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NightSky hitting NA 3DS eShop on Oct. 25th

Release Date: Oct 25, 2012
No. of Players:1
Category: Puzzles, Strategy
Publisher: Nicalis, Inc.
Price: $9.99

NightSky is an action-puzzle game that offers an ambient gameplay experience unlike any other on 3DS with cerebral challenges that fill uniquely designed picturesque worlds.

Each of these worlds is broken into different areas in which the player must maneuver a sphere by using realistic physics to advance. There are no enemies, no bosses, and no violence in NightSky.

An intuitive experience is friendly for casual and mainstream gamers. NightSky also offers a formidable challenge for hardcore players, with an unlockable Alternative mode. The original soundtrack by experimental jazz musician Chris Schlarb will further heighten the surreal 3D experience.

More screens here

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User avatar
04 Oct 2012 01:34

As I read that, angels starting singing.
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 02:52

So have the added anything? Is that alternative mode something unique? I can't remember if it's in the original.
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 17:01

Granted, I don't know how much content is there but 10 bucks seems steep. I hope there is a lot to do in the game.

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