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Another GamePad distance test

Coming from Rich at IGN...

One room - about 18 feet - away from Wii U and had a couple signal issues with GamePad. Nothing huge - though it cost me a boss fight. For the most part the signal held but latency hit a couple times - whole picture skipped a few frames. Played for hours though. Not bad. Just reinforces the fact that this isn't a portable, really. It's a controller for a home console - and it has a screen.

As I've said many times, the distance you can use the GamePad from is really going to depend on your home setup. The more walls between you can the Wii U, the less likely it'll work properly.


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User avatar
11 Nov 2012 14:36

But I want to poop with my Gamepad :(
User avatar
11 Nov 2012 14:45

I wonder if someone will make an accessory that extends the wireless reach of the Gamepad...if that's even possible.
No Avatar
11 Nov 2012 15:29

I bet an extension will surely hit shelves by MadCats lol but yeah, I really wanted to be able to leave my dorm room and go poop with it lol
User avatar
11 Nov 2012 16:22

What about a room directly above? Any word on that as my bedroom is right above the living room.
No Avatar
11 Nov 2012 23:19

Well, for me atleast, it looks like i'll be able to keep playing while in the bathroom so yea big plus.

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