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XSEED struggling to get Unchained Blades out, hoping for Dec. release, then sequel consideration

Coming from XSEED's Facebook...

...we're still struggling to get the original out on 3DS first. After that's finally out the door (hopefully Decemmber), then maybe we can start thinking about the sequel.

I wonder what the struggle is. I sure hope things are being ironed out. I'd hate to think the issue is with Nintendo. Thanks to VGAMER for the heads up!


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User avatar
22 Nov 2012 21:04

I have waited patiently for this game. Hope we get it before Xmas.
User avatar
22 Nov 2012 22:14

I'd be honestly surprised if we got the sequel. Someone - presumably NOA, given the time delay - is really botching the 3DS release, and the PSN release was practically dead on arrival.
No Avatar
22 Nov 2012 22:30

This is just silly

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