GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Here's a dumb thing I made

Well today turned into a fun day. Not too much going on, which gave me a chance to try out something random. Seems like you guys have liked it so far. I'm sure it'll pave the way for more dumb things in the future! One day at a time, I guess. Speaking of that, see you in a few, short hours!

We don't have the usual Eggbusters to share with you on this Monday 'EoD' thought because there isn't one! Austin is hard at work on the season finale right now. Since that left the slot open, I thought I'd share this stupid thing I made today. I told you guys I've been getting more into video and editing, trying to fumble my way through some software. This stuff is stupid fun and helps me to learn. While I'm doing that, I'll try and create some silly things you might like. I hope this is one of them!

Bandai-Namco - TGS 2016 lineup

Console/Portable Games

- One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum (3DS) – Playable, Trailer

Family Games

- Aikatsu Stars! My Special Appeal (3DS) – Playable, Trailer
- All Kamen Rider: Rider Revolution (3DS) – Trailer, Family Stage
- Chou Sentouchuu: Kyuukyoku no Shinobu to Battle Player Choujou Kessen! (3DS) – Playable, Trailer
- Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters (3DS) – Playable, Trailer, Stage, Family Stage
- Disney Magical World 2 (3DS) – Playable, Trailer
- Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger: Battle Cube Puzzle (3DS) – Playable, Trailer, Family Stage
- Dragon Ball Fusions (3DS) – Playable, Trailer, Stage
- Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan: Shijou Psi Dai no Psi-nan!? (3DS) – Playable, Trailer
- Taiko Drum Master Dokodon! Mystery Adventure (3DS) – Playable, Trailer, Family Stage

A-Train 3D Neo coming to 3DS

- coming to Japan on December 1st
- regular package at 4,860 yen
- “Beginner’s Pack” that comes with an official guidebook priced at 5,378 yen
- eight extra scenarios that were offered as paid DLC will be included
- compatibility with data from the basic version is planned as well

Tennessee Titans take their Super Smash Bros. very seriously

While you might think that the Tennessee Titans only worry about football, but there's another competition they're interested in. Turns out the team really loves to play the original Smash Bros. on 64. This is thanks to 2014 first-round draft pick Taylor Lewan, who brought in a Nintendo 64 & Smash Bros. when the team's locker room was getting renovated. Ever since that moment, the team has been become once again obsessed with the classic N64 title.

Wii U eShop sees 3 first-party titles hit $30

Been looking for an excuse to pick up some first-party Wii U titles? Holding out until things aren't so rough on your wallet? Well you're in luck, as the titles below are now only $30 when purchased via eShop!

- Yoshi's Woolly World
- Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
- Mario Party 10

Niantic reversing some Pokémon GO bans

We continue to work to ensure the integrity of the game and the health of our servers by blocking unauthorized access and at times by banning offending accounts. This includes blocking bots, data scraping operations, and banning end user accounts associated with those activities. Some players may not have realized that some add-on map apps do more than just show you nearby Pokémon. Each end-user app can be used as a collection tool by the app creator, invisibly collecting and forwarding data to the app creator with or without the knowledge of the end user. These apps can have an effect similar to DDoS attacks on our servers. Because of this we have had to ban some accounts associated with using these add-on map tools, leading to confusion by some users about why they were banned. This is a small subset of the accounts banned.

As a result of some changes made to our infrastructure, we are now able to unban this set of accounts. Add-on maps which scrape data from our servers still violate our Terms of Service and use of them may still result in an account ban going forward. Accounts whose sole purpose was to scrape data are not being unbanned. Accounts which used apps or websites to remotely capture Pokémon, battle or deploy on Gyms, or harvest resources from PokéStops are also not being unbanned. Our main priority is to provide a fair, fun, and legitimate experience for all players, so, aggressive banning will continue to occur for players who engage in these kinds of activities.

YIIK getting standalone PC demo with exclusive content

YIIK: Episode Prime - "The MixTape Phantom and the Haunting of the Southern Cave." is a standalone quest set within the world of the upcoming YIIK: A Postmodern RPG Video Game.

A Supernatural Japanese Style Role Playing Game with Action Based Microgames for Combat!

About the YIIK -

On the afternoon of April 4th 1999 Sammy Pak went missing.

That night, a video of her last known moments was uploaded online.

All of your friends excitedly watched as she is pulled from an elevator by something…. otherworldly. This is a story about what happens when you look for someone who can't be found… and the strange things you invite into your life when you go to forbidden places.

About The Demo -

Episode Prime contains some areas featured in the full game, as well as original content created to convey the vibe of the game, without spoiling any major story events.

This quest uses the full YIIK engine, and also acts as a good benchmark for performance of the full game on your machine!

What's it play like?
A bit of Persona 4, Paper Mario, some Earthbound, and a lot of Wild Arms and Lufia 2.

What's included?

Miniature dungeon with unusual enemies, and Lufia 2 style puzzles!
Explorable town with hidden secrets, shops, and unique NPCs!
Contained Story set within the world of YIIK: A Postmodern RPG.
Reduced version YIIK's unique COMBAT SYSTEM. Featuring Alex, Vella, and Claudio!
Petite version of ONISM1999. (In game Message Board where conspiracy theories, ghost sightings, and other strange things are discussed.)
Keyboard & Dualshock 4 controls.
Rockin' tunes by Andrew Allanson (Two Brothers), Jose Alfaro, Calum Bowen (Lovely Planet), Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana), Michael Kelly (VA-11 HALL-A) and Toby Fox (Undertale).
What's NOT included, but will be in the FULL game?
Fully customizable controls and controller support. (Steam controller, Xbox, and whatever weird off brand thing you play with.)
Loads of dungeons.
Voice acting.
A bunch of towns.
A full, finished RPG really.

Full details here

Target - Specific Nintendo Select 3DS titles include drink & popcorn coupon

It may not be gourmet food we're talking about here, but free food is free food! Might as well indulge!