Sword of the Necromancer hits Kickstarter funding goal in less than a day, stretch goals announced

Another Kickstarter success!

First of all, thanks to all our wonderful backers, we met our goal in less than a day! In fact, we have reached 110% and we have been live less than 24 hours. That’s awesome, thank you!

Thanks to you we can complete Sword of the Necromancer and even have a physical release!

Now let’s go for the stretch goals!

Starting at 20000€, we will have an additional pixel artist to help us with the game’s monsters and animations: UnfuneralOD! He helped us previously with Tama’s animations.

But we have one more stretch goal to announce today! If we reach 25000€, and thanks to the people at Scarlet Moon, we will have the support of the awesome Dale North (Wizard of Legend, Sparklite, Nintendo Minute) and the wonderful Emi Evans (Nier Series, Drakengard, Dark Souls) to compose and sing a very special theme for Sword of the Necromancer.

We are very happy to see the reception and the interest in Sword of the Necromancer. Thanks again for your support, and please spread the word about our project to make it even bigger!

Sword of the Necromancer Kickstarter now live

Can a Kickstarter bring this game to life?

JanduSoft and Grimorio of Games announce their new incoming game Sword of the Necromancer, on KICKSTARTER NOW!

Sword of the Necromancer is being developed by Grimorio of Games, and produced and published by JanduSoft S.L, both based in Barcelona.

Funded in 2012 and starting as a mobile game developer, now JanduSoft is focused on console development and has published and ported over 15 games for PC and consoles in the last 3 years. JanduSoft has experience with successful Kickstarter campaigns: Caveman Warriors, released in 2017 on all platforms, and Indiecalypse, to be released this very quarter.

Grimorio of Games' previous game, Super Hyperactive Ninja, was also published by JanduSoft and sold over 15.000 copies, which supposed a massive hit for a (back then) two-people team.

Check out the Kickstarter here

Chrono Trigger Composer Yasunori Mitsuda Will Contribute Music to Sabotage’s Upcoming RPG 'Sea of Stars'

Now this is something to be excited about

Sea of Stars developer Sabotage announced today that legendary composer Yasunori Mitsuda will contribute music to the upcoming turn-based RPG. Mitsuda, best known for his work on massively popular games like Chrono Trigger, Xenogears and Shadow Hearts, will develop original music for the game, joining Sea of Stars’ composer Eric W. Brown (The Messenger.)

“Without knowing exactly why, ‘I want to write music for this game’ was the feeling I had while seeing it convey the nostalgic golden age of the 90s,” said Mitsuda. “Although there are still many games being released with this classic style, I don't think players are satisfied with just nostalgia. As seen in their previous game, by adding new systems and ideas to classic formulas, Sabotage Studio breathes fresh, new air into their work.

He continued, “Impressed by the respect they show for past games while at the same time giving players new ways to have fun, I found myself wanting to make a game with everyone at Sabotage Studio. Please look forward to an exciting adventure.”

Creative Director and Sabotage CEO Thierry Boulanger said, “Mitsuda’s music has carried me for years, I still listen to his work every week while working at the studio. He has been such an inspiration for so many of us, we couldn’t be more honored that some of his music will be added to our game. It’s exactly what Sea of Stars needed to feel truly whole.”

Telling the story of the Children of the Solstice, Sea of Stars focuses on engaging combat and unrestrained exploration, featuring freedom of movement seldom seen in the genre. Sea of Stars’ compelling world unites players with Valere and Zale, youths fated to become Solstice Warriors. Combining their Sun and Moon powers to perform Eclipse Magic, they are pledged to fight the monstrous creations of the evil alchemist known as The Fleshmancer. Sabotage’s knack for twisting narratives makes for an engrossing, wondrous tale surrounding a world’s looming apocalyptic threat.

Responding to feedback and demand from the Sea of Stars backer community, Sabotage also recently revealed that the title would be getting an early backer exclusive physical edition via a partnership with Limited Run Games which is set to include unique art from artist Bryce Kho (Aegis Defenders) for $90 CAD (~$63 USD.) Sea of Stars was funded in less than seven hours upon its announcement last month, and is currently tracking at almost 500% of its initial goal.

Sea of Stars’ combat challenges players to coordinate adaptive strategies while thwarting opponents with pre-emptive attacks, rewarding carefully timed strikes and interrupted advances. With six playable party members distinct in fighting style and personality, experimentation is key to discovering devastatingly powerful new match-ups. There’s no need to grind to unlock a character’s true potential, either, as character progression is balanced to flow along with the story. Sea of Stars’ journey prioritizes meaningful encounters over enduring dozens of the same fights.

Key Features

● Dynamic Combat: With every encounter harboring threats deadly to the careless tactician, victory demands sharp timing, anticipation, and pre-emptive counters to ultra powerful attacks.
● Engaging Exploration: Climb, dive, swim and leap across a lush world brimming with life and hidden secrets, enjoying the journey between battles as much as the action itself.
● Gripping Story: Become acquainted with six playable characters with rich backstories, personalities, and varied motives as the mysteries of a troubled world come to light.
● All Fun, No Tedium: Enjoy combat without fear of hitting a wall and having to grind for experience or items; in Sea of Stars, defeat requires a change in battle plans, not hours of repetition to better the odds in a rematch.
● Rich Universe: A sprawling, lively land, Sea of Stars’ hosting region can be enjoyed as a standalone story or a supplemental adventure for fans of The Messenger.
● Radiant Lighting: Dynamic light effects pairs with a world-influencing day/night cycle to make every area feel truly alive, pushing the traditional visual limits of classically-styled 2D pixel-art games; the only way to properly tell the story of heroes conjuring the powers of the Sun and the Moon.

Fans interested in backing the Kickstarter can head directly to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sabotagestudio/sea-of-stars and get involved for as little as $1.

Resident Evil 3: The Board Game is Coming to Kickstarter

We may not get the remake, but we can enjoy a board game!

Tabletop games publisher Steamforged Games is once again working with Japanese video game giant Capcom on a brand new Resident Evil™ board game, set to launch April 28 on Kickstarter.

Following the success of Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game, Steamforged will now bring the 1999 Playstation classic, Resident Evil™ 3, to the tabletop.

Based on the original video game, Resident Evil™ 3: The Board Game is a cooperative survival horror game for 1-4 players that can be experienced either through individual, one-shot scenarios, or as a 19+ hour campaign with an overarching storyline.

Taking control of iconic characters like Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira, players will attempt to escape Raccoon City in the midst of a T-virus outbreak.

All the while, the city danger level will be on the rise, the number of undead monsters will increase, and every decision will be crucial.

To survive, players must carefully manage resources, make intelligent and meaningful decisions, and be wary of curveballs thrown by the tension deck—a mechanic carried over from the RE2 board game which will surprise players with unexpected threats to replicate the terrifying suspense of the video game.

The board game’s design comes from Sherwin Matthews of Steamforged, a self-proclaimed superfan of the franchise who also headed the design of Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game.

Mat Hart, Creative Director and co-founder of Steamforged Games, said, “It’s a privilege and an honour to be working with Capcom once again to bring the horrors of Raccoon City to the tabletop.

“Steamforged is proud of its proven ability to bring video game properties to life and

lovingly craft them into high-quality board and card games. Resident Evil™ 3: The Board Game will surprise and challenge even the most hardcore RE fans. It will have players running from Nemesis like it’s 1999!”

Resident Evil 3™: The Board Game will launch on Kickstarter on April 28, 2020. Fans can follow the campaign on Kickstarter to be notified when it goes live.

Sea of Stars Kickstarter hits in-game cinematics, behind-the-scenes documentary, new game+ and alternate ending stretch goals

The support keeps coming!

The Sea of Stars Kickstarter has just shy of two weeks left, and its been chugging full-steam ahead since it launched. Yet another round of stretch goals has been hit, and the team has opened up a bit more on physical release plans.

In terms of stretch goals, another big wave has been crushed. Players can now expect in-game cinematics, a behind-the-scenes documentary, new game+ and alternate ending when the project is said and done. As of this time, there's no other stretch goals listed on the site, but it does seem like one will be revealed this coming week.

Along with that, the team posted up a lengthy note about a physical release. While no platforms are specifically confirmed yet, Sabotage says their goal is to "be wherever the players are." They still have two years left of work on the game, so platforms will be reconsidered once they're a bit closer to wrapping the game up. Check out the team's full note on physical releases below.

This is also a good time to clarify where we are in terms of platform support. There are two years left of production on Sea of Stars, and we are at the dawn of a new console generation, meaning that our dev efforts are coupled with the mapping of this changing landscape.

This makes it too early to commit to any specific platforms for the moment. Our promise to you is simple : we want to be wherever the players are, so please, make your voice heard if you want to ensure a specific platform is offered at launch.

Rest assured that we are in touch with all major platform holders, and that the Sabotage team has extensive porting experience. As we assess demand and technical challenges alike, we will be prioritizing to maximize satisfaction across Sea of Stars’ growing fanbase.

All we can guarantee for now is that this is going to be a high quality product, and that no one will be stuck with a copy they don’t want. We know this might demand a minor leap of faith, but your backing of this add-on will be fully refundable, no questions asked, should the platform of your choice be missing once the game is ready to ship.

We wanted to hold until we had more specifics, but the demand for physical has been truly overwhelming, so we hope you will celebrate this announcement with us as the best we can offer at the moment!

Sniper Elite: The Board Game Kickstarter postponed due to coronavirus

Rebellion had plans on launching a Kickstarter for a board game adaptation of Sniper Elite soon, but they've decided now isn't the best time to do so. The team will be holding off on the Kickstarter until the world has dealt with the coronavirus. Check out full details on the postponement below.

First of all, I just wanted to pass on well wishes to everyone from Rebellion Unplugged to all of you reading. We know how troubling a time this is for everyone in this unprecedented global crisis, and the huge challenges we are all set to face in the coming weeks and months.

With all that in mind, we’ve taken the difficult decision to delay launching the Sniper Elite the Board Game Kickstarter campaign. Simply put, we don’t want to ask you to support the project right now when there are bigger, more important things to worry about.

In the meantime Sniper Elite the Board Game is progressing really well, and so we are now working towards launching the Kickstarter campaign later this year.

Over the coming weeks we’ll continue to develop new content for the game, including a brand new single player mode! We also have other MEGA exciting tabletop announcements lined up in the near-future… so do stay tuned!

Please make sure to follow us on the Rebellion Unplugged website, Twitter and Facebook pages where we’ll keep you updated on everything Sniper Elite the Board Game over the coming months.

In the meantime stay safe and well, and keep indoors! Maybe give Sniper Elite 4 another go and take out Hitler with a perfectly fired sniper bullet…

Oh, and while we’re here, how about a hint of things to come?

Enchanted Portals devs returning to Kickstarter to fund the game

Back to square one

Enchanted Portals, the game that received a TON of attention after its reveal for its Cuphead-like style, is going to return to Kickstarter in the near future. The team originally halted Kickstarter plans after they received publisher interest, but are now going back to the old plan. Check out the full explanation as to why below.

After several months of hard work and exploring different options to fund the development of Enchanted Portals, we have ultimately decided to relaunch the Kickstarter campaign as we believe it would grant us more control over the project. To that end, we have created a new extended trailer in which we show some of the changes and new additions we’ve made to the game and a lot of you have been suggesting:

Given the large number of people who have asked for Enchanted Portals to be on PlayStation 4, we’ve decided to launch it on that platform in addition to PC and Switch.

We have made some adjustments to the overall gameplay speed, aiming to offer a more exciting and dynamic experience.
We have put a special emphasis on elements and mechanics that help our game further differentiate itself from Cuphead, including a new, more diverse soundtrack that uses different musical styles for each world in the game.

We have added platforming stages, with a great variety of character-environment interactions to spice up the gameplay.
We’re really excited to finally take this huge step forward in the development of Enchanted Portals, we hope you enjoy the new trailer and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your ongoing support!

While no specific date was given for the Kickstarter's relaunch, we'll make sure to share that info with you when it becomes avialable.

MYSTIQA Returns to 16-bit Roots With Graphics Overhaul

A change for the recently-launched Kickstarter

Independent videogame developer Julian Creutz is thrilled to reveal that his procedurally-generated top-down action-RPG, MYSTIQA, is returning to its 16-bit roots. Two weeks ago it was announced that MYSTIQA would be coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam September 2020. The announcement came alongside a Kickstarter campaign to fund a Switch development kit and a soundtrack by Dale North (Wizard of Legend, Sparklite) and Hiroki Kiktua (Secret of Mana). Regardless of funding, the game will release on Steam in September.

Julian has responded to fan feedback since the announcement and is returning the game to its original 16-bit style. MYSTIQA has been in development for four years and started out with a 16-bit style. Julian took a break in 2019 and brought the game back into public view with a low-res 8-bit style that, but fans have indicated they preferred the original 16-bit style. The new 16-bit trailer can be seen on Kickstarter which is close to 50% funded with about two weeks remaining:

MYSTIQA on Kickstarter

Copies of MYSTIQA are available at the 10 Euro backer level with the game's soundtrack and the ability to design various elements of the game, such as items, spells, monsters, bosses, and even a custom biome available at higher pledge levels. Stretch goals include an expanded soundtrack with a title theme by Hiroki Kikuta and individualized boss themes, daily challenges, a release on Nintendo Switch, and additional game modes.

MYSTIQA is now on Steam and will be released this September 2020 regardless of the result of the crowdfunding campaign.

Sabotage Studio talks about the influence of Super Mario RPG and Chrono Trigger on Sea of Stars

Pulling from the greats

Sabotage Studio, the team behind The Messenger, recently launched a Kickstarter for Sea of Stars, an RPG that takes place in the same universe as The Messenger. Those who checked out the Kickstarter (and helped it hit the funding goal) were quick to notice some influences on the game, and Sabotage Studio is more than willing to confirm suspicions. In an interview with Gamasutra, Sabotage's Thierry Boulanger opened up about the influence from both Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG.

"Chrono Trigger is great because there wasn't a transition when you got into combat, you just started fighting. In Super Mario RPG, you need to press the attack button and not just watch an animation when you attack. We wanted to have active input. When I was a kid playing any turn-based RPG I would always press the attack button hoping it would do something. I wanted our game to have that too."

Metroidvania "9 Years of Shadows" hits Kickstarter funding goal

One week a success

The gang behind 9 Years of Shadows was looking for a modest $15k to bring their game to Switch, and they managed to pull that in with ease. The game is now a lock for Switch release down the road. Check out the message from the dev team on the Kickstarter's success below.

We dared to embark on a dream. You helped us build the boat. We cannot begin to describe how grateful we are to you, our backers.

From all of us at Halberd Studios, we promise you, we will put our hearts and minds into crafting a product worthy of your imagination. We’ll keep you updated as we make progress on bringing the game to life.

Even though there are still a lot of stretch goals available for this campaign to keep going, we want to dedicate this message to your the early birds. Thank you! <3


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