The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Girls Mode 3: KiraKira Code gets more SpotPass content

- collaboration content with Picopuri, a gaming magazine for girls
- items available include:

a skirt
a dress with an orange motif
a dress with a strawberry + chocolate motif

Japan - Nintendo launches official blog

Nintendo has been working on a whole bunch of web updates behind the scenes, including a new blog page for their Japanese fans. The blog-style layout features all sorts of articles on upcoming games, deals and standard news releases. The blog launched with a bunch of content ready for the reading, including the following features.

- Nintendo’s Holiday 2015 catalogue is now available on Kindle in Japan
- Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary: New Year-related goodies
- New Nintendo 3DS Packs
- Game Creator Course with Super Mario Maker report
- Animal Crossing: New Leaf on sale on the Nintendo eShop until December 6th
- Super Mario Bros. songs coming to Wii Karaoke U by Joysound
- Special campaign for Wii Karaoke U by Joysound in Japan
- Nintendo 3DS Double Packs
- Latest Super Mario Hanafuda cards set
- Nintendo’s official LINE account
- Adam-chan promotional videos
- Nintendo’s YouTube channel
- NyaNyaNya! Neko Mario Time
- Tatakae! Game Boyz (TV show)

Check out the blog here

Nintendo revamps online maintenance page

Seems like Nintendo has given their official online maintenance page an overhaul. You can get a look at maintenance currently taking place, maintenance that has already taken place, and of course, any maintenance planned for the future. Have a look at the updated page below.

Page here

Bandai Namco opening official online merchandise store

Lyon, FRANCE – December 1st, 2015 – BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe is excited to announce today the opening of its Official Online Store: where fans, gamers and everyone else will be able to buy high-quality, original merchandise related to some of the most recognizable games ever.

The first items that will be available on the store will feature designs based on PAC-MAN, TALES OF, TEKKEN and GALAGA! Among the products available are posters, canvases, coffee mugs, hoodies, t-shirts and phone cases. These are exclusive items that can’t be found anywhere else and also includes a series of unique designs created by 35 well-known artists to celebrate the PAC-MAN 35th Anniversary! To mark the store’s launch, exclusive offers are available: including free shipping from 1st December - 7th December. After proceeding to the check-out just enter the code ‘FREE@BANDAI’ to gain free delivery.

“We are all super excited about this long awaited store dedicated to our biggest fans! Our goal is to provide high quality, exclusive and unique items that have been carefully selected to communicate and represent our passion and love around iconic IPs. This is just the beginning as we are planning to work closely with all the people that love our brands to bring to life the craziest ideas they might have!” said Hervé Hoerdt; VP of Marketing and Digital at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe.

The store is available to European fans starting today at:

More information:
Official Website:
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment UK Official Twitter : @BandaiNamcoUK
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe Official Facebook : /BandaiNamcoEU

Random Time! - Real-life Mario Kart spotted in Tokyo once again

Real-life Mario Kart in the streets of Tokyo!❤️ I spotted them while walking around Shinagawa~❤️✨ ✨

Posted by Alodia Gosiengfiao on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanks to Plsburydoughboy for the heads up!

FAST Racing Neo wallpapers available, big news coming tomorrow

Thanks to Pwny for the heads up!

Zelda: Tri Force Heroes to undergo maintenance on Dec. 2, Ver 2.0 patch notes released

The following information comes from Nintendo's support website:

On December 2, 2015, new update data for The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes will become available for download. Users will be required to download this update prior to using the software's online multiplayer features. Because of this, we strongly recommend that all players for the Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes download and install this update data.

  • You can still use previous save data after downloading this update.
  • Update data will be saved on the SD Card that is inserted into the system.
    • If there is not enough space on the SD Card, the update will not be completed.
    • In order to check available space, select "System Settings" from the Home Menu and then select "Data Management."
  • After downloading the update, please do not delete the update data. Update data can be viewed in the "Downloadable Content" area of the Data Management menu.
  • Version 2.0.0 Notes

    • Den of Trials will be added.
    • Over 30 stages will be unlocked in the Den of Trials (each one goes progressively deeper underground).

    • 2 new outfits will be added.
    • These will be unlocked after clearing certain requirements in the game.

    • A new method for obtaining Friendly Tokens will be added.
    • Friendly Tokens can be obtained from the street vendor after Princess Styla’s curse has been lifted.

    • Miiverse stamps will be added.
    • Players with similar styles of play will be matched up (teamed up) more frequently during online play.
    • Users will be matched up with other players based on their answers to a series of questions prior to being matched up.

    • Users will be able to add other users to their blacklist if they exit the game through the pause menu during the game.
    • After their teammate exits the game, users will be able to add them to their blacklist by tapping the teammate’s Hero Panel and pressing the A (or B) button before saving the game.

    • Adjustments will also be made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.

If you need help updating your game, then please refer to this link.

SteamWorld Heist to be released on December 10th, pricing points announced

The following information comes from the official SteamWorld Heist website...

SteamWorld Heist launches on Nintendo 3DS in the Americas, Europe, Australia and New Zealand on December 10 at 14:00 UTC. We strongly suspect the game will rock your socks off. (Fortunately, we’ve been told that new socks are in abundant supply where you live.) The Japanese version will come later, as will all other platforms.

The regular price point will be $19.99 / €19.99 / £14.99. Yeah, we know it’s cheap for this much game, but that’s a whole other discussion. Let the simple comparison below suffice (it’s objective too, since math never lies):

  • SteamWorld Dig costs $9.99.
  • SteamWorld Heist is at least 10 times bigger and better than Dig.
  • Ergo: you’re getting a minimum of 5 times the value.
  • And the game takes at least 20 to 25 hours to finish!

Lastly, a trailer for the game is expected to be released on December 8th.