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Man, this is a sad thing to see...


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26 Sep 2012 00:27

I'm not even a subscriber to Nintendo Power and this made me cry :'( Rest in peace, Nintendo Power.
No Avatar
26 Sep 2012 00:33

Nintendo is the one canceling it though. Or rather not renewing the contract. Sooo...this is completely insincere.
User avatar
26 Sep 2012 00:35

Beautiful. . .

The only silver lining in this whole situation is at least they know in advance theye're done, that way they can put absolutely everything in their final issues. Give NP a send off it deserves, rather than a typical issue ending a legacy.
User avatar
26 Sep 2012 00:42

I assume this is October's Issue. I won't be able to pick this up until Oct 4th.
User avatar
26 Sep 2012 01:25

Fuego6 wrote:Nintendo is the one canceling it though. Or rather not renewing the contract. Sooo...this is completely insincere.

Check your info bro. Future is cancelling it.

Still hoping Nintendo might pick it up and sell it digitally, though I doubt that's ever going to happen :C
User avatar
26 Sep 2012 02:07

I'm gonna miss this magazine... :(
User avatar
26 Sep 2012 02:14

I just read this issue a little over an hour ago. It is definitely sad to see this magazine go but I knew this was going to happen eventually and I'm actually surprised it didn't end sooner. RIP Nintendo Power.
No Avatar
26 Sep 2012 03:09

While I do have fond memories of my younger days with this magazine, it does make sense to pull the plug. Like Reggie said, there's so many other/better methods of communication that directly connect us to the actual source of all Nintendo information. And honestly, who really uses old school magazines when there's so many gaming websites? It's pretty pointless nowadays...
User avatar
26 Sep 2012 03:25

I read this and felt nothing. I think the only important line is the first one from Reggie about how it's been 24 years and the first gaming magazine or whatever.

None of this felt heartfelt or anything.



So then what was all that about Future asking Nintendo if they could go Digital and Nintendo saying "No"?

Almost positive it was news posted *here*.
User avatar
26 Sep 2012 03:40

There's a new editor-in-chief o.O
User avatar
26 Sep 2012 03:51

I think what closing simply means is that there's so many faster ways to receive news today, that Nintendo is really, unfortunately useless... I hate to say it that way. Even though we can get our news faster now, I still feel that there should be some kind of Nintendo magazine still around, because it wasn't JUST about the news. Nintendo Power was a special thing. I say they should make it something thats not even monthly, but whenever they want to make it. Something that we subscribe to and get special Nintendo goodies and stuff.
User avatar
26 Sep 2012 06:00

It was a smart business decision on Nintendo's part. I will miss the magazine but I understand why they did it.

I only hope that maybe Nintendo will still roll out the occasional special edition Nintendo Power style art collection book or something.
User avatar
26 Sep 2012 09:06

I feel sad, but I stopped my subscription because the quality of the magazine fell sharply, not because of the internet. I'm sure they would have stuck around longer if they didn't change things up so much.

Oh well...

*donates $20 to Pure Nintendo kickstarter*

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