Australia - Bluemouth releasing Switch accessories on March 3rd

No word on whether these accessories are going to launch outside of Australia. I hope they do, because there's some nice looking goodies in there!

Ark: Survival Evolved mod added in Pokemon, gets hit with DMCA

UPDATE - It seems it was actually another modder behind the DMCA! Thanks to Ms Fortune for the heads up!

You're looking at a mod of Ark: Survival Evolved that added in Pokemon. Soon after the mod was released, it was hit with a DMCA. Looks like Nintendo and Pokemon Company's spies are everywhere!

Microsoft execs offer up kind words on Switch

Good to see Microsoft chiming in with some nice words about the Switch and Nintendo. It's obvious the two companies have some respect for each other. If they didn't, I doubt Minecraft would be coming to Switch!

Nippon Ichi CEO explain why they're backing Switch

Coming from a Famitsu interview with Nippon Ichi Software CEO, Sohei Shinkawa

As you've said, we are a software company that has grown together with Playstation, and are well aware that a lot of our fans are on Playstation platforms. So it is not as if we will stop developing games for Playstation. Overseas, Playstation 4 sales are incredibly strong and we will continue making games for the Playstation 4 platform.

However, in Japan we can't just ignore the move to portable gaming consoles. Our games are well suited for portable gaming, so when you think about it, it is important for PS4 and Nintendo Switch to balance each other out and do well. With that in mind, from here on multiplatform develpment for PS4 and Nintendo Switch is very much a possibility.

BBC iPlayer support on Wii U ends today

We would like to inform you that due to an end in the license agreement between the BBC and Nintendo, as of 31st August 2016 the BBC iPlayer application on Wii U will be removed from Nintendo eShop, and will no longer be available to download.

The BBC iPlayer service will continue, for those users who have it installed on their Wii U console, until 16th January 2017, after which the service will be fully discontinued.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for enjoying the BBC iPlayer application on Wii U.