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The Making Of: Body Harvest

Have you played Body Harvest? Not many people have, since it landed around the same time that Ocarina of Time and Banjo Kazooie were hot items on the N64. If you did play the game, you might have noticed a fun game tucked behind some glaring issues. This is all because of a long, dreadful development period that ended up with Nintendo deciding not to publish the title. It was a fight from start to finish, but an interesting one at that.

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09 Dec 2012 17:26

Body Harvest will always hold a special place in my heart. I'm still holding out hope for Rockstar to revisit the game...

For example, it was actually possible to be killed by a save point. At one particularly creative stage in the game, a missile would land to mark the successful completion of a stage. However, gamers unlucky enough to be standing in a particular spot would be blown out into the ocean where they would slowly drown.

Oh, man. I remember always trying purposefully get hit by the save point to see what would happen. It happened once, and I was totally psyched about being thrown into the ocean. I don't think I was bummed out about having to replay that part, but that was only the first chapter, lol.
User avatar
09 Dec 2012 18:10

The game is absolutely my favorite on the N64, if ONLY a >tiny< amount less than Ocarina or Mario 64...but only because you walk a tad bit faster. =P Just kidding, but if anything bugs me about the game, it's the occasional unfair death or glitching around strange geometry in the land and falling off into an area you can't come back from without dying or drowning.

On the idea of save points killing you... well, there is at least ONE save-destroying bug/glitch in the America stage. Since killing a Processor triggers a portal to the next area to open, and there is no actual processor for the 'fourth stage' which manually unlocks the portal to the shield generator, turning around and saving at the Stage 3 save-point and ending your game(either by choice or Game Over) without saving at the boss, will permanently lock you out of the boss. You have to reselect America 1966 from the menu and START ALL OVER. It's probably one of my biggest gripes about the game.

Of course, you could also make things easier for yourself in Siberia 1991, where you can save after getting all the materials ready for the SCUD missile launch, save and return to find the SCUD missile relocated where you found it, and totally be able to fire it from there. That lets you mitigate the auto-spawn enemies that show up in the area you're SUPPOSED to fire it from, which is pretty difficult really. Instead, they have to walk to your location and you can pick them off easily. XD
User avatar
10 Dec 2012 06:28

Body Harvest is a game that I think in many ways was ahead of it's time.

I think it could be pretty amazing if it were made with today's technology and had a decent budget.
No Avatar
10 Dec 2012 12:52

Even though it definitely had its quirks, I loved this game. I still have it!

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