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GoNintendo feature - 15 minutes of Scribblenauts Unlimited in GLORIOUS 1080p

As promised, I have our first look at Scribblenauts Unlimited on the Wii U! This game is absolutely gorgeous looking in 1080p. The video below should more than display that. Enjoy some of the game's mission and overworld in the video below.

Bonus! Enjoy my spelling errors and lame puzzle answers as well!

This footage was taken from a retail copy of the game that I purchased yesterday.

Direct link here

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No Avatar
15 Nov 2012 19:14

OMG the game looks amazing in full hd... WOW!
User avatar
15 Nov 2012 19:30

This looks so fun. I'm only getting one game at launch, and it will definitely be Scribblenauts.
User avatar
15 Nov 2012 20:30

Already got my copy. I stare at it for 30 minutes a day wondering what it feels like to play it.
No Avatar
15 Nov 2012 20:48

This game looks so epic!

I can imagine waging wars against my friends.

He spawns the zombies and I will try to survive!

This game would be really good with online multiplayer TOO!

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