Second Pokemon GO player steps forward to claim he's caught them all

We always give a lot of credit to someone that ends up being first at something, but why not pay some attention to second place? Today we have that second person, and his name is Sean Nettesheim.

Sean has finally captured all available US Pokémon in Pokémon GO, and he clocked over 150 miles walking around to achieve the goal. The first person that captured every single Pokemon in the game netted himself a sponsorship with Expedia that allowed him to travel the world and capture region-exclusive Pokémon. Sean isn't getting any of that fanfare. He's simply looking for confirmation that he's legitimately the second person to capture all available Pokémon in the US.

So how about it, Niantic? Can you come forward and confirm Sean as the second person to catch them all?

Build-a-Bear's Online Exclusive Pokémon Eevee Set goes on sale early, sells out

Build-a-Bear couldn't help themselves with their new Online Exclusive Pokémon Eevee set. They decided to put the item up for sale early on their website. Seems like people caught on quickly, because the exclusive set is already sold out! No worries, as you'll still be able to grab the regular version of the Eevee plush, as well as head into Build-a-Bear locations and grab one there.

Capcom talks Ace Attorney: SoJ - Maya & strike system returning, fan feedback

A portion of a Siliconera interview with Motohide Eshiro, Producer and Takeshi Yamazaki, Game and Scenario Director...

S: Maya Fey returns in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice. Maya is an important character in the series and it’s been a while for her return. Why did you want to bring her back in this game?

Motohide Eshiro, Producer: There were a lot of people who wanted to see her in the previous game, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, so we decided to answer their desire by having Maya return in Spirit of Justice. However, we didn’t want to just have her return for no reason, so we made it so that Maya was training in the Kingdom of Khura’in, which ties her appearance to one of the key aspects of this game: spirit channeling and spiritual powers.

S: Spirit of Justice goes back to the five strikes instead of the lifebar introduced in the second Ace Attorney game. Why did you go back to this system?

Takeshi Yamazaki, Game and Scenario Director: The reason there was a lifebar to begin with in Ace Attorney: Justice For All was because the player could receive penalties for making mistakes during the Psyche-Lock segments of the Investigation sections.

In Dual Destinies, we removed the penalties from the Psyche-Lock segments. However, because our goal was to faithfully recreate the feel of the first four games on the Nintendo 3DS, we kept the gauge as part of the overall look. But because you would get a game over after five mistakes, it was not functionally necessary to keep it as a gauge anymore. Therefore, in keeping with the UI design concept for Spirit of Justice of giving each country its own unique look, we decided to go back to the five strikes style with magatama marks and attorney’s badges for Khura’in and the US respectively.

S: Eshiro-san, you have said fan feedback prompted the option to turning off hints and passionate fans energized the team to continue the Ace Attorney series. What fan feedback did you receive that surprised you the most?

ME: I don’t really want to call out any specific feedback as that would be rude to the other fans who have also expressed their feelings on the series, but there were a large number of core fans who felt that the previous game was too easy and that there weren’t enough places to freely investigate, so we worked hard to first and foremost address their critiques when we made this game.

Capcom holding eShop sale until Sept. 16th

Check out all the games here!

NX won't be discussed during Nintendo's upcoming Nintendo Direct

Holding out some hope that Nintendo will talk just a little bit about the NX in their 3DS-focused Nintendo Direct later this week? Time to dash those hopes, unfortunately.

Nintendo announced today that it will run a Nintendo Direct livestream on September 1, focusing on upcoming releases for its aging 3DS handheld system. Nintendo specifically told GamesBeat in an e-mail that the NX, the codename for its next console (one that we don’t know much about), won’t be discussed during the presentation.

Kunio-kun collection heading to 3DS in Japan

Kunio-kun Nekketsu Complete Famicom-hen

- coming to 3DS
- collection of all eleven Famicom titles
- more info in Famitsu tomorrow

Random Time! - Ramen company jokes about Metroid-flavored meal

Metroid Prime...Metroid Lime. There's a goldmine in there somewhere! Thanks to Kolma for the heads up!

Former Xbox dev joins Pokemon Co.

Eric Neustadter is the newest member over at Pokemon Co., but he's certainly not new to the world of video games. Neustadter previously worked with Microsoft to help create Xbox Live.