GrubberGamer's Game Deals: 3DS Spotlight (06-30-2015)

3DS Spotlight

A 3DS spotlight today - discounts on popular titles and pre-order offers for future favorites!

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Disney Infinity - July 2015 Toy Box Challenges line-up

7/2 – 7/8: Flight Required- Instead of “no flying”, design a Toy Box especially for characters in Disney Infinity with the flight ability.

7/9 – 7/15: Tower Defense- Design a tower defense Toy Box where you must keep enemies from reaching a certain point.

7/16 – 7/22: Hercules- Go from Zero to Hero and create a Toy Box inspired by the Disney Animated Classic, Hercules.

7/23 – 7/29: Dinosaur- Go prehistoric and create a Toy Box from millions of years ago during the age of the dinosaurs.

7/30 – 8/5: The Little Mermaid- Use all the gadgets, gizmos, whozits, and whatzits to created the best Toy Box under the sea!

Capcom looks back on Mega Man robot masters: Guts Man

Number: DLN-004

Weapon: Super Arm

Weakness: Hyper Bomb

A land-clearing robot. He’s got quite the sturdy body. As long as you dodge the rocks he throws, he’s not tough to beat.

With the power to shake the earth around him, Guts Man makes an imposing debut in the original Mega Man. All the other bosses employ some of kind beam or projectile weapon, but Guts' brute strength is enough to make him a threat. Plus his sprite is beefier than the other bosses, giving him an even more aggressive, powerful vibe.

Like the rest of the MM1 cast, Guts was a peaceful robot designed with industry in mind. Once Wily repurposed Light's six robots, however, it was time for Rock to leap into action.

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Band gives Splatoon main theme a cover

Thanks to jimmyelgringito for the heads up!

Shiftlings - more footage

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Disney Infinity devs say nothing's off the table, including Howard the Duck, Monkey Island & more

Coming from a Polygon interview with Ada Duan, vice president of business and franchise management at Lucasfilm, Disney Interactive studio vice president and general manager John Blackburn and Disney Interactive vice president of production John Vignocchi...

"Are you thinking about Howard the Duck?. In terms of Star Wars content, there's definitely more Star Wars coming out. What these guys have been saying is that Disney Infinity is a platform for all the IP across the company, Star Wars being part of that. You'll see more. As more movies and TV shows come out and there's evaluation of what we can support, I think Infinity is going to support all the IP across the company. As Lucas comes out with more IP and more Star Wars." - Duan

"I'll be like, please, can we do Secret of Monkey Island?. And she'll say, ‘Can we talk about how relevant this is? There are so many other things we could do.' We have so much new content coming out." - Vignocchi

"It's natural that we're going to want things to be supported coming up. It's not out of the question [that we'd approve something from the archives], but I feel like there's so much new that that's probably going to be the focus." - Duan

"We're listening to the fans. We do the Facebook fan stuff all the time. We do these informal polls, and they wind up in the senior executive meetings with guys throwing stuff around and yelling at each other. ‘OK, this is what the fan poll said we should be doing, these characters.' That's how I lost Darkwing Duck to Olaf this year. That would have been awesome, right?" - Viggnocchi

"We have these conversations. There are definitely the hero characters, the characters who are the main characters, but I also feel like it's a question of which characters will service the gameplay." - Duan

"In 2.0 we didn't bring enough diversity. Right now, the number of enemies, different combat types — In the Twilight of the Republic, it's very much a lightsaber and Force combat gameplay. In the [episodes] four-through-six stuff against the Empire, we do town-building for defending your base on Hoth. There's the flight down the trench on the Death Star." - Vignocchi

"There was this conscious focus on lightsabers and how lightsabers feel and act. Star Wars needs to feel incredible, but it also needs to be a system that will upgrade for all hand-based weapons. Something you haven't seen yet that I think is a lot of fun, you can take Carl's cane from Up, and now all of the characters — not just the Jedi, but the characters from Inside Out, from Marvel — they'll actually be able to take advantage of the combat system you see with the lightsabers." - Blackburn