GoNintendo Video - NES Classic Edition "Features Trailer" Spoof

After my last couple of random videos, you guys have been asking me a lot to keep the silliness going. I had an idea pop into my head today, so I decided to run with it. I hope you enjoy!

Nintendo Minute - Let’s Read Nintendo Comics + Giveaway

Hi, this week the nice people at Viz Media sent us some amazing reading material. We got the Super Mario Adventures and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past comics that we wanted to show you. These comics are a lot of fun to read and it’s great to see familiar Nintendo characters like Link, Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach’s imagined in such a unique way. These are so good that we had to give them away to you guys so we hope you enter for a chance to win.

Gurumin 3D set for NA release on Oct. 13th

- Mesmerizingly beautiful graphics in stereoscopic 3D
- Non-linear game play across 30+ stages set in a wide variety of environments
- 90 items to collect, 48 unique enemies, and 24 engaging and enjoyable characters to interact with
- Challenging boss battles, puzzles, traps, and mini-games galore
- Hidden characters, alternate gameplay modes, and other secrets to unlock
- All-star voice cast including Amber Hood, Tara Strong, Dee (Bradley) Baker, Robin Atkin Downes, and more
- A rockin’ soundtrack that’s also available on iTunes

Gurumin 3D is set to release in North America on Oct. 13th, with a European release not too long after that.

Volcanion distribution set to hit GameStop this October