Japan - Arcade says that Pokken Tournament will be available to play on July 16th

Arcade center Try Amusement Tower tweeted out the image above, which states that Pokken Tournament is going to be available for public play on July 16th. Bandai-Namco is holding a Pokken Tournament live-stream in just a few hours, and they're expected to confirm this info during the event.

Creative Alice and Prince! coming to 3DS

- coming from Happinet
- dating simulation game
- set to release on 3DS this Winter
- play as the junior high school protagonist Alice
- choose between one of five potential princes
- choices include a footballer, JPOP singer, game company president, comic book reader or a model!
- official site here

Ciao Illustrations Club coming to 3DS

- coming from Happinet
- scheduled for release this Winter
- girl manga illustrations magazine
- includes a number of drawing tools, lessons and characters from the girl’s magazine Ciao
- characters include 12 Year Old, Dolly Kanon, the adorable Puri Puri Chii-chan!! and many mor
- official site here

Smash Bros. 3DS - K.K. Slider Mii costume screens

Japan - A look at Project X Zone 2's first-print 3DS theme

Again, this will only be available in the first-print versions of the game. No word on distribution details outside of Japan at this time.

Fire Emblem Fates - first week sales analysis (Japan)

- sold over 300,000 units
- Birthright sold 154,000 copies, Conquest sold 107,000 units
- Special Edition sold 43,000 copies
- lifetime sales of Awakening in Japan are at 492,000 copies sold
- roughly 90 percent of its initial stock