The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Japan - Comparing StarFox Zero first-week sales to other series' entries

Nintendo & Vans collaborating on new shoe lineup set to launch in June


Nintendo and Vans have partnered on a shoe deal that will see a bunch of Nintendo-related shoe designs hit the market in June. The shoes you see above do not represent the entire collection, as there will be more designs revealed at a later date.

Nintendo Store NY hosting second floor private event on May 5th

Well, I wonder what's going on there. Important enough to warrant a tweet on the official Nintendo Store NY Twitter account. Maybe Reggie just feels like rolling around in plush Pokemon dolls!

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 - demo footage, character dialog translated

Check out the footage here

Title: Heaven Tower


1st half:

Acura: I can see the Orbital Elevator further ahead… Who’d say I’d end up coming again…?

Soldier: You villain approaching Nike, our Goddess! We won’t let you through!

Acura: What’s that? A wire…? No, that’s not it…

Full character dialog translation here

Sakaguchi shares kind words on Fire Emblem franchise in classic interview

Coming from classic 1991 interviews with Fire Emblem dev Shouzou Kaga and former Square-ENIX dev Hironobu Sakaguchi...

Sakaguchi: When Fire Emblem came out for the Famicom, it made a big impression on us at Square. Everyone wanted to know what kind of game it was. Back then there was nothing like it, and I would say its closer to an RPG than a simulation game. So at Square, when it came out, we bought it right away, and everyone gathered together to play and study it. I can’t say it was the easiest game to pick up and play, but I felt something very special and addicting in it. And of course I’ve been playing it ever since!

Kaga: Yeah, that was something many people remarked on—that it was hard to learn, and wasn’t easy to get into. On the flipside though, once you did figure it out, it was impossible to put down!

Sakaguchi: Exactly!

Full interview here

Collectible Badge Center - returning badges for May 3rd, 2016 (Japan)

- one panel of Santa Ashley and friends
- one panel of Santa Nikki and friends
- five Christmas Animal Crossing panels including Santa Isabelle
- two panels of Christmas Pokémon badges
- return of Lawson badges with two featuring Ponta and one with Akiko-chan
- two free plays