Switch sees lowered price in France

The Switch was originally listed for 330 Euros in France, but that has now changed. The system is now being sold for 315 Euros. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has also dropped to 65 Euros from 70 Euros. Thanks to Tayllor for the heads up!

Pokemon news - Third Sun/Moon Global Mission, Rankings available

Pokémon Sun & Moon

- third Global Mission has been announced
- involves trading Pokémon through the Pokémon Global Trade Station
- mission runs from next week, January 31st 2017 04:00 UTC until February 14th 2017 23:59 UTC


Visit the Rating Battles page and discover dominant Pokémon moves, Abilities, Natures, and held items in both current and past seasons.

You can now view the ranking across all formats, or filter rankings by Single, Double, Special, or Championships Battle. Select a specific Pokémon and learn the top 10 Pokémon it defeated in Rating Battles, the top 10 moves it used to win, and more.

This exciting new PGL feature provides a treasure trove of data for Trainers looking to take their Rating Battles to the next level.

Team behind upcoming Mega Man cartoon says recent footage wasn't final, never meant to be seen by public

The following information comes from a member of Dentsu Entertainment...

- the clip was from internal animation tests by the folks at Film Roman LLC
- the footage was not intended for public viewing,
- Mega Man's look is still very much evolving
- the Mega Man depicted in the clip is not representative of the final produc
- the show is not guaranteed to air on Disney XD

Moon Child teased for Switch

This was an indie project that didn't reach funding on Kickstarter, but it looks like the devs behind it are continuing on. It also seems they have interest in bringing it to Switch.

GoNintendo: Today's BIG Story 1/23/17 - NES Classic Edition is back in stock!

Welcome to Today's BIG Story for Jan. 23rd, 2017. You can actually find an NES Classic Edition for list price, rather than reseller prices! On top of that, a rumor surfaced pointing to even more stock later this week!

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Footage of Switch's touch screen being used

RUMOR - Toys R Us getting NES Classic Edition stock on Jan. 26th

If Target isn't working out for you, there's some hope later in the week. Rumor has it that Toys R' Us is going to get a big shipment of the NES Classic Edition on Jan. 26th. We don't know if this will be both in-store and online, but we'll keep tabs on any further details that come in.