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Reggie says third party games look better on Wii U

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I don't know about this, Reggie. Did you have to pick Call of Duty out of all the games? I mean, right after a major breakdown of why Black Ops II struggles a bit on Wii U? Thanks to all that sent this in.

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User avatar
25 Nov 2012 15:31

Yeah... COD isn't dramatically better looking on Wii U. If it is better, it's not dramatically. Wii U is stronger in terms of specs than PS3 and XB360, not on par. But not by far.
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 15:43

Damn right Reggie, with all the hate and smack talking going around since launch its good to see Nintendo have a strong stance. The game does look a lot better on wii u and if it wasn't for that one article nobody would of noticed the frame rate one bit. And once again that goes back to Wii U being a GPU intensive machine whereas the last gen consoles focus more on the CPU. New architecture brings new challenges so as we start seeing games that use all the new engines come out we'll really see Wii U shine.
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 15:44

komicturtle92 wrote:Reggie could have knocked the lady out with far better responses. Instead of saying "Games look dramatically better", he should have been realistic and said "It's a new console. New architecture. Time is needed to create games optimized for WiiU to see that leap and clearly, we're using the latest tech for WiiU, so no, it's not on par but ahead of PS360. As time passes you will see the true power behind WiiU"

Next, the whole iPad thing- "The difference is the WiiU's Gamepad is not supposed to be a tablet you take around. This is a home console who's main controller has a touchscreen. We're pushing two screen gameplay and doing things you can't get and cannot be done on an iDevice or tablet"

It's sad.. I could have been a better spokesperson for Nintendo :/
Reggie shouldn't have done all the PR BS.

That 1st paragraph you wrote would have been a big mistake. What you are saying implies that people should wait to buy the console. Nintendo wants people to buy it now, not in 3-4 years. And I thought he handled the iPad comparision fine.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but no, you wouldn't be better than Reggie. I think he could have been a bit more polite, especially at the end, but overall I'd certainly give his performance an A.

AlexPuma wrote:This is the first time in history I think its clear that Reggie told a bold faced lie.

Oh no, he's lied plenty of times before. He's CEO of a major company, do you expect him to be honest? I can't think of a more dishonest career except for politician.
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 15:58

This man has to perfect the art of lying with a straight face or he wouldn't be Nintendo's CEO.

He could've at least say initial 3rd party games will look on par to the other consoles but they will get better as developers get acustomed to the console, but straight up lying is more profitable at the end.
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 16:20

I'm getting tired of reggie, has he actually done anything of worth other than providing memes?
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 16:22

Well BLOPS2 does look best on Wii U according to the comparison videos, so why shouldn't he trumpet it?

And personally I haven't experienced any lag in 2 days.
No Avatar
25 Nov 2012 16:47

Wii U uses APU technology what means that the CPU and GPU is integrated together in one component, we know that the CPU in gaming terms is dedicated for the physics engines, gameplay and other similar things (as Dice designer said) but in the APU technology many of these threads are made by the GPU. Fifa 2013 and Havok engine support in the Wii U are cleary examples that the "weak" CPU is not an excuse (Fifa is one of the most demanding games in CPU terms by their physics engine).

Also there are rumours that the PS4 is going to use a weaker CPU than the PS3, for exactly the same reason as the Wii U. Also Wii U is not the Wii all over again, even if the PS4 and X720 are going to be a lot more powerfull than the Wii U, still it will have UE4 support, something that the Wii didn't with the UE3. So if the Wii U is going to sell well we are going to see a lot of multipats even if there are downgraded.
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 16:51

Jesus Reggie... just don't talk.
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 16:54

I respectfully disagree with you. And no bubbles were bursted, so don't worry hun <3
No Avatar
25 Nov 2012 17:44

BlueRangerVegeta wrote:
Oh no, he's lied plenty of times before. He's CEO of a major company, do you expect him to be honest? I can't think of a more dishonest career except for politician.

What about a conman? Does that count as a profession. Even then though, politicians in general take the cake :lol:
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 18:02

Liar, liar, pants on fire.
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 18:14

No one plays war games anyway..
But yes, Wii U has best graphics compared to anything.
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 18:23

He should have said they WILL look better. Because these ones that were just released, they sure have strengths for some of them (Darksiders 2 for example), but they also have weaknesses like framerate issues.
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 18:41

Call of Duty does actually look better and I saw them side by side on my own TV. It's no system selling difference, but its a bit noticeable.
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 19:11

Wii U = HD Fun!

Frankly, I won't buy any CoD, I'm too old for such linear uninspired shooters. I own Crysis, I own a very powerful PC, but I like the Nintendo way and of course their great franchises. Wii U = instant buy!

The Wii U is affordable and offers much more, than Wii did. Nov 30th will come!

No Avatar
25 Nov 2012 19:17

sorry if you think pixel counting comparaison are what should be in mind . I mean ffs with all that noise , it would have been easy to be fooled by epic mickey which is a real bad port through and through . Now big deal , some framedrops and no tearing , just allow tearing and be down with it . So in other words , you sure you want to bring up the game most people can't already see the differences (see the ps3 version ) instead of the game that should not have been a problem (epic mickey 2)
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 19:17

Well, it's supposed to be a next generation console, right?
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 19:19

Oh my God how dare he, the mouthpiece of Nintendo, go and do something like that and make such a claim!? The audacity!
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 19:23

Radiant wrote:Well, it's supposed to be a next generation console, right?

It IS, regardless of graphics quality.
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 19:26

I actually wish Reggie would've been MORE rude and direct! That lady came off as a straight up bitch! In fact I wish he would've slapped her...."Nintendo's Big Comeback" where the hell did they go? "Ipad and Iphone?" I'm tired of these dumbass comparisons. Can I play Batman: Arkham City, Black Ops 2, Assassin's Creed 3, or Bayonetta 2 on a Ipad? I don't think so...so STFU!
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 22:02

Oh Reggie... your bulls*** never ceases to make me laugh...
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 22:12

Justifying the Wii U graphics against last gen hardware is a losing battle and it will make it that much more painful when we learn more about Sony's and Microsoft's next systems. Nintendo best get out some "must have" titles before then, because defending the Wii U's graphical capabilities will be a non-issue.
User avatar
26 Nov 2012 02:30

Haha REGGIE - IS -THE MAN! lol! ;D
User avatar
26 Nov 2012 09:07

The thing is, games can and WILL look better than PS3 on Wii U. What people are forgetting here, is that it's on the developers, not on the system. Most of these ports were rushed, so if there's issues with it, it's on bad, lazy developing. However, I have heard that some games, such as Darksiders II, do actually already look noticeably better.

And before anyone else has to lay down the "BUT IT'll BE ALL OVER WHEN THE OTHER NEXT GEN CONSOLES COME OUT", hold that thought until you actually see the games. I'm willing to bet that games made from the GROUND UP for Wii U, meaning even ports that bother to not simply cut-and-paste code from other versions of the game, but actually use the Wii U's rather new hardware (such as the GPGPU), to it's fullest, that Wii U games will look on par with the competition.

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