The Introduction Thread

Hello everyone!

I've been reading the comments and I am seeing plenty of new (as well as old) faces. Back when I first started GoNintendo, I remember seeing an introduction thread that was created by a user called Ku. At that time he said,"Ok folks, now that we have a fresh start I thought we needed this thread again.".

That phrase has never been more appropriate than it is now. Before we get to deep into debates over Ridley in Smash, no voice chat in Splatoon or whatever the latest controversy is, let's all take the opportunity to introduce (or reintroduce) ourselves. Feel free to go into as little or as much detail as you feel comfortable with. 
BTW, I am known as Blade_Master (have a pretty unique real name so I usually don't put it out on the interwebs) here on GoNintendo. I live in the USA. Some of my interests include: football (Packers), manga/anime, and Nintendo (obviously). Eventually, I'll get around to making a thread about all of those and more :p. But that's enough about me. 

Hope to see you all around the site!

You know me...I built this place, literally!

Mon May 11 15 09:47am
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YOU built this place? :p

I didn't say alone.

Everyone, this is T27. He also built this place.

Loving the sleek new design.  I was pretty busy this past week or so and it was a bit puzzling to see that this site was down for maintenance but totally worth the wait.  Great job and thanks to all the staff to make this happen! 

Gamefreak613 here....not much of a talker, but you may see me now and then in the comments and very rarely in the forums...still thought I'd say hi though!

bpc908 here, longtime contributor and reader to the site. Ran a video series on here, The Nintendo Download and Nintendo Newswire, which went on hiatus for a year or so because my computer melted down. Hopefully I can get back in the swing of things and get back to the videos.

Hello, my name on here is Mako. I am one of your friendly neighborhood moderators until Cortjezter decides otherwise of my fate. 
My hobbies include sports, music, running, anime, video games, and admiring RMC's beard.
I have been a member of this site for 7 years now and a reader for even longer. 
My favorite video game franchises are Pokemon, Smash Bros, Zelda, and Mario.
I will keep my avatar of Captain Falcon until we get a new F Zero game in glorious HD. And with the new MK DLC the chances are so very slim now. Ugh.

Might as well re-introduce myself as well then.
My name (not in real life, though) is NoseOfWario, which sounds awkward but Wario'sNose was already taken even though I've never seen anyone named as such on GN.

Anyway, my favorite Nintendo series are, well...almost all of 'em but my no. 1 favorite Ninty series is, fittingly, Smash Bros.
Other gaming series I like a lot are MegaMan, Gradius, Rayman, Metal Slug and Phoenix Wright/Ace Attourney.

Welp, I could not copy and paste my previous introduction, so I'll just write a new one.
Hello! My name is MegaMan64! Kinda weird since MM64 was not that good of a game...
Anyways, Godot from Ace Attorney is, probably, my fave VG character. I enjoy video games, pizza, and Emma Watson  Stefanie Joosten. Been a frequent user since 2010. Glad to be here.

I'm WildHeartJack. Long time Nintendo fan and listener of the GoNintendo Podcast. I mostly play retro games with tidbits of recent titles sprinkled in as I have little time to invest in games I have no interest in.
Can't ya'll later! 

Hi everyone, I'm Shadow Stalker X (for some of you that may frequent the GameFAQs 3DS board, the same one from there).
Gaming is a huge passion of mine, in particular the RPGs, as well as other majors series. Hope to see you around on the site.

Hello! My name is One Punch Man. My superhero name is Caped Baldy but call me Saitama instead. 
I was a member here in the first iteration of GN under a different name, never renewed it afterwards until now. So... yeah. Nice to meet you all~ (=_=)V

Thu May 14 15 03:26pm
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Time for a re-introduction.

Hi there, fellow GoNintendo users! 

The (user)name's HammerGalladeBro (also known as AHammerGalladeB [on the pre-XY Pokémon Global Link and NNID] or AlexHGB [my Mii's name]), some lucky bastard from Mexico. Been reading GN since 2007 and decided to finally join in 2012.

My hobbies include videogames, playing soccer, hunting amiibo figures and drawing (poor drawings, but still counts).

Fri May 15 15 05:00am
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Hi im currently mrkapow.. Love the site and of course Nintendo

got into gonintendo via the podcast and been listening for about 3 years or so.

Im more interested in hand held gaming put  do have a ps2 to play shin megami games.

I also love music and keeping stick insects.

Hi all

Hi it's gamerparent here. Formerly yougenius but I didn't post much. Sorry to hear about the reset, but glad because it's gotten me back to visit more often, and I'll try to be more active in the forums too.

I guess an proper intro is due. Smile
I'm Morgan, I'm from Oxford in the UK and I've been a GoNintendo reader since about the very beginning. (So many years. Time sure flies quickly...)
I used to have an account by a very similar name but that seems to have disappeared during the recent site changes, but I normally comment now and then and send in news tips.
I've been a Nintendo fan since I was a kid with the original Game Boy and my favourite game series are Mario, Zelda and Pokémon ^^ Other interests are Japanese tv shows (Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, anime, lots of other shows) and other general geekery. Oh, and I'm cat obsessed. XD

Hello everyone,

My full name is Joey Michael Roddy. I was born in Houma, Louisiana on Wednesday, April 3, 1985. I discovered a natural talent of music at the age of 10 or 11. I play the piano. I am currently residing in Thibodaux, Louisiana. I am actively involved in the music ministry at Promise Of Life Worship Center in Thibodaux, Louisiana. I am the praise and worship minister of the church. I am also a member of Gideon International which is a non profit ministry that distributes bibles in the hotels, motels, jails, prisons and school campuses.

Welcome to the forums. Hope to see you around in the comments section.

If I may be so bold (pun intended), I would humbly request that you don't bold all of your comments. Makes it a little disorienting to read and I personally am more prone to pass over it. Just a small request from my end.

lol, did you just dox yourself?

Greetings, humble members of GoNintendo!

My (user)name is Lightchao42, and this is my very first post! I have been a longtime reader of this very site (about two or three years), though I've never really considered making an account until now. Some of my interests include Nintendo (obviously), reading, and contemplating the mysteries of the universe. I haven't joined many online communities, but if you've seen any Lightchao42s on the Internet they're probably me.

Anyway, I hope that we can have plenty of vaguely pleasant/sensible discussions in the future!

Hi folks!

I've actually been more of a reader than a commenter, I've only got like 19 (20 now) comments on here, and I've been here since June 2009. Though by chance I noticed I'm apparently today's VIP, what are the chances? I rarely even notice that. Plus today is The Legend Of Zelda's 30th birthday, so that's special! I guess...what does being a VIP mean?

Anyway, I run VGMaps.com, so you'll see me a lot more there than here, comments-wise...but I always go to GoNintendo for Nintendo news! Almost daily, it's sometimes a bit much, really...

Greetings im new here. I came here to look for others playing miitomo. Some other forums have miitomo friends threads for getting quick friends and lots of coins. I think its a good idea but personally want to be selective about who I friend. Can anyone point me to a miitomo thread here on gonintendo. Thanks Smile

Sat Apr 23 16 11:06pm
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Welcome! I don't think such a thread exists at this point.

I would recommend:

A. Starting your own thread. I don't know how likely it is you'll get a response as new threads aren't seen often by the general GN userbase.

B. Wait for a miitomo post on the GN blog and then ask in the comments there. Probably your best chance of getting a response, especially if you are one of the first commenters on a popular story.

Hi. I'm Socar and I'm a huge Nintendo fan.

Hopefully, things go really nice around here for me as well as to all of you Nintendo fans as well.

Rorel here. Constant reader of gonintendo, but never joined because I avoided joining forums, blogs, discussions, and etc for several years - for good reasons. But eventually I got tired of remaining silent and letting everyone with a bad attitude be the only ones commenting.

I don't know how often I'll actually join any forum topics, but putting my introduction here for formality's sake.
My opinions will differ astoundingly with others, and I'll either sound like a foolish optimist or a harsh pessimist depending on which side of topics you stand on. And it will almost always sound like I'm a contrarian. But rest assured, I'm being honest with my opinions, and prefer to state things that no one else seems to bring up (I don't like leaving open holes in discussions).

Now that I've said all that, hopefully the ones who read this will not see me in such an extreme light (when you prepare for the worst, the reality doesn't seem so bad).

I am a lover of Nintendo's philosophies in games and consoles, but actually not that huge of a fan of their main franchises. My preference of games makes me look more like a Sony fan, and my favorite franchises sometimes makes me look like an Xbox fan, and people will wonder why I don't just stick with PC, but there's something about Nintendo I absolutely love and find to be necessary in the gaming market.
It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that if Nintendo fell out of the gaming industry (or even became a poor third party), I would halt gaming altogether. And that's coming from someone who plays more games on the other consoles.

Anywho, I'm Rorel. I mean well, even if I seem otherwise.

Hello, I'm here because IGN started just really sucking hard as far as Nintendo news went. Then I found MyNintendoNews and, while if beat IGN in terms of quantity, there was a lot of arguing and I think news posts were tailored to be inflammatory. Then one amazing soul left a comment about how GoNintendo is a better news site... I checked it out and never looked back.

Tue Jan 02 18 09:56pm
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I'll end the 15 month drought and introduce myself. My name is MrsBittters. At least here it is. 2 Things I must point out first: I'm a guy and I got the name from Invader Zim.

I've been listening to the GN podcast and following the site back when Nintendojo was still active. I feel like I've gotten to know the GN podcast people over the years. I've owned all the Nintendo consoles since the NES (except Switch). As for portables, I've only ever had the original Game Boy, the DS, and the 3DS.

I'm also a fan of Borderlands and Skyrim. I bought Skyrim the day after it came out but didn't discover Skyrim mods until late 2016.

Shows I like are Rick and Morty, Invader Zim, Simpsons, South Park (haven't been super happy with the past few seasons though), Wondershowzen.

That's it for now. Stay Brutal.

Hey everyone. I'm new and discovered this site through the podcast which I will definitely be supporting via patreon. I love video games in general and grew up with Nintendo and Atari and intellivision (yeah I'm old). I'm glad to be here and will be as active as I can in the forum. Ciao!

Tue Dec 24 19 11:04am
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Hello my name is Thomas. Aka Atomic77. I am 42 years old. I just recently got back into Nintendo by getting a Switch Lite. I used to have just about all of Nintendo’s portables. I had a NES back in the day. I also do some computer gaming and I also do Pokémon go on the iPhone.


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