Kindred Fates hits Kickstarter stretch goal, officially coming to Switch

Stretching for Switch

Kindred Fates' initial Kickstarter goal was $50k, but that didn't include a Switch release. To make that happen, the Kickstarter would have to reach the $150k stretch goal. While that might have seem a bit too far off just a couple weeks ago, we're very happy to say that the goal has now been hit! The game will be officially making its way to Switch at some point in 2023.

If you want to check out more details on what Kindred Fates is all about, you can check out the official Kickstarter here.

Thanks to Viejodani for the heads up!

The Wonderful 101: Remastered Kickstarter hits the 2D side-scrolling adventure "Luka's First Mission" stretch goal, new stretch goals added

What a wonderful announcement!

Another day, another stretch goal shattered for The Wonderful 101: Remastered. The last stretch goal reached was the Time Attack mode, but today gives us something a lot more juicy.

With the Kickstarter sitting at $1.5 million, fans will now be able to enjoy a new 2D side-scrolling adventure called Luka's First Mission. We don't have any other details on this content just yet, and we don't even know how it will be distributed. Whether it's included in The Wonderful 101: Remastered or to be released separately remains to be seen. As soon as more details are shared, we'll bring them to you.

The Kickstarter has also been updated with two more stretch goals. At $1.75 million, a remixed soundtrack will be included, and it features a special guest. At the $2 million mark, we'll get Luka's Second Mission.

Thanks to RobRmanX for the heads up!

Hideki Kamiya gives an inside look at original design documents for The Wonderful 101, discusses details of development, and more in Kickstarter update

Absolutely wonderful

Thanks to PlatinumGames' wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, the previously Wii U exclusive "The Wonderful 101" will get a second chance at life on Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4. An update has been given on the remastered projects Kickstarter from Director Hideki Kamiya, providing secrets and development details on the game from over 6 years ago. Check out all of the information he had to provide, including some original design documents, character design drafts, early game screenshots, and more here!

The Wonderful 101: Remastered Kickstarter now live, $50k base goal for a Switch version (UPDATE - FUNDED)

Well that's just wonderful!

UPDATE - It took all of 5 minutes for this project to be funded. The Wonderful 101: Remastered is coming to Switch!

Well there you go, gang. The rumors of a Wonderful 101 Kickstarter were indeed true. Platinum has launched their Kickstarter for The Wonderful 101: Remastered, and all they want to bring the game to Switch is $50k. That seems more than doable, and I expect that total to be hit really soon.

If you want to kick in some cash towards this Kickstarter, or read up on what makes this version of the game 'Remastered,' you can check out the official Kickstarter here

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

Pixel-art arcade adventure 'Battle Axe' trying to secure funding for Switch release on Kickstarter, physical option planned

The old Battle Axe

Battle Axe can be played solo or in local co-op by two people, with players choosing their preferred hero before embarking on their quest. Each hero has a projectile attack to tackle the enemy from afar, as well as a short-range attack, special abilities to give them a momentary advantage, and they can also can pickup items which have a variety of effects.

Does Battle Axe look like something you'd like to help bring to Switch? The dev team is looking for $53k to make that happen, and it seems they've lined up a partner for a retail release as well. If you want to kick in some cash, you can do so right here.

Thanks to JPSwitchMania for the heads up!

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night being updated to Version 1.04 in January 2020, details on new modes shared

New things to look forward to in 2020

The Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Kickstarter has shared a new dev blog wrapping up the year. Some new tidbits on what's to come are shared, which you can find in full below.

The dev teams are hard at work behind the scenes on Zangetsu and two new modes, one of which is Boss Revenge. Beyond that, we have more modes and an additional playable character on the way. We plan to have a regular cadence of content once all the platforms are on the same level of content. We will have more news on this in the new year.

Before we get to that, here’s the current state of development for the consoles:


Update 1.04 is nearly complete and we expect it to go live worldwide in January. Regions currently on 1.02 (SE Asia and Korea for example) will get upgraded directly to 1.04, which will include all the improvements from 1.03.

Grand Guilds launching on Switch in Q1 2020, following successful Kickstarter campaign

Two Kickstarter campaigns later, Grand Guilds has been successfully funded. Developed by Drix Studios and published by Keybol Games, the Tactical RPG is confirmed for launch in Q1 2020. Check out details on the game below!

Grand Guilds is a story driven, turn-based RPG with unique card combat mechanics. Travel through Irin, a continent on the brink of another war, and unveil a mystery that's plaguing all the guilds of the land.

“Each playable character in Grand Guilds has unique mechanics and abilities”,says Justin, founder of Drix Studios. “They even shout out their actions in combat and express their feelings during dialogues”.

Grand Guilds pledged over $30k in a Kickstarter campaign run in October and November. The game will be released first on Nintendo Switch and Steam, and will eventually be launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox.


After a year-long mission, Eliza returns to the seemingly normal city of Ozryn when suddenly a horde of mysterious creatures set fire to the streets. Upon repelling the enemies, Eliza and her guild strive to discover where the attackers came from, only to realize that the phenomenon happened all over the continent... all at the same time. With her guild's reputation on the line, she takes it upon herself to find and capture whoever is behind the attacks. It is up to Eliza and her trusted guildmates to discern the true motive behind the unusual assault before the other guilds of Irin suffer the same fate, or worse.


- Turn-Based Strategy - Learn and master the fundamentals of tactical combat. Positioning and terrain will mean the difference between victory and defeat.
- Card Combat System - A diverse set of skill cards will form the abilities of your units, making every turn more dynamic and each decision more important and meaningful.
- Deck Building - Tailor each character to your playstyle by customizing their skill decks. Obtain powerful new abilities by completing quests or leveling your characters.
- Guild Quests - Embark on challenging, procedural missions that yield exciting rewards. Increase your guild's reputation to earn bonuses that will aid you in combat.
- Diverse Cast - Each playable character has unique mechanics and abilities that enable them to fill various roles in your squad such as tank, support, and damage dealer.
- Epic Narrative - Unravel the mysteries shrouding Irin, a continent on the brink of war. Follow Eliza and her companions as they journey through this vast, magical world.
- Voice Acting - Characters shout out their actions in combat and express their feelings during dialogue using short phrases.

3D action adventure 'Deserted' hits Kickstarter with a Switch stretch goal

Help fund the latest Switch hopeful

Deserted is a stylized 3D action adventure with light RPG and narrative elements. Inspired by the alien atmosphere of Out Of This World, Deserted combines narrative storytelling with survival and fast paced strategic combat to deliver a thrilling adventure. Your ship is mysteriously pulled from the sky and sent spiralling towards certain death. You alone survive to carry out your mission. "Rescue a group of scientists and personnel."

It turns out nothing is what it seemed. The alien planet is dying, its scarred surface hosts monuments of a lost ancient civilization. An inexplicable presence is pushing, and pulling you towards the unknown. Your mission now is to stay alive, because you know something much larger is coming. And your caught right in the middle.

Deserted will see PC release at just shy of $100k. To bring the game to Switch, a stretch goal of $160k will have to be hit. Check out the Kickstarter for more details.

2D action-adventure 'Endless Memories' hits Switch Kickstarter goal, releasing in 2020

Funding acquired

A few weeks back, Humunculus Games launched a Kickstarter campaign to help develop their 2D action-adventure title, Endless Memories. The main funding goal was $12,000, which would allow the game to release for the Nintendo Switch platform. With 5 days remaining, the goal has been reached, and Endless Memories is confirmed to be releasing in 2020 for Switch, with a demo launching with it.

Chicken Wiggle Workshop Kickstarter provides a status update on the game

A note to backers, and a new look at the game

Chicken Wiggle Workshop, an enhanced version of Chicken Wiggle for Switch, was successfully funded via Kickstarter. The project was originally set to launch in Dec. of 2018, but developer Atooi later stated that that date wouldn't happen. A new date wasn't set, and fans are still waiting for the game to arrive.

Atooi has shared two updates on the game's Kickstarter in recent days, and you can find a snippet of each below. Click over to read the full updates.

Great Expectations!

A backer on Atooi's discord posted a thought about their belief that KS backers are more like publishers than customers. My jagged little pill is below. Warning: unpopular opinion to follow. :)

The belief that backers are akin to a publisher is not accurate and will only lead to frustration for anyone who believes it is true. This will not be a popular thing to say, but it has to be said. One promise was made with the CWW kickstarter: to deliver an enhanced version of Chicken Wiggle for the Nintendo Switch. I am sorry that the delivery date is significantly later than estimated, but our promise has not changed.

Full update here

Work-in-Progress Update: Slumber Tower

I am currently working on taking Michael’s awesome HD art and slicing it up into 96x96 tiles so they can be used in the game engine. There are some elements that still need to be setup properly, such as the correct low res gem pick-up displaying properly in retro mode. Here are two work-in-progress comparison screenshots from the game engine, showing the two modes you can toggle between (retro/HD). The tiny texture detail on the blue thread really shows the difference in resolution!

Full update here


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