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Direct link here (thanks Arthur!)

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03 Dec 2012 21:55

Good informative vid!

lol moments in there..
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 00:09

I'm really impressed with this video. I learned a whole bunch of stuff, and the information was presented so well. I like this guy.
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 01:14

I agree, that guy is great at making videos like that!
He's right, Nintendo was always good at using proven technologies to do awesome things. This is actually a very good strategy IMHO.
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 03:05

This guy really knows his stuff, and he actually GETS how the game industry works on top of that. I like him.
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04 Dec 2012 06:03

Excellent video. I love how his girlfriend "kindly" asks him to relinquish the TV.
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 07:41

Good work. I knew all that but he put it together nicely.
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 08:46

Roo is awesome, he never disappoint!

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