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Sakurai - Kid Icarus: Uprising dev a struggle, Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS talk, Nintendo's lack of new characters

A portion of a NowGamer interview with Masahiro Sakurai...

NG: You’ve been working on Kid Icarus: Uprising for some time now. How happy are you with the way development is progressing, and why did you go against expectation and add a multiplayer mode?

MS: We are struggling with the development progress. But despite that, we are managing to add more and more to the game. Everyone is sure to find many aspects of the game they would enjoy. This project, from the beginning, was also a project to test the capabilities of Nintendo 3DS. Therefore, we needed to include multiplayer modes from the start.

NG: You’re developing a new version of Smash Bros. for Wii U. How do you intend to take advantage of the console’s unique controller?

MS: I will think about this once Kid Icarus is complete. But as it is a game of a competitive nature, I do not think that any one person should have an advantage.

NG: Smash Bros. Brawl was a complete experience. What can any sequel offer in addition to that game?

MS: There are many things that can be improved upon even in Brawl. Also, I think you can base your expectations of the new Smash Bros. once you see how well-made Kid Icarus is. The director of each game is the same, but because I regularly change my team around after projects, we will be able to see how good the team is then.

NG: There can’t be many high-profile Nintendo characters left to add to Smash Bros. Who’s left that you’d like to include?

MS: That is completely undecided, but it is true that Nintendo has not created many new characters lately.

Full interview here

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