Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Pyra/Mythra coverage live blog

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate creator, Masahiro Sakurai, has shared information regarding the latest downloadable fighter set, Pyra & Mythra. Here is a recap of everything in the presentation:

- Sakurai had to record this presentation at his home

- The stage included in this fighter pack is "Cloud Sea of Alrest"

- Different characters, primarily Drivers and their Blades, from Xenoblade 2 appear in the background of the stage.

- Sakurai considered having Rex fight alongside Pyra / Mythra, but having Pyra and Mythra be able to switch between each other was already pushing the limits of the game.

- Pyra and Mythra can change into one another by using the Down Special attack.

- On the character select screen, a player can choose to start as either Pyra or Mythra by pressing the Y button.

- Pyra specializes in power, and Mythra specializes in speed.

- Mythra has "Foresight," an ability that will slow her opponents down when she successfully dodges an attack.

- Most other moves between the characters are the same, but Pyra's moves are a bit slower in exchange for having more power and reach.

- In some cases, such as with their Up Smash attack, Mythra's Up Smash hits multiple times, while Pyra's Up Smash only hits once.

- Pyra's Neutral Special is Flame Nova, a powerful attack that can hit opponents on either side of her.

- Mythra's Neutral Special is Lightning Buster, a long-reaching attack.

- Pyra's Side Special is Blazing End, an attack where she temporarily throws her sword forward. The attack acts as a projectile, but it leaves Pyra open to counterattacks when used. She is also unable to use other attacks when the move is used in the air.

- Mythra's Side Special is Photon Edge, an attack that allows Mythra to dash to side while slicing opponents. It works well as a recovery move.

- Pyra's Up Special is Prominence Revolt. It is primarily a recovery move that aids in recovering vertically, but it has great launch power if it can hit an opponent.

- Myhthra's Up Special is Ray of Punishment. It is another recovery move, but energy blasts, known as Chroma Dust, can be shot if the player holds down the B button while recovering.

- The Down Special move of both characters is Swap. This move allows Pyra and Mythra to freely switch between one another, and slight invincibility is granted when either one uses the move.

- Pyra's Final Smash is Burning Sword, and Mythra's Final Smash is Sacred Arrow. Burning Sword is meant for KOs while Sacred Arrow is meant for damage.

- Sakurai says he likes Pyra better.

- Rex appears in the battle start animation for both characters, and he appears in their victory animations and taunts.

- Kirby's copy ability will change based on whether he inhales Pyra or Mythra.

- A total of 16 songs are available when purchasing the Pyra / Mythra fighter pack.

- These 16 songs can also be played in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's other Xenoblade stage, Gaur Plain.

- A special spirit board based on Xenoblade 2 will become available once Pyra / Mythra are purchased.

- Special art for some of the Spirits were custom-made for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Spirit Board.

- Following an update, if Rex's Spirit reaches Level 99, he'll transform into a new, Master Driver form Spirit.

- The Mii costumes for this presentation are Monster Hunter Equipment, Rathalos Equipment, Felyne, and Arthur (from Ghosts 'n' Goblins).

- Pyra / Mythra will be available later today, alongside the new Mii costumes.

- Sakurai reveals that he did not write the script to the reveal trailer for Pyra / Mythra.

- Monolith Soft was in charge of the reveal trailer.

- Sakurai reveals that he has official Pyra and Mythra figures for modeling and animation reference.

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