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RUMOR - The Nintendo, EA and Origin deal that went sour

I've received a rather in-depth report of something that supposedly went down with Nintendo and EA. Remember at E3 last year where EA said they were going to support the Wii U in a big way? If this rumored info is to be believed, EA did have big plans, but their interest in Origin got in the way.

Long story very short, EA supposedly wanted to work with Nintendo to get Origin on Wii U. Nintendo weighed the options and decided against the move, which in turn, killed off the major support EA had planned for Wii U. That might make sense, considering how EA is now bringing their expected brands to Wii U, with a bonus of a Mass Effect 3 port handled outside of BioWare.

I don't know if I believe it or not, but if it's the real deal, I think Nintendo made the right decision! Thanks to anonymous for the heads up!

UPDATE - All the juicy details in a Reddit thread here (thanks CaribbeanBrony!)

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