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n-Space not happy with Heroes of Ruin sales, sequel not likely, concerned about Wii U

A portion of a SuperPhillip interview with n-Space's Dan O'Leary...

SP: Can you say anything about the sales of Heroes of Ruin (released over the summer)? Are you satisfied with how the game sold? Is there room for a possible sequel down the road somewhere?

D: No, we’re not satisfied with the sales. The 3DS attach rate is… challenging at best and it seems that, for all its promise, Heroes of Ruin did not appeal to enough of the installed base. I am super pleased with what we made and would love to return to the genre one day, but I fear that Heroes did not have enough commercial impact to justify a sequel.

SP: Shifting gears, the current buzz in the industry is all about next gen, and the Wii U kicks that off next month. I'd be amiss if I didn't ask you about the platform a little. What can you say (if anything) about the indie scene on the upcoming Wii U? Does it excite you as a developer?

D: Of course the hardware is exciting but the console market faces so many challenges right now. I’m concerned that Wii U tries to appeal to both the mainstream and the hardcore markets simultaneously. On one hand, Nintendo is trying to build on the massive success of the Wii, which uncovered a latent mainstream audience due to brilliantly simple, self-evident and un-intimidating motion controls. On the other, they are introducing the most complex controller in history. It has massive potential and I would NEVER bet against Nintendo, but I do think it will be a challenging launch.

Full interview here

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User avatar
24 Oct 2012 16:50

I for one did not buy it because it simply doesn't have character. I kinda wish they'd done this as an isometric 2D or sprite based game.
User avatar
24 Oct 2012 16:51

It just wasn't a good game. Lack of marketing for it didn't help as well. Hardly anyone knew about it.
User avatar
24 Oct 2012 16:52

I'm sad only because I think a sequel would benefit Heroes of Ruin.

I bought the game day 1 because I was very excited for it and thought it would be a fun title to play online.

However, once you are done with the campaign (which is about 12-16 hours, more or less depending on how fast you go and if you play with others, such as it is with any other game) there's practically NOTHING for you to do. There's a quest you can replay, but all you do is collect spider webs. EXCITING! And they touted (as did Nintendo) the heck out of DAILY AND WEEKLY QUESTS! But all they amount to is either grinding gold or monsters which isn't any fun if you have no actual mission to back it up. Some of them require you start the game over and reach a certain point just to get the quest. Very boring, and zero incentive post-game because there's nothing else to do.

The game had potential and I wished the best would work out for them, but the game was simply a failure. It's the only 3DS game I regret buying. I sold it about a week later, but thankfully I only lost $12 on the deal.

You may not be happy with the sales n-Space, and you have every right to be, but I wasn't happy with the game. So I think we're even.
User avatar
24 Oct 2012 16:55

*sigh* I bought the game hoping to play with tons of people online. Almost like a portable MMO. There were only like 15 people playing online, and it was always the same levels... I got bored quickly... Especially playing the lower level areas... Great idea, not executed greatly...

I thought about selling it, but doubt I'll receive much credit at GameStop...
User avatar
24 Oct 2012 16:57

... Well I liked it. :(
No Avatar
24 Oct 2012 17:01

I am super pleased with what we made

Shame. They're a lost cause I guess.
User avatar
24 Oct 2012 17:07

I was looking forward to this game since I heard about it last year then the demo came out and I was disappointed.
User avatar
24 Oct 2012 17:09

I like it quite a bit. In fact, it's my favorite retail 3DS game so far (and only behind Mutant Mudds when it comes to the whole library). It has its flaws but it's still a lot of fun.
User avatar
24 Oct 2012 17:16

There should be an eShop version, like Steam offers!

I would buy a mediocre game, if the price is reasonable. I won't spend 20-40 bucks for a standard piece of software.
If the eShop would be, what the name says and all 3DS games would be there for purchase, I would buy certain not so good games for 5-15 bucks.

No Avatar
24 Oct 2012 17:25

Tanori wrote:I was very interested too, but then i played the demo and my interest in that game died...

Yeah, same here. The demo felt pretty "flat", sadly. It had a ton of promise from a multiplayer perspective (voice chat and dynamic online join-up for online games). I just couldn't get into it despite those perks.
User avatar
24 Oct 2012 17:34

>Shame. They're a lost cause I guess.

This. And sadly it looked like that from early-/mid-development already. There's nothing wrong with being a bit defensive about your work and/or especially your team. But the best kind of damage control / post-launch-PR you can do, when your game obviously wasn't the hot-stuff you tried to promote, is eating that damn humble pie and thinking aloud about how you could have done better, when people obviously thought so. Especially after effing up something so comparibly safe like a Hack&Slash title by having absolutely zero plan for endgame/"infinity" content - the whole genericness of the title aside...

Then and now: You've got your priorities wrong if you're touting your game's online over and over, when your actual game sadly isn't anything to tout about. Which kinda foreshadowed with n-space being as vague as possible about it even after launch.
User avatar
24 Oct 2012 17:39

The demo just destroyed my excitement for this game
No Avatar
24 Oct 2012 17:53

Why would I play this over the dozens of amazing RPGs in my backlog? I don't doubt that this is a competent game, but when I play an RPG I expect great art, a somewhat interesting plot, great music and fantastic locations. A game that looks like this just doesn't cut it on ANY platform.
User avatar
24 Oct 2012 17:58

The game was a complete disappointment, no surprise here. Had so much potential early on and had lots of players interested, but they're obviously new to the genre because it lacked so much.
User avatar
24 Oct 2012 18:01

lol at them blaming the 3DS install base. n-Space is a terrible developer, so thank the gamers for not being gullible.
User avatar
24 Oct 2012 18:05

As some have mentioned, I was one of those initially looking forward to this game. Let down. Completely let down by it. Thankfully there was a demo. One of the things that turned me off were the environments and character models. They looked dry and stale.

Reminds me of how when Kid Icarus was first shown and how pretty it was but compared to then and now, the original look of Uprising looks dry- and this is the impression I got from HoR. Not asking to look like Uprising at all, but still, make it more appealing.

I'm holding off for Torchlight 2 when the Mac version is ready.
User avatar
24 Oct 2012 18:18

It's not bad really.
It's just not very good.
User avatar
24 Oct 2012 19:06

Yet another dev making a shovel game and then blaming the userbase for poor sales...
User avatar
24 Oct 2012 19:59

It sucks about Heroes of Ruin, but again, how many people actually knew about it? How much was it advertised or really promoted? That always affects sales these days, no matter what. The "big name franchises" sell in the numbers they do, not just because of their rep, but because they also get the ever living s*** advertised out of them.

As for the Wii U having a "challenging" launch, I can appreciate what he's saying, but I think that the mass amount of world-wide sold out pre-orders says otherwise. I personally know people who didn't get the pre-orders in time and still want a system. So I don't think it's going to have much problem at all, especially launching (finally) with a Mario game. If 3DS had launched with Super Mario 3D Land, it would have sold a lot better.
User avatar
24 Oct 2012 20:03

Hey n-space, the game tanked and it's probably not going to sell more copies...why not release an eshop version for $10 to give it a second life? More people will buy it thanks to it being cheaper, so more people will be online. You can also fix issues from the original release and make the game look less awful.
User avatar
24 Oct 2012 20:06

Thing about Heroes of Ruin is, it would have to come from the underground up as it's a new IP and didn't see the money train of EA or Activision behind it. With that said, the reason why this game didn't catch on with the underground is because of certain flaws, like getting locked out of a quest if somebody who joins your game completes it when your not on it or the lack of replayability by not having a second higher level mode with better loot and not respawning levels and bosses.

The game had a lot of potential but it just wasn't used by decisions made in terms of the replayability. If this were changed and the game breaking glitches were fixed, this game would be absolutely stellar.
User avatar
24 Oct 2012 20:08

I was excited for the game until I read about how meh it was.
No Avatar
25 Oct 2012 01:50

The game was average at best, honestly it felt like it was riding on the coattails of Square Enix publishing it, when if Eidos would have been the publisher the game would of had zero attention.
User avatar
25 Oct 2012 02:43

I don't know but maybe it was SE fault too. Like maybe, they didn't give them enough resources or maybe they gave them an inappropriate deadline.

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