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RUMOR - Download the Wii U day-one update in the background?

I don't know that you guys and gals want to try this. With bricking stories going around, I'd hate to have you follow this info and get a bricked system. With that said, apparently you can have the Wii U day-one update downloaded in the background while you enjoy other Wii U content. Simply by pressing cancel at first mention of the update, the system will then download and install the update in the background.

Can anyone confirm/deny this report? Is anyone willing to give it a shot?! Thanks to Paul for the heads up.


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19 Nov 2012 15:37

It's true. ProJared did this on his stream yesterday. He started the Update and played NSMBU for 2 til 2,5 hours. After that, the Update was finished
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19 Nov 2012 15:39

Yeah, my update kept on getting an error message, but after playing a game and trying to update again, I'd suddenly see the blue bar at a completely different length. I don't know if there's a way to actually force it to download in the background, but multiple Wii U updates of mine have downloaded in the background after showing me an error message.
User avatar
19 Nov 2012 15:43

I've heard this multiple times from multiple places.

If it's true, there really should have been a note saying you could.

It would have helped calm some of the complaints.
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19 Nov 2012 15:45

When I first hooked up my Wii U, I declined to do the update until after I had played Nintendo Land for an hour or so. It gave no indication that it was downloading in the background, but it only took about ten minutes to download, so I imagine there must be something to this rumor.

It doesn't make sense, since while it's downloading it says that it can't be downloaded in the background, but I can't think of any other reason that it only took me ten minutes while most people needed an hour or more.
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19 Nov 2012 15:52

I received an error when I was installing the day-one update. So I played NintendoLand for an hour. When I quit the game I received a notification telling me the update was ready to install.
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19 Nov 2012 16:02

when ever I am downloading game updates it seems like it hangs up about half way. I have to go into the game to stop it and I'll leave the game and it will start up with no problems.
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19 Nov 2012 16:16

The updates and transitioning between apps, is pretty slow. I hope this will be resolved soon. Plus there's the occasional error when posting something miiverse or just navigating through it. All in all, despite the technical issues, the Wii U and it's features have significant promise.
User avatar
19 Nov 2012 17:34

I waited on pins and needles throughout that update download hoping it wouldn't mess my Wii U up after hearing the reports of bricked systems. Thankfully, it went through without a hitch. I actually got a error message in my Download Management tab about a system update afterwards so it must mean it was trying to download something in the background, but of course, I didn't need it by then.
User avatar
19 Nov 2012 18:04

I cancelled mine after awhile because my gf had to go to work and we wanted to play Zelda once before she went. Totally forgot about the background downloading and discovered it was finished after she left.
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19 Nov 2012 18:52

Yup, when I first got the Wii U home, my plan was to play NSMBU and then let the download go while I watched football a few hours later. So I chose not to update immediately, played NSMBU for a bit, checked out the regular functions of the system, then went to go play NSMBU again. I got interrupted by a download attempt but was able to hit the Start Software button to play the game and when I was done later, the update had finished.
User avatar
21 Nov 2012 16:46

I can totally confirm that this is true. Cancel it or say later, then play Mario up until Lemmy's castle, Beat it, save, exit, and the update will be ready to install!

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