SmileBASIC - update on release outside of Japan

Last summer we officially announced that it would be coming in Spring this year. However, we decdied to delay a release of the overseas version on purpose while we were doing the localization work pretty well. Why? We decided to introduce some great new features into the Japanese version and it will be Ver.3.2. As soon as the development of the Japanese version is completed, we will prepare the overseas version based on the same codebase. What does mean to you? So you will not be confused between the Japanese version and the overseas one. This is the reason why we are not release the overseas version yet.

We all understand you are wondering when it comes out and some of you are disappointed or frustrated by seeing no updates from us.

We apology that we were not giving you updates accordingly. We are fully commited to deliver the best version ever for our fans outisde Japan.

Please be patient. We are working very hard now and it is coming on the way to you very soon.


Fan-Art: Famicase 2015 submissions

For those that don't remember, the Famicase exhibition involves artists creating fake Famicom game art. What you see above is just one of many submissions. Click here to check out more!

Random Time! - Using Omegle to defeat the Elite Four in Pokemon Omega Ruby


Direct link here

Sid Meier's SNES development console on Ebay

The Super NES Emulator SE is a very special device. It’s a device that played a important role in Nintendo’s history, gave breath to some of the most classic games of all time and yet it’s mere existence remains nearly unknown to even some seasoned game collectors. Most official development kits of it's kind are eyesores but not the SE. This device was bestowed by it’s designers with an almost Apple like simplity, uncommon for it’s day and yet it was never even meant to be seen by the general public. Yes, you are looking at a device that is extremely, supremely rare, but there is a draw here beyond simple rarity that is hard to describe. This is a device that has worship threads built for it, that has been described as a "holy grail" of gaming by geek collectors. But this is not just any SNES SE ! This particular unit is an especially important part in gaming history. How so ? Read on ...

Auction here


Xenoblade Chronicles X - exploration footage

Placed after the jump due to spoilers...

Read the rest of the story...

Nintendo World Store - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past graphic novel launch event footage

Guardians of the Forest devs talk GamePad use, interest in 3DS version

A portion of a HackInformer interview with Ratalaika Games...

HI: Other than PS4 & Wii U, what systems would you like to see your game on?

R: Besides PS4 and Wii U, we really like to see our system on Xbox One! We are aiming for it and we hope we can get the license for it during or after our Kickstarter.
Also another thing we have in mind is the 3DS and PSVita. We think the game might work on those platforms if we add ad-hoc gameplay, but we know gathering enough money for it on our Kickstarter is a long shot.

HI: How do you plan to use the screen on the Wii U controller?

R: Well, for the Wii U controller we have several plans. We didn’t want to just throw the game on the Wii U controller screen like you will be playing on the TV. So we will probably add the current game scores and some handy buttons when on the menu. Even though we will allow the player to see the game on their controller like on TV if he or she wants to.

Full interview here

Spector on what went wrong with Epic Mickey 2, Disney shot down idea for Epic Mickey movie

Coming from a Reddit AMA with Warren Spector...

On what went wrong with Epic Mickey 2

I don’t think anything “went wrong” with Invisible War or Epic Mickey 2. They were attempts to address specific concerns or express specific creative desires and were the best games they could be given limitations of time and budget. I’ll always be proud of the creative and technical risks those teams took, how hard they worked and how committed they were to each other and to the games.

On an Epic Mickey film idea that was shot down

Does Epic Mickey have a future? You’d have to ask Disney about that. Honestly, I’d be a little surprised if there were any more games in the series but I guess you never know. Could Epic Mickey have worked better as a film? Better, hard to say but probably not. Could it have worked as a film? You bet. I actually put together a trailer and a budget and had a team lined up to make the Epic Mickey film but Disney didn’t bite. I REALLY wanted to make that movie…

Full interview here

Puzzle & Dragons Z - Master Tip 2: The flying letter 'L' pattern

Star Wars Pinball - Rebels table footage

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