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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is Amazon's most preordered game ever

Coming from Amazon on Twitter...

No word on just how many units were preordered, but Amazon seems to be happy nonetheless. Looks like that preorder bonus offering worked out quite well for them.


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No Avatar
13 Nov 2012 19:26

I had mine pre-ordered here in the UK from Amazon and paid the extra money for a guaranted delivery today....but no game arrived. Hopefully it will come tomorrow. Instead of shooting I gathered golden coins with Mario! I'd say the UK Amazon was equally overwhelmed with the amount of orders going out today.
No Avatar
13 Nov 2012 20:48

This year I am to blame for this but it was not for me, it was a gift I gave to some one else.
User avatar
13 Nov 2012 20:48

So many uniformed people. There are such better first person shooters out there. Team Fortress 2 people. Get a clue.
User avatar
13 Nov 2012 21:58

Oh god, the humanity! If all these people bought Halo 4, fine. I'm sure it's a great game, like all previous games.

But Black Ops 2=??? Really=??? It's gonna be as slow, unbalanced, and crammed full of dreadfully familiar maps like the last several Call of Duty games.

I really hope the future of games bringing in the biggest doe is brighter than this...

My brother plays Team Fortress 2 so much, it's ridiculous. He's so good at Saxon Hale, I can't even explain it.

Also, don't forget Half-Life 2, Doom 1-2, Quake, Counter-Strike, etc.
User avatar
13 Nov 2012 23:09

From the looks of it, this game is well deserving of that. Can't wait to get my Wii u and this game, whenever that may be.
User avatar
13 Nov 2012 23:13

The masses sure like to buy shovelware.
User avatar
14 Nov 2012 06:07

Teeko wrote:I had mine pre-ordered here in the UK from Amazon and paid the extra money for a guaranted delivery today....but no game arrived.

If you get in touch with them, they should refund your money for the extra postage. I (and many others) had the same thing happen when I pre-ordered my 3DS, but after a quick email I got a refund on the extra I'd paid for postage.
No Avatar
14 Nov 2012 10:27

Nuketown 2025 is NOT coming to Wii U, Activision has sent out emails confirming this, and the official COD site has removed all mentions of the DLC from the Wii U preorders. This post seems to imply its coming, but Wii U owners will be left out this time. Too bad they waited til release week to inform us.

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