Is the orzly screen protector worth or should I just get the Hori one?

So I applied the Hori screen protector but the problem is that it ended up with some small lints that are almost barely noticeable. So knowing that screen protectors don't last long, I am thinking of getting the Orzly one which comes with five which is pretty sweet.

So to those that have it, is it worth getting it compared to Hori. Even if I didn't use that stupid yellow cloth that came with the protector and even if it was not having lints, I still would want a backup should it ever wear out someday. I like the Hori one because it was almost easy to apply. I don't know how easy the Orzly one is.

Also, I have no plans to get a tempered one. Yeah the screen stays safe and all but I'm not using the Switch outside and just using it indoors. Plus I may consider using it dock mode once I get a better monitor.

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