Kickstarter for official ToeJam & Earl cookbook launches Sept. 29th, 2020


Following the recent success of “ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove,” the iconic duo is back with another task from the one and only Lamont the Funkopotamus. The mission? To funkify food from Earth for their home planet, Funkotron!

Inspired by the classic SEGA series, “ToeJam & Earl's Funky Fresh Foods of Funkotron” will turn any earthling into the coolest chef in the solar system. This officially licensed cookbook features 35 rad recipes (and even more with stretch goals!), amazing
photos and original illustrations with an authentic '90s vibe. Perfect for beginner and experienced cooks alike, these funkified versions of culinary classics are out of this world. From hardcore fans to those new to the series, there is something for everyone!

The Kickstarter campaign will go live on Sept. 29 and fans are able to preorder a copy until Oct. 30. But wait, there's more! Add backer rewards to your collection, such as stickers, enamel pins and your very own TJ&E apron.

In addition, the team will be holding community events and challenges for a chance to win free copies of the “ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove” game on Steam.

Created by “The Legend's Cookbook” and “Mother's Cookbook” alumni with guidance from series co-creator Greg Johnson, humans are TJ&E guaranteed to become Funk Lords of the kitchen.

Story-driven tactical RPG "Scarlet Republics" planned for Switch release in 2022, Kickstarter now open

Fully funded in just 10 hours!

A Kickstarter page has gone live for the story-driven tactical RPG Scarlet Republics from developer Audacity Interactive. Planned for a full release on all platforms (including Switch) in 2022, the $11,903 USD funding goal has already been reached in just a short 10 hours. If you wish to see more details on the project or donate yourself, you can check out the Kickstarter here.

Scarlet Republics is what would happen if Fire Emblem had a love-child with Divinity and a Joe Abercrombie book. It’s a tactical RPG inspired by a mix of western and Japanese gameplay with a deeply interactive and immersive story.

The game is set in the vibrant and treacherous City-states of Corsano, a fantasy world inspired by the Italian renaissance and the art of Leonardo Da Vinci. The game tells a mature fantasy story of vengeance and conquest, with plenty of choice, consequence and wit.

- Turn-Based Tactics - In Scarlet Republics you guide a squad of mercenaries in turn-based combat. The game features 7 unique classes divided over 20 playable characters. It is up to you to pick and mold your squad to suit your playstyle and strategies.
- Get Creative with Squad-Building - We have built the RPG system to match customization with organic, pseudo-random growths with a focus on squad building and gut-wrenching choices for how to grow your characters. Experimenting with different builds and synergies is a key aspect of creating your perfect mercenary company.
- Choice and Consequence - How you progress depends entirely upon your decisions. Large parts of the game, including entire battle-maps and quests, are choice specific and it is impossible to see it all in one playthrough.
- A Living, Breathing World - Inspired by the Mediterranean, the Renaissance and the vineyards and olive groves of Italy and Greece, Corsano is a land of vibrant colors, heady spices, merchant lords, pirates, politics, intrigue and, of course, war.
- Da Vinci and Tango - The game’s art style is inspired by renaissance art and the sketches of the master Leonardo Da Vinci. The soundtrack mixes classical fantasy with inspirations from tango and flamenco for a dramatic sunset vibe.

Where Is My Body? seeing Game Boy cartridge release in Q4 2020, thanks to Kickstarter success

The Game Boy lives on

The first milestone to fund the production and development of the 8-bit point and click adventure Where Is My Body? for the Nintendo Game Boy on Kickstarter has been accomplished, pledging more than 400% of its first objective.

Inspired by titles such as Maniac Mansion, Where Is My Body? is a game in which you will have to take on the role of a hand which has to solve different mysteries and follow the thread of the story in two chapters.

There are still 17 days to keep funding Where Is My Body? and achieve the next milestones so we can create the packaging and the instruction booklet, and add new content within the game.

Check out the Kickstarter here

Keeping It Casual: A Nintendo Fan’s Transition to Board Gaming

Written by Chris James, Editor-in-Chief, Casual Game Insider magazine

I’m a Nintendo Fanboy. But I didn’t always realize this.

You see, I have played video games all my life, starting with the Atari 2600 and Commodore 64 when I was a young child. From my earliest stages of life, I watched and played the games that my older siblings were into. Then my brother and I saved up money working a paper route to buy our very first Nintendo Entertainment System. My mind was blown — almost as much as our game cartridges when they wouldn’t start up.

Then we were addicted to our Game Boys. When they were stolen along with all of our game collection (at Disneyland of all places), we decided to replace them with a Sega Game Gear, then soon picked up a Genesis. I really enjoyed these consoles as well, but soon got addicted to my friend’s Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64.

My video game preferences expanded much more over the years, from PC gaming (Quest and Unreal) to PlayStation and Xbox, I played all kinds of games seeking the next thrill. But over time, I have grown more and more tired of all the noise. I find myself yawning over the next big game — unless it’s coming from Nintendo.

There is just something about the games coming from Nintendo that continue to capture my interest. I am still fully addicted to every Mario game out there, and so many others just excite me. I have played and replayed retro Nintendo games more than any other games. I just yearn for the fun, colorful, and straight-forward gameplay of Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby, and every other Nintendo franchise.

Why? Because I’m a casual gamer. I can say this proudly. I have embraced Nintendo for my core gaming needs. They just get me.

Board Games for Nintendo Fans

Fans of video games like myself can find just as much enjoyment (and sometimes more) by playing a game face-to-face with friends. But what most people don’t realize is that there is a similar divide in the world of board games.

How does one decide on a good board game? If you’re anything like me, sites like Board Game Geek just aren’t that appealing. The top-rated games on a hardcore board gaming site always include games that are far more complex, long, or overblown than I care to get into. Why? Because I’m a casual gamer.

Board gaming has become my social escape for over a decade, which is largely fueled by my history and love for video games. I entered the board game industry by designing and publishing games that I love (casual games) because all the emphasis seemed to be placed on the hardcore titles. Where were all the games I wanted to play?

I soon realized that there were many people out there who thought the same thing. We needed to define a new genre of games that could be promoted in their own category: the casual game. Games that weren’t marketed exclusively to children or families, but that stood on their own and could be enjoyed by adult game groups who just love to play games for the fun of it — without having to spend hours to learn a game, or dive deep into strategy and tactics. Basically, the same type of experience that Nintendo provides in the world of video games.

So, we launched the website Casual Game Revolution and began publishing a quarterly print magazine, Casual Game Insider, which is now celebrating its 9th year of publication. Playing and promoting great casual games has become my full-time job and my greatest passion. With the help of a great team, we bring you the best that the board gaming world has to offer.

Do yourself a favor and try some of the great new casual board games that have come out in recent years. You can read all about them in Casual Game Insider — as a Nintendo fan, you’ll find it’s right up your alley.

Vincent Paone from Dad’s Gaming Addiction put it this way: "As someone who has subscribed to Nintendo Power for years as a kid, I wholeheartedly approve of any magazine that helps expose folks to all sorts of family-friendly gaming content. Casual Game Insider magazine, focusing mainly on tabletop games, goes above and beyond in that regard."

Help us launch our 9th year of Casual Game Insider, now on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter launched for Retro Fighters' "Duelist" wireless gamepad for Switch

For those who take Smash very seriously

Introducing the Retro Fighters "Duelist" wireless gamepad for Switch®. The new and exciting way to play Super Smash Bros.: Ultimate! The Retro Fighters Duelist Wireless Gamepad features an array of new features for the Super Smash Bros.® Switch gaming community. The Duelist is designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind, it feels great in the hands and allows for easy access to all buttons.

The Kickstarter for the Duelist controller is looking to bring in $13k to fund a release. If this controller looks like something you'd like to own, you can check out the full Kickstarter here.

Thanks to MysteryMan for the heads up!

Colors Live developer explains how the SonarPen translates audio into virtual brush strokes

A bit of technical magic

The Colors Live Kickstarter, which has 4 days to go as of posting, has been an absolute success. The original goal was $16k, and the funding currently sits at over $123k. It's extremely clear that Switch owners are down with the idea of an art app that includes a special pen accessory.

The Colors Live SonarPen lets you enjoy pressure-sensitive art creation on the Switch touch screen, allowing you to create some finely-detailed art. While people are sure to make some amazing things, the SonarPen in and of itself is a wonder. In an interview with the eShop Action Committee podcast, creator Jens Andersson explains how it works. The following thing was quoted by NWR...

It is a half meter cable that plugs into the audio jack, and technically it pretends to be a headset. So, in Colors, I actually plays a tone through the audio. A tone of about 8000 hertz goes through the cable to the tip of the pen. There is a resistor in there as well that dampens the tone depending on the amount of pressure that is applied to the tip of the pen. This vibration goes back to the Switch through the internal microphone of the pen, which measures the volume of the sound. That calculates the pressure used on the screen. So the touch is recorded by the screen as normal, but the pressure goes through that thing. It is an ingenious idea. It sound weird explaining it, but it really works. Elton, the person who created this is really clever and the pen works really well. The precision you get out of it is basically analogue. The levels of precision makes it feel very much like a Wacom pen. It's so cool and there are no batteries in there either. It is durable and fairly cheap to produce. Especially compared to the Apple Pen which is almost a hundred bucks. We sell the software and hardware together for 39 on the Kickstarter. It's so much fun. I've never done hardware before, so this is exciting.

Curse of the Sea Rats Kickstarter hits funding goal in less than 9 hours, officially heading to Switch

Cursed no more

The team behind Curse of the Sea Rats was looking for just shy of $17K to bring their Metroidvania-style adventure to the Switch. The Kickstarter just launched yesterday, and it managed to surpass that goal in less than 9 hours. That means the game will officially make its way to Switch when development is done.

Check out a statement from the team on the Kickstarter's success below.

With your help, we’ve reached over 100% of our funding in less than 9 hours! Thank you all! We are now more than 700 pirates from around the world on this adventure! Our team is truly grateful for your support! Your nice messages and positive comments are really appreciated. Some of you have asked about our stretch goals. We will give you a little sneak peek very soon. Stay tuned.

Check out the full statement here

Lords of Exile officially funded, heading to Switch

Castlevania fans help make this one a reality

Well that didn't take long! With 23 days to go on the Kickstarter, Lords of Exile has already pulled in base funding. That means the game is a lock for Switch release sometime down the road. There's still plenty of time and stretch goals to hit, so your funding still matters! You can check out the official Kickstarter here.

2D action-RPG "The Cork" will come to Switch if the Kickstarter campaign is a success

$50k to make it happen

The Cork is a 2D Action-RPG set in a world that draws inspiration from classic Metroidvania platformers (with a heavy emphasis on vania) and the deliberate, challenging combat of Souls-likes.

Players take on the role of Salem Cairnwright, who after several months abroad finds his home devastated by a mysterious plague - its villagers erratic and hostile. The landscape beyond the village has changed, revealing an impossibly high wall towering above the forest. Gaining entry through a massive gate in the wall, you discover a kingdom built into the steep sides of an enormous crater. Descending into the crater to seek the source of the illness plaguing your village, you'll uncover the history of the forgotten kingdom and the tragic story of its fall.

While the Kickstarter campaign for The Cork launched a few days ago, it didn't include any mention of a Switch version. Now the developers have made an announcement stating that a Switch version is indeed in the works and will be the focus when it comes to consoles. If the Kickstarter hits $50k, a Switch version is a lock. Check out the full Kickstarter campaign here.

From the developers of Colors! 3D, a Kickstarter campaign is now live for 'Colors Live', featuring a pressure-sensitive pen for painting on Switch

Turn your Switch into a portable drawing tablet

What seems to be the killer app for digital art is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer! The official sequel to Colors! 3D, which was released for Nintendo 3DS back in 2012 (and was the 10th highest rated 3DS game ever), will allow for professional artistic designs directly on your Switch using the newly introduced "Colors SonarPen". The SonarPen takes advantage of the Switch's headphone jack, allowing for pressure-sensitive touch directly on the screen. A Kickstarter campaign for "Colors Live", has gone live from Jens Andersson (creator, designer, and programmer), and while the app is "pretty much ready for shipping", Andersson is seeking a $15,356 goal to fully fund the project, planned for release in Summer 2020. You can check out all the details and donate on the official Kickstarter page here. The full press release can be seen below!

STOCKHOLM, May 13, 2020 – Colors Live is coming to the Nintendo Switch™. Collecting Smiles have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowd-source funding for the initial production of the bundled Pressure-Sensitive pen and to finish the development of Colors Live. Fans from all around the world are invited to back the Kickstarter campaign here!

Colors Live will include new features such as Pressure-Sensitivity and a creative brand-new game-mode as well as tight integration with the widely popular Colors Gallery to which the community has uploaded more than an astonishing 4 million paintings.

Natural painting experience
Colors Live will be bundled with the Colors SonarPen to give artists real Pressure-Sensitivity and a natural painting experience

“The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic device and many people have asked me to bring Colors over to it. However, I didn’t really want to, unless I could make a better version than Colors! 3D. Without a stylus, I would have to rely on finger-painting which is not something I think is very fun,” Jens Andersson, the creator of Colors!, said. “Then, a little bit more than a year ago, an inventor friend of mine in Hong Kong contacted me. When I saw the Pressure-Sensitive Pen that he was working on, I realized that this would be perfect for the Switch. Together with him we have now developed the Colors SonarPen.”

The Colors SonarPen is a collaboration between Collecting Smiles and GreenBulb and brought to life by all the fans of Colors through the recently launched Kickstarter campaign.

Brand-new game-mode
Building on our long history of game development we are proud to be able to add the brand-new game-mode to Colors Live. In Colors Quest you complete a challenge every day by painting something on a set theme and various rules and make your way across the map.

We have done several prototypes for this over the years, but now is the first time that we think that we really made a fun game out of something purely creative. In order to create a single-player mode that works for every skill-level and reward gamers for improving over time we are crowd-sourcing input from our players in Colors Quest.

A success story
13 years ago, Jens started working on the first prototype of Colors! that since then has become a huge success, contributing to the evolution of digital painting. The game was downloaded over a million times for the Nintendo DS™ and the successor is rated as the 10th highest rated Nintendo 3DS™ game of all time.

The Colors Team would like to thank and celebrate everyone that have enjoyed Colors! over the years with this release of the Colors Live Kickstarter campaign. Together you have made Colors! a great success and together you can help bringing Colors Live to the Nintendo Switch. We think both seasoned artist and people new to digital painting are going to love it!


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