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Guitar Hero Live devs discuss soundtrack selection process

A portion of an MMGN interview with Jim Norris of FreeStyleGames...

MMGN: The tracklist is quite varied, and GHTV allows you to keep adding more post-launch, but it’s hard to please everyone. So what’s your initial focus? Do you look straight at what’s most popular or at genres previously popular with Guitar Hero?

JN: t’s a number of different things. Obviously we’re going to put the big tracks in that GH fans would expect to have in a Guitar Hero game. Then is goes through a list; can we license a song? That’s first, then we markup – when we transpose the notes into gameplay – and we do that to a lot of different songs including some songs that will never make it into the game. We rate those based on how fun they are to play.

Then we make sure we have a little bit of everything so there’s going to be something there that you like. Plus you’ll be playing one song and then another might come on that you don’t know, but because we made sure it’s fun to play you may end up finding a new band that you didn’t know that you loved.

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Typoman devs interested in working with New 3DS

Coming from a Nintendo Insider interview with Brainseed Factory...

NI: Unity has now introduced support for New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL. Would you consider developing for them with any future projects?

BF: Of course, I’d love to. It’s very comfortable to use one engine to produce builds for different platforms, and building for the 3DS would be very nice! [laughs]

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Animal Crossing: HHD - Isabelle is still upset you left her behind in New Leaf

Yeah, Isabelle isn't going to forget anytime soon that you abandoned her in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I mean, unless you're still actively toiling away as mayor in your town!

The story behind this Russian Nintendo mural revealed

We've featured this mural on the site before, but do you know the story behind it? It all starts when Moscow elected a new mayor and he wanted to beautify the city. That meant taking down big propaganda advertisements that had been plastered across various buildings. When those ads were taken down, some of the bare walls were quite an eyesore. Rather than let the crumbling walls depress people around town, a team came together to create murals like the one above. The thing is, they needed to get Nintendo's approval to do so...

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