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Nintendo's Scott Moffitt talks Wii U price, release, software, marketing and much more

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30 Sep 2012 15:03

It's nice to see Moffitt feeling a lot more comfortable in these interviews! I think he could be a really great tool for Nintendo to utilize as he seems like that dad that could play videogames...but they also shouldn't go all Cammie Dunaway on us...
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30 Sep 2012 15:25

He still seems a little nervous/not confident but at least not as much as the E3 3DS conference...
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30 Sep 2012 15:52

Well some people are camera shy...
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30 Sep 2012 15:54

I love this site, have for years, but I don't love its reliance on videos as stories. More often than not, I'm on here during a brief moment of downtime in a busy restaurant kitchen and can't watch or hear these videos. I know it's selfish to ask, but is there any chance we could get written summaries of, at least, some of these?
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30 Sep 2012 16:14

RMC trickin us again LOL! I thought Scot Moffit was going to talk about the real Zelda and Metroid game for Wii U!
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30 Sep 2012 16:27


The funny thing is, if you watched interviews with Cammie OUTSIDE of the E3 presentations, she was awesome.

There were a few where she made it very obvious she played games and was much more in tune with gamers than E3 made it seem.

The E3 things were scripted and Nintendo obviously had no idea what they were doing and people took it out on Cammie, but it wasn't really her fault.


While I agree that there should be summaries, you can't just watch the videos at home or something later/ealier the next day or something?

But yes. There are often times I get excited for a news thing, click the post, see it's a video and then ignore it. I'm usually only interested in a portion of what the video has to say and don't want to bother skipping around and look at other news instead.

As bad as Kotaku is, they at least have posts related to the videos often, instead of just a video.


RMC didn't make the youtube video/title. Not to mention, I don't see how anyone would expect that at this point, honestly.

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