RUMOR - Dataminers uncover info pointing to 3 more Legend of Zelda 30th anniversary amiibo on the way

Looks like there might be some more 30th anniversary Zelda amiibo on the way. Dataminers have been pouring through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and they've uncovered a list of all the amiibo the game uses. The thing is, the list contains three lines for amiibo that don't exist.

- TableKing30th_Link_Twilight
- TableKing30th_Link_Majora
- TableKing30th_Link_Skyward

Again, this information is found right alongside the listings for all the other amiibo. Looks like there could be more on the way!

Wii U/Nintendo 3DS - Nintendo eShop maintenance incoming later today

Services impacted
Wii U: Nintendo eShop (all online services)
Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo eShop (all online services)
Web: buying games from the Nintendo Homepage (all online services) [Japan-only]

Europe: February 27th (9PM) to February 28th (1AM)
UK: February 27th (8PM) to February 28th (12AM)
North America (EST): February 27th (3PM to 7PM)
North America (PST): February 27th (12PM to 4PM)
Japan: February 28th (5AM to 9AM)

Voez - game can't be played in TV mode, JP version supports English

- software can't be played in TV mode as it uses the touchscreen
- Japanese version supports Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Korean
- 116 songs can be played from the start
- exclusive songs planned that will be added through free updates

Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Aonuma talks about the importance of the old man

This comes from a Nintendo France Q&A with Eiji Aonuma, translated by Perfectly Nintendo...

Question #7: Is the mysterious character in brown clothes the same person that gives us the sword in the first Zelda game?

Since Breath of the Wild takes a lot from the very first Zelda game, where you’re also completely free to go wherever you want, people have often asked me whether the old man was the same that the one who gives you the first sword in the original Zelda game, or a mere reference.

I can confirm it’s a different character. He plays an extremely important role in the story, as he’s the one that influences Link’s destiny. He’s such an important character that I wrote his dialogue lines myself.