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Platinum Games talks about the biggest failure/success of Infinite Space

“The biggest problem with Infinite Space was when SEGA undershipped the game and it sold out instantly! We lost the chance for a bunch of sales! Honestly, the reason that Infinite Space failed… It’s not right to say that it failed, because from another angle this is actually its greatest success: during production the scenario kept getting bigger and bigger, and so the ROM size started getting bigger, and the schedule got stretched as we added more and more. But in the end that’s what people loved about that game. So it’s difficult to separate the success and failure of that title, because they’re one and the same thing.” - Atsushi Inaba

I don't think we'll ever see a sequel to Infinite Space, but it's nice to know that Platinum looks back on the game fondly. Makes me think I missed out!


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16 Oct 2012 23:18

I kept forgetting to pick this up and now it sells for over $150 for a new copy. :O It seemed like a really ambitious project and it's the only Platinum title I have not played, so I will definitely have to play it one day.
User avatar
16 Oct 2012 23:25

If SEGA wasn't run by a bunch of baboons (no offense baboons), maybe it would sell well. You know, with these "new ideas" like producing more copies of the game, advertising the game, and actively promoting how well-received it was=???
No Avatar
17 Oct 2012 00:00

It's a shame. The Sega of the not-so-distant past, the Sega that put out games like Rez, Cosmic Smash, Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, Shenmue, etc would have loved these guys. I don't know what's happened over there (oh right, Sammy and the great purge).

I've been a huge fan of the people at Platinum since before they were Platinum, and they've always been class acts no matter how unjustly poor their games sell. I hope they keep finding ways to make things happen.
No Avatar
17 Oct 2012 02:12

I warned people that Sammy would ruin Sega.
No Avatar
17 Oct 2012 02:27

While I do respect SEGA for trying to pick up and support Platinum games it really feels like they never gave them the support they needed truly needed

First they refused to allow Platinum to fix the Ps3 problems on Bayonetta and Sony had to step in themselves to at least try to make things a little better by making the loading screens less painful.

Then they severely fails with the marketing of Vanquish which makes the game a failure

And after all that they refuse to greenlight Bayonetta 2

And now this comes to light. It's really a shame. I'm glad Nintendo are trying now to give them the support they need.
User avatar
17 Oct 2012 02:38

Ah Platinum, you sure love taking pot shots at Sega!
You going to fire back at Capcom as well?

Lets the trend here.
They blamed Capcom for their lackluster sales as Clover.
They blame Sega for their lackluster as Platinum
They blame Nintendo for .... Well it is Nintendo after all.
User avatar
17 Oct 2012 04:52

I've actually never heard of Infinite Space. Think I'll check it out!


Ya, I just checked it out and read up the the Nintendolife review. I think I'll be snagging it!


Holy crap this game is expensive o.o
User avatar
17 Oct 2012 08:01

This has been on my list of games I want to buy for a while(which is a very,very long list), but I had no idea that the game was so rare. I guess I'll have to wait until I start making more money before I get it.
User avatar
17 Oct 2012 08:25


Well if they blame the (mostly idiot) consumers who have awful tastes in games, that in this immature industry would be suicide, so who else can they blame??

Oh and they have every right because it was Capcom/Sega's fault. They even explain why instead of just ignorantly blaming so in yo face, foo!
User avatar
17 Oct 2012 11:43

Got to say: If a game can fail after it has sold out all of its initial shipment, something is VERY wrong.
User avatar
17 Oct 2012 15:15

I really enjoyed this game, although I felt a little tricked, as I expected more cutscenes, when in fact the only one present seems to be an intro one that appears before the title screen.

And I'm at a point where I can't really remember what I was doing, but I'm too far to want to restart. I might go back to it eventually, it was certainly fun!
No Avatar
17 Oct 2012 22:29

Maybe its time for an eShop release am I right? ;)

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