in beat ‘em up gameplay mechanics with soccer-style objectives resulting in a seriously fun way to play the world’s game.

Fans won’t have to wait to play Guts ‘N Goals with a free demo launching alongside the Kickstarter campaign on Steam. The free demo includes multiplayer and singleplayer modes with access to over 25 unique characters.

“I’ve always enjoyed Soccer, but felt like something was missing”, says Manuel Bolaños, solo-developer of Guts ‘N Goals. “I feel like baseball bats are that missing element. With Guts ‘N Goals, we can enjoy Soccer how it should be played. With Bats.” Backers will be able to grab a digital copy of Guts ‘N Goals on PC for € 9 and on Nintendo Switch for € 13 until early bird reward tiers end on July 31 at 9 PM EST.

Neko Ghost, Jump! hits Kickstarter goal, officially heading to Switch

With just 3 days to go!

With less than three days on the Kickstarter, Neko Ghost, Jump! has officially hit its funding goal of $15k. This means the game will eventually make its way to Switch sometime down the road. You can check out a recap on what the game has to offer below.

Neko Ghost, Jump! is a 2D/3D puzzle-platformer where you not only switch between your camera perspectives at any time but also between your physical and ghost forms to solve puzzles, combat enemies and clear levels faster.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes hits its console stretch goal on Kickstarter

Coming to Switch...or Nintendo's next system

The Kickstarter for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes has gone so well today that it actually kicked Kickstarter offline for a bit! Thankfully things got ironed out, and the funding kept pouring in.

No only was the $500k base goal destroyed in just a couple of hours, the Kickstarter's $1 million stretch goal has also been shattered. That goal includes releases for all consoles, Switch included.

Once again, the dev team has said that they'll do what's necessary to get the game working on Switch. If Nintendo has another, more powerful console available 2022, then the dev team will bring Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes to that platform instead.

Eiyuden Chronicle devs say whether Switch or a successor, the game will come to Nintendo fans if the Kickstarter stretch goal is hit

Nintendo fans can rest easy

There's been a bit of confusion about the upcoming Kickstarter for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, a spiritual successor to the Suikoden series. PC is going to be the main focus, but there will be stretch goals for consoles. The team behind the project has clarified that one way or another, they're bringing the game to a Nintendo platform.

Development of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is expected to take over two years. By that time, the dev team isn't sure what Nintendo's spot will be in the hardware scene. Will the Switch still be going strong, or will a successor be announced? Either way, it doesn't really matter to the dev team. They've said that they'll assess the situation and then choose a path forward. They'll either tweak some things to make the game run on Switch, or release it for the Switch's follow-up hardware.

Again, all of this is only going to happen if the Kickstarter stretch goal is hit. The Kickstarter launches on July 27th, 2020, so I guess we'll find out soon enough!

Another Crusade aiming to be a spiritual successor to Super Mario RPG, will come to Switch if Kickstarter stretch goal is hit

Super Another Crusade RPG

Another Crusade is an action timed-based RPG. This means that every time you perform an action, you can power it up by pressing a button at the correct timing. When not in battle, exploration is also a great part of the game, in which you can jump as a platformer, solve puzzles, find treasures and even hit your enemies for an advantage when the battle starts!

The gang working on Another Crusade is interested in bringing the game to Switch, but that'll only happen with a stretch goal. Fans will need to raise over $44k to make the Switch port a reality. Check out the full Kickstarter here.

Thanks to LED-Mirrorknight for the heads up!


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