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Wii U eShop saves credit card info

Want to make your Wii U eShop experience a bit more enjoyable? You are able to save your credit card information for the service. You can even protect it with a password, just to keep things more secure. No more memorizing that credit card info for me!


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User avatar
18 Nov 2012 15:28

That's good to know! Hope ya'll who got your systems today are enjoying them. :)
User avatar
18 Nov 2012 15:31

I never save those anyway, whether it's console, handheld, or PC.
User avatar
18 Nov 2012 15:43

Thanks but no thanks. Didn't really pan out for those 360 and PS3 accounts who got their credit card info stolen. Best be safe than sorry.
No Avatar
18 Nov 2012 18:56

well ok , definitely not for me . Afterall those attacks on psn and others , i'll never keep my credit card info anywhere . I don't do it on steam , no reason to change .

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