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Nintendo aware of issues with selling 3DS XL sans charger, says Wii U could have various pack-in options

In North America, the 3DS XL is going to come with an AC adapter. In Japan and Europe, the system will be sold without a power plug. While this is being done to keep the cost down, it does present an issue for those that are just now looking to jump into the 3DS. Nintendo's Stephan Bole says that the Big N recognizes this issue, but they're hoping that both previous DS/3DS owners and the sold-separately XL power plug options will be enough to keep consumers happy.

Moving on from that, Bole says that the Wii U could see various pack-in options at launch as well. Obviously the power plug is going to be included with all systems, but the various options that we might see include one package that includes a Wiimote while another does not.

Keep in mind that the Wii U talk was just speculation on Bole's part. He wasn't confirming multiple packages at launch. He was just stating that it's something Nintendo is considering.


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