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Hangin' with Mr. Koopman - NintenDaan Wednesday

It's that time again, my friends. Wednesday evening is upon us. That means it's time for me to step away from site operations and take a break. By 'take a break', I mean work on other site stuff that doesn't involve posting news! Maybe I can even take a nap in there somewhere!

While I'm gone, the wonderful NintenDaan will be stepping in. He knows this place like the back of his hand, so he'll be just fine when it comes to tackling news for your pleasure! He's here from now until around 10 PM ET. That's when I come back and let Daan enjoy his own free time!

See you all later tonight. Have a wonderful time with Daan. Hope you've had a great week so far!

Capcom looks back on Mega Man robot masters: Bright Man

Number: DWN-025

Weapon: Flash Stopper

Weakness: Rain Flush

Emits light at ten million watts. Those who see the light become unable to move. As long as you avoid that, he’s not that hard to defeat.

Full feature here

Luigi's Mansion Arcade - more hands-on details

- each vacuum handle is equipped with two main buttons
- the top button is for charging your flashlight blast
- the bottom is for sucking up ghosts
- a special button located apart from the controller lets you throw a stun bomb
- starts with a tutorial from Professor E. Gadd
-use flashlight blasts to stun ghosts and destroy small enemies
- use the vacuum to collect coins/objects nearby and suck in ghosts
- on-rails FPS
- when you charge your flashlight you can feel the controller's vibrations building up and die out with the flash
- when you grab a ghost in your vacuum stream you feel the pull when he switches directions or break free
- when you suck up coins, a mechanism inside the controller pounds the inside
- game gives you options as to which room you would like to investigate next
- sometimes you have to clear certain rooms before moving on

13AM games on why they chose Wii U for Runbow, planning Q3 release

A portion or a TorontoGameDevs interview with 13AM Games...

TorontoGameDevs: Why did you decide to work on Wii U for your first game?

13: The decision to work with Nintendo came from two factors. The first was that we wanted to get Runbow onto the platform we thought would really showcase its strengths as a chaotic local multiplayer game. As a bonus, the GamePad allowed us to create an asymmetrical mode, changing the dynamic of the game itself. The second factor was the the support Nintendo has given us right from the get-go. We would not be where we are today with the exposure we have if it wasn’t for them and their teams.

TorontoGameDevs: Do you have a firm release date for Runbow yet? Price?

13: I can only say that we are aiming for a Q3 release and that the price will not be anything unexpected or out of the ordinary. Once a few things solidify here on our end we will be able to give these details so stay tuned.

Full interview here (thanks Cloud2049!)

Pachter comments on amiibo success, thinks Nintendo should continue making hardware

WARNING - THIS IS A MICHAEL PACHTER FEATURE. If his comments enrage you, please avoid hitting the jump. If you are okay with his comments, please click through to view a video interview.

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