Demon King Box sets first-day sales record for Circle

IGN - The Legend of Zelda Turns 27

Final Fantasy Explorers - Resonance details, Libertus town info

- Resonance responds to continuous use of abilities of all the Explorers
- whenever you hit an enemy or help an ally using abilities, the number over the Crystal icon located on the top-left of the screen increases
- there are several benefits that Explorers can get by increasing this number
- having higher Resonance numbers could help you do more damage against enemies
- it can also heal your allies better
- once you stop using abilities for a while, the number will start going down
- Libertus is the home town and base of operations
- the central building is a facility where an organization called Union manages their business
- to the left is the reception area of the Union’s building
- this is where Explorers go to get work
- there's also an item store, workshop, and fortune-teller
- there is also a Moogle tent, but details haven't been released


Shantae: Half-Genie Hero - archer art picked

Hyrule Warriors - Japanese sales analysis

- 69,090 copies in its first week
- 57.33% of its shipment


Natsume - Harvest Moon 2 GBC, Lufia on their way to 3DS VC

Thanks to Connor for the heads up!

Capcom blog update - Legendary Capcom artist Daigo Ikeno appearing at San Mateo's Japan Expo

If you happen to be in the general vicinity of San Mateo, California, you'll do yourself well to check out the Japan Expo, going on today through Sunday, August 24th. The expo is a weekend-long showcase of Japanese culture, from the traditional to the freaky-deaky modern.

PLUS, as an added incentive, hailed Capcom artist Daigo Ikeno will be there as a special guest, doing a live drawing session as well as signing sessions! Even if you don't know this name, you've almost definitely seen his incredible artwork and character designs in the likes of Onimusha, Devil May Cry 3, and Street Fighter II: 3rd Strike. More recently, he's acted as Art Director for Street Fighter IV and Dragon's Dogma. This is a terrific opportunity not to be missed.

Full details here

Dragon Quest X - Version 2.3 details

- adds flying dragons
- use these to travel from one place to another
- casino getting an added Bingo game
- new set of quests, locations and storyline
- story involves a big group of thieves


Turtle Tale Wii U submitted to NoA/NoE

Capcom says Mega Man X would make a great addition to the 3DS VC if it supported SNES games

Thanks to Connor for the heads up!

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