Retailer lists tentative release date for PDP GameCube-Styled Wired controller for Wii/Wii U

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LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham - Behind the Scenes with the Cast and Characters

Wii Sports Club - review

A portion of a USGamer review...

Wii Sports always felt more like a starting point than an endpoint, so it's kind of funny to be playing it again on the Wii U more than a decade later. It's an odd legacy for the motion control era, which once showed so much promise. But even if Wii Sports Club isn't apt to last solo players more than a weekend, it's a robust enough package in its own way, and its credentials as a party game are impeccable. If you're looking to play something with your parents, it's tough to go wrong with Wii Sports Club.

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Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric - speed stage footage

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IGN - 10 Golden Axe Golden Facts

Gust set to merge with Koei Tecmo

- Gust will merge with parent company Koei Tecmo
- merger happens on October 1st
- Gust will now be called “Gust Nagano Development Group”
- merger is happening to create an environment smoother for business coordination
- the studio will continue development on its existing series
- they will also work on new projects


The Denpa Men blog update - Searching for Fairies

Let's talk about catching fairies today. To find Fairy Village, you must have permission from three fairy leaders. To be able to see them, you need the Fairy Harp. This harp is a unique instrument: when you play it, fairies will appear. However, as soon as they are visible, they get scared and will run away. Obstacles such as mountains can help trap them in, so try playing the harp in strategic places.

When you catch a fairy, they will tell you where their leader is. However, if you randomly chase them, each of them will tell you different directions. If so, you may be chasing them in the wrong order. If you need a hint, look for a cabin! When you find a sparkly fairy, that is the leader.

Monsters will make your fairy hunt a bit difficult. If you need to heal, go to North Hut and heal yourself there. We recommend saving your game and healing your party often during the chase!


James & Mike Mondays - California Games

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Hyrule Warriors Analysis - Features Trailer & NicoNico Stream (Secrets & Hidden Details)

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Up Up Ubie Remix - dev blog update with new details on gameplay, characters

Up Up Ubie remix is a project I started working on about a month ago. I decided to remake the original Up Up Ubi game that I had released back in early 2012. I wanted to add a lot more things to the overall experience and make it exactly the way I’d want everyone to experience it. I couldn’t do it with the original version because the programmer for that game had left the game development scene altogether and there was not way for me to go back and touch up the game. Now that I have a lot of experience with the Construct 2 game engine, I am now able to go and make the game exactly how I want it to be.

Full update here

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