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RUMOR: Wii U European launch date and price revealed?

Retail chain FNAC has listed the Wii U launch date as December 7, 2012 and at a price of €349. The retailer has put out promotional items listing the previous information. Does this mean that the Wii U launch date and price are finally confirmed? It certainly looks plausible. Rumors have been going around that Europe would see a later launch date than the rest of the world. Looks like we have to mark this as rumor for now.

You can take a look at the promotional materials and a translated version of the site by going here.

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User avatar
05 Sep 2012 20:04

That sounds expensive...but if the previous rumor of the wii u getting delayed in europe was true then this could turn out to be real
No Avatar
05 Sep 2012 20:06

i'm going to go with a high price because it's a pre order , like amazon do , i think most retailers would guarantee the lowest price they put at one time on their website . So better safe than sorry , it should mean it's not over 349 . That would be a bit too much for me , 300 good , 250 bought without any reservation .
Who am i kidding of course i'll take it at 350 anyway
User avatar
05 Sep 2012 20:08

@internet I WOULDN'T BUY IT AT $350!
actually, i'll buy two
User avatar
05 Sep 2012 20:11

If it is poweful enough, I would buy it happy! :)
User avatar
05 Sep 2012 20:15

LegendofSantiago wrote:@internet I WOULDN'T BUY IT AT $350!
actually, i'll buy two

Ill buy 3 xD
User avatar
05 Sep 2012 20:21

...old habits never die I see... :|

On topic:

Wow December 7, 2012?! Well that doesn't leave Europeans much time to play with their newly bought Wii"U"s now huh. ;)
User avatar
05 Sep 2012 20:24

I hope it's not true I want it to come out in November for Europe
User avatar
05 Sep 2012 20:27

450... if it was next gen. i'd say it's worth it.
User avatar
05 Sep 2012 20:53

The date is probably real.
The price appears to be a high-end placeholder. The top SKU may hold that price.
If you look, it lists the games at 70 euro, which is the top end list price of games on the PS3 and Xbox 360 and is usually discounted. (Nintendo games currently go for 50 euro).

Mike from Morgantown
User avatar
05 Sep 2012 20:55

Mirr0rR3flection wrote:...old people never die I see... :|

That's a horrible thing to say :shock:
No Avatar
05 Sep 2012 21:29

Lol December 7th seems to be a real date to me.
User avatar
05 Sep 2012 21:45

350 Euros isn't expensive. That price is expected in Sweden. If it's less then it's cheap. But that date noooooo!
No Avatar
05 Sep 2012 21:52

saw this yesterday on gaf, they said the translation on the bottom that the date and price were not final or something, just placeholder, or subject to change.
User avatar
05 Sep 2012 22:03

Dear GoNintendo Users

Wii U price will be revealed tomorrow, the day after that, the week after that, the Tuesday after that, the month after that, etc.
User avatar
05 Sep 2012 22:09

Wasn't the Wii released in December?
User avatar
05 Sep 2012 22:33

Hopefully both infos are false
User avatar
05 Sep 2012 22:44

komicturtle92 wrote:Wasn't the Wii released in December?

Only in Europe.
User avatar
05 Sep 2012 23:15

This seems way too expensive to me. Although I was one of those idiots who spent $600 on a PS3... lol.
No Avatar
06 Sep 2012 09:08

I am not waiting until December to play AC3, so if this is true i am probably skipping WiiU for now and rebuy PS3
No Avatar
06 Sep 2012 12:30

That would be - for all we know - a ludicrous price (about $440).
User avatar
06 Sep 2012 16:01

@snowyday I still want a late Oct release [yeah, I know, ain't happening]... And I still expect it to be £300.

This would be a stupid release date for us in the UK and Europe - I fear it'd leave such little time that we wouldn't meet Nintendo's 'sales quota' and they'd focus less [haste with release dates] on us in the coming years thus... :/

Why can't we get this the same week [or the week after] the US gets it? Seriously. :?
User avatar
07 Sep 2012 08:30

Hmmm. In December here n Norway we pay half taxes. So that's when the shopping madness starts! If this is true I bet it will be around 3500 NOK which is what I have guessed from before. Not bad for this country. Between jobs though :/

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