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Discotek Media releasing 12-episode Retro Game Master DVD, looking at Summer release

The following information comes from Discotek Media's Facebook wall...

Retro Game Master (Gamecenter CX) DVD collection coming soon! Will contain 12 episodes that were shown on Kotaku. Two audio tracks. One with the english narration and one will the full Japanese language and English subs. The Tamage and other segments can't be licensed for various reasons. Extras will be hard to come by. Licensing Japanese TV is a complicated process. We're trying for a summer release. Depends on if we get the artwork soon enough. I'm hoping for July but it might be more like August. We will be retranslating the subs with someone more familiar with the series. There is a possibility for more episodes in the future but it really depends on the success of this set. If it sells well then we will try and get more episodes. I personally love this show so much that I basically took a chance with it because of how addicted I am to watching it!


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