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Wii U/3DS-branded eShop cards to become available

Looks like some new digital cash cards are on the way for 3DS and Wii U. These cards cannot be used with Wii and DSi digital purchases. You can take a look at the card listings over at Walmart.

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28 Sep 2012 21:38

Sure will be convenient! Looks great!
User avatar
28 Sep 2012 21:43

I hope they go for a unified account at some point, allowing for just one pool of points you have to draw from as opposed to 2 separate balances between devices...
User avatar
28 Sep 2012 21:44

Cool, but they really need to have $10 and $50 available too.
User avatar
28 Sep 2012 22:38

Yeah, I hope they use this as an opportunity to link Wii U and 3DS purchases too. And I also agree that $10 would be ideal. :)
No Avatar
28 Sep 2012 22:51

It's weird, they have $20, 35, and 50. Hope they add $10, and maybe a $30 or $40, since $35's a little odd.
No Avatar
28 Sep 2012 23:57

So they got rid of the point system then. That's good.
User avatar
29 Sep 2012 02:37

Nice. Hopefully, they'll be available on Swagbucks for me to redeem my SB points the moment they become available during the Wii U launch. ^_^
User avatar
29 Sep 2012 03:13

Stock up on Wii points cards now so you can get those games tax free
No Avatar
29 Sep 2012 03:26

Looks quite nice, hopefully the N network will allow you to manage funds between both of them.
User avatar
29 Sep 2012 05:36

And again, these won't release in Europe or they would not be available but to select few stores, in very few countries and we don't get to buy anything!

Awesome move, Nintendo! You had a nice system with the Points Card, you just had to completely ruin it1
User avatar
29 Sep 2012 09:21

Ah, nice. So no more prepaid cards just for 3DS, I guess. It'd be nice if they put the funds for both systems together. I wonder if you'll be able to view Wii U titles and their videos on your 3DS, too, and vice-versa. Maybe they'll have to do a total rehaul of the eShop to include Wii VC and WiiWare games!?

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