Rival Turf coming to Wii U VC tomorrow

Where rivalry is settled on the streets!

Big Al and the Street Kings think they can take over the streets for themselves. Punch, kick, and slam your way through 6 stages of rough-and-tough action, solo or with a friend! Or go against a friend and see who really owns the turf.

Jack Flak and Oozie Nelson bring their brawling skills to the street against Big Al and his gang of miscreants, otherwise known as the Street Kings. Test out a myriad of street-fighting techniques against waves of enemies as a lone hero, or bring a sidekick! Take enough punches and your inner Angry Mode will rear its ugly head against your foes. You can also battle against a friend in Vs mode and see who's left standing.

Full hub page here (thanks VGAMER!)

All Nicalis games 50% off on Wii U/3DS eShop

Random Time! - Screentendo turns desktop snapshots into a playable Mario level

Take a screenshot with Screentendo and it'll give your desktop snap into a playable Mario level! I can only imagine some of the horrors that people will turn into Mario levels. Just imagine all the NSFW opportunities!

SpotPass - Best Buy Kyle sent out to 3DS owners

This Mii was sent out in promotion of the Nintendo World Championships. How many of you plan on traveling to one of these events and giving it a go? Thanks to DonutMuffin for the heads up!

Paddington: Adventures in London and Garfield Kart Arrive on Nintendo 3DS on August 11th

Paddington: Adventures in London and Garfield Kart

Larkspur, Calif., May 26, 2015 – Iconic children's characters Paddington and Garfield arrive for children of all ages this summer on the portable Nintendo 3DS system as French publisher Anuman Interactive and Koch Media distribution label, Ravenscourt, announce the development of both titles today. The games will be published under the label Kids’ Mania and will be available for $29.99.

In the first of the two games, Paddington Bear arrives in London and tasks players with helping Paddington and the Brown family solve a series of engaging and playful mysteries in order to find explorer Montgomery Hyde. Along the way he interacts with memorable Londoners, works with the police to catch thieves, solves puzzles given by his Aunt Lucy and satisfies his love of marmalade and sandwiches.

In the second of the two titles, the world’s most famous cat, Garfield, hops in the drivers seat alongside well-known characters from the Garfield Show in Garfield Kart, the funniest racing game on Nintendo 3DS. Supporting up to four players via local multiplayer gameplay, this is the first time you can play with friends right next to you in one of 16 different tracks from Garfield’s world. The game also features single-player racing with four modes – Quick Race, Championship, Time Trial and Daily Challenge.

"It is our pleasure to join forces with such a famous distributor as Koch Media. We are convinced that games with strong licenses, such as Garfield, and Paddington, will find their audience on a system as family-oriented as Nintendo 3DS. Koch Media guarantees us the opportunity of selling our titles in many regions around the world," said Alain Milly, VP Publishing Anuman Interactive

“Paddington and Garfield are worldwide established brands and we are very happy to market with our partner Anuman Interactive to extend our portfolio with these kids- and family-friendly games on Nintendo 3DS," said Mario Gerhold, Head of Marketing GSA (Germany, Switzerland, Australia), Koch Media.

Baila Latina due out in North America tomorrow

Baila Latino

Baila Latino is spreading all around Europe! You can buy it yet on Nintendo Wii U eShop since last May 20th and it will be available by June 20th in all European specialist stores. Next May 28th the game comes out in the USA, Canada and LatAm on the online Nintendo eShop and it will soon be released for Xbox One, Wii Classic, iPad, DVD and Blu-Ray discs, too.

Baila Latino is suitable for the whole family and for groups of friends fond of Latin American music and dance. It gives you the chance to perform and listen to 20 different Latin American songs O2 Games has chosen among the most beautiful hits of all times. The choreographies have been conceived by the professional dancers Carlo Romano and Vera Sokolova of the prestigious Carolyn Smith Dance Academy. Up to four people can play it at the same time, while the other friends can read and sing the lyrics of the songs which will appear on the Wii U™ GamePad, enjoying the party altogether.