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Amazon not selling Wii U directly

What is going on with Amazon and Nintendo hardware? They aren't selling the 3DS directly either. They only offer it through other retailers. Man, I really wish Nintendo would answer this question. Thanks to all that sent this in!

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14 Sep 2012 13:23

I really, really want to know what the reason is. It's like Amazon is being a fanboy.
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14 Sep 2012 13:26

Man, I was really hoping on not paying tax on $349.99. Well, gamestop it is I guess...
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14 Sep 2012 13:29

Wow. First no launch titles list. Now your Amazon store isn't even pushing Wii U sales itself.

... What the hell is wrong with your NoA? :?
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14 Sep 2012 13:35

That's really odd. I wonder why? Did they ever have it up at all? Maybe they are at capacity for pre-orders?
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14 Sep 2012 13:40

Chosenoneknuckles wrote:Wow. First no launch titles list. Now your Amazon store isn't even pushing Wii U sales itself.

... What the hell is wrong with your NoA? :?

Amazon will sell Wii U games and accessories eventually.

For some reason Amazon didn't sell Wii, 3DSs, and now Wii U.
User avatar
14 Sep 2012 13:47

I wonder why this seems only to be the case in america. In germany at least amazon is directly selling the wii u.
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14 Sep 2012 13:52

This post from the ign boards explains the situation very well


The Amazon vs. Nintendo squabble about selling 3DS consoles has been dragging on for about a year. Supposedly, it all started off last year when the 3DS launch was less than stellar. Amazon had a lot of unsold 3DS consoles sitting around their warehouses, and they decided to start demanding a bigger wholesaler discount - equal to what Wal-Mart receives. (The Amazon vs. Wal-Mart soap opera is for another thread.)

Anyway, this request was flatly denied. Amazon requested permission to sell the consoles at a discount. Denied again. To strengthen their case, and try to bully their way into the bigger discount, Amazon complained that they have to replace a lot of the systems because of the screen scratching problem, and starting making a big production about sending each and every one back to Nintendo, wanting a full & immediate credit, which started to overwhelm Nintendo's intake for seconds merchandise, which started to make Nintendo really mad, because Amazon was sending over units that had such slight, almost nonexistent problems, that they were not used to being bothered with such trivial things. (Supposedly.) Previously, and for other consoles, Amazon just sold returned (working) consoles at a discount on their "Warehouse Deals" page, which Nintendo doesn't like, but Amazon claimed that they were losing ALL their profit margin on 3DSes with shipping faulty systems back to NOA, as well as dealing with unhappy customers that were leaving and/or not spending as much as previously.

Nintendo smelled bull (and rightly so!) and fired back and said that there WAS no problem with the scratching, and there was no way they were going to piss off all the other big wholesalers by giving Amazon a sweeter deal (when Nintendo already considers Amazon the scourge of the business world for not having any brick & mortar stores - which is why Amazon wasn't getting the Wal-Mart discount in the first place!) Now keep in mind, this was all going down right about the time the price drop was announced, which was another thing that pissed off Amazon. Nobody was buying 3DSes after the price drop was announced, and Amazon does not like having a warehouse full of crap that's not moving. Their business model is structured around moving out cold merchandise by marking stuff down (which of course Nintendo will not allow them to do on consoles.) Then, Nintendo poured gasoline on the fire by permitting Wal-Mart (and only Wal-Mart) to sell consoles at the new, lowered price a couple of days BEFORE the official date of the price drop, without losing their margin on the old stock. Amazon has (reportedly) not bought 3DS consoles direct from NOA since that day. (Though they've occasionally picked up some 3DSes from other wholesalers.)

Neither party cares to detail whether it is Amazon refusing to buy, or Nintendo refusing to sell. Rumor has it that it's Nintendo that put Amazon on the **** list, but I've heard at least one pretty well-informed Amazon employee that says that it's their buyer that's doing it. I tend to think it's Amazon.

http://www.ign.com/boards/threads/3ds-x ... 452616918/

Yeah, looks to be a pissing contest between Nintendo and Amazon; though if you want to avoid paying taxes, you can always get it from a third party seller on amazon or a different website such as newegg.
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14 Sep 2012 13:53

On the wii u page at nintendo.com they say it is coming soon to amazon and other places. So it is probably going to be sold later. Amazon probably does not want the limelight off new kindles they are selling today.
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14 Sep 2012 13:56

hergipotter wrote:I wonder why this seems only to be the case in america. In germany at least amazon is directly selling the wii u.

Same here on Amazon.co.uk. Wii U (all 3 versions), all the games and accessories, including random stuff like the official controller faceplates etc. Thankfully.
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14 Sep 2012 14:13

I figured after the 3DS/3DS XL never getting a pre-order option, and the product placeholder page for Wii U being dropped some time ago, that it was not worth holding out for them again. As much as I would prefer to give my money to Amazon over GameStop, they seem to really not want my money when it comes to Nintendo hardware purchases.

As soon as I saw Wii U go up on BestBuy yesterday, I immediately pre-ordered there. Free shipping, quick delivery; none of that GameStop horribleness. Sorry Amazon... I sure hope they work this out at some point.
User avatar
14 Sep 2012 14:20

I guess Amazon doesn't like money.
User avatar
14 Sep 2012 14:30

It's weird that Amazon won't sell Wii U but at the the Wii U will have Amazon video.
User avatar
14 Sep 2012 15:01

Me and some friends have all been pretty ticked off by this. Amazon is our go to store and not being able to buy from them is doing them and us more harm then good.

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