how is it fun to play smash bros wii u online and not fight?

someone please explain this to me because it really makes no sense. For a while I thought they were just trolls (some of them probably are) but most of them genuinely go on for fun just to stand around and run the clock down, they don't want to fight, they don't want to compete they just want to waste time, they get annoyed if I attack them then start swearing at me via nicknames on the character selection screen.

Someone please explain how the heck any sane person could consider this so enjoyable they'd go through the effort of loading up the game, connecting online, am I missing something here? is something else more interesting happening on their TV screens?

Perhaps they just want to boost their record? People do a lot of strange things in online games.

but there are no records kept in for fun.

Threads like these is probably why they find it so fun

Sun May 27 18 04:35pm
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Psychologically, I'd assume that they still have good feelings associated with playing the game normally, but have become bored of the game. Rather than look for a new game, they stick to an older one and play it differently, because it's safer than being disappointed and/or bad at another game.

As for treating the other player like they did something wrong, that's just salt. To them, the game is not playing the game. When you don't participate, they've lost, and they're taking the loss poorly.

Probably for the same reasons that people play Splatoon (and 2) and not fight. The so-called squidbagging is the absolutely worst thing about Splatoon. A match starts, and one a**hole starts to squidbag, and more often than not, the entire damn lobby starts to gather in one place of the map, pressing a button. For 3 minutes.

It is the only game that has made me restart my console just so I can get out of that time-wasting crap. I always get a penalty for it, which sucks, but rather that than playing with idiots.

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