Japan - Next week's Wii U/3DS eShop releases

Japan - This week's Wii U/3DS trailers

Siesta Fiesta - review

A portion of an NWR review..

It helps that the presentation is just fun to look at, which makes the travel to Fiestaville worthwhile. If the concept seems anywhere exciting to you, jump in with no hesitation as cruising through these colorful worlds is a blast.

Full review here

IGN - Another round of Smash Bros. Melee EVO 2014 battles

Direct link and more here

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate devs talk about Old Desert remake, area changes, online tweaks and more

The following comes from a Dengeki interview with producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and director Kaname Fujioka...

- includes the Old Desert as a remade map

“While creating the Desert in past games of the series, there were some things we never got to finish up. With the terrain in Monster Hunter 4, there’s much more we can do now, so ‘how about we remake one of the areas of the first generation?’ was something we talked about.

Afterwards, we decided that the Old Desert, the one that brings back the best memories of all the desert areas, would be the one we’d remake. Also, Monster Hunter 4 didn’t have any desert-type fields, so we couldn’t really bring out any monsters that live in those areas, and that’s another one of our reasons for adding a desert map.

The areas that we’re changing are seeing quite the change. At the beginning, we wanted to add dune-like landforms in the Desert, but we couldn’t make stages with deep slopes, so we weren’t able to make it into a proper dune. However, this time we can go all out with the slopes, so I believe the impression you’ll get from the dune will be different.

The characteristics of the monsters won’t change that much, but they won’t be exactly the same, either. Of course they’ll correspond to the topography, and will have more ways they’ll approach players, so I believe the feeling [of fighting against them] will change. Please look forward to seeing them in motion.

The reaction regarding Daimyo Hermitaur was much greater than we expected, and even I was surprised by that,” exclaims Fujioka with a laugh. “There are also a lot of female Hunters that like the Daimyo Hermitaur series [weapons and armor]. It’s a monster that we put a lot of work into, and I believe that those who used to like them in the past will have a lot of fun.

We’re not completely reviewing all the weapons, but the ones we felt were greatly lacking, are receiving more elements. Fundamentally speaking, we’re using Monster Hunter 4 as the base, and thoroughly looking at things and thinking ‘this should’ve been more like that,’ or ‘we should expand on this part,’ and such. While this isn’t related to the action, we’re adding further expansions to Insect Glaive and Charge Axe.

After hearing various feedback from fans, things that we felt are needed or functions that should be changed, are elements that we’re doing what we can to work on (for online).” - Fujioka

Both Fujioka and Tsujimoto left messages for fans looking forward to MH4U.

Fujioka: “As I’ve previously mentioned, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is something we’re making while putting all our feelings of gratitude towards the people who played Monster Hunter 4. Personally, I feel that it has already become something that shows plenty of that.

I believe it’s a game that can be enjoyed much longer with more ways to play than Monster Hunter 4, so please look forward to it. We’ve put all kinds of work into it, and there are elements that will bring back memories along with new ones, and much more. Please keep an eye out for more.”

Tsujimoto: “I believe that we were able to make something with content that will bring satisfaction. It won’t be long until we begin working on the game’s finishing touches, and all the staff members are putting everything they’ve got into it. We’re doing our best so we can deliver it to all of you guys in its best form, so please look forward to it.”


Mario Maker - more off-screen footage

Direct link here

Mario Kart 8 MKTV challenge - boomerang bowling winners

Nintendo starts #BringMeSmash campaign for Comic-Con show-goers

Black Forest says Giana Sisters' patch release in NA is up to Nintendo

Thanks to Connor for the heads up!

Fan-project: Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 - trailer

Direct link here (thanks Martboo!)

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