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Nintendo/Eurosport 3DS app to see support end in 2013

Nintendo and Eurosport teamed up on a 3DS video app back when the 3DS was in its infancy. It seems that the app may not have been as popular as either side expected, as support for the app is going to end once 2012 has come to a close. No word on whether a similar deal will be made in the future.


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User avatar
18 Dec 2012 13:44

Where the crap is this "partnership" with Movie Studios... and What ever happened to Youtube? ... All this was announced in 2010... 3D youtube was the first ever thought that popped into my head... What the crap...
User avatar
18 Dec 2012 13:45

Meanwhile in China:
A sack of rice tipped over
User avatar
18 Dec 2012 13:46

Downloaded the app when it came out and deleted it after a few minutes.
User avatar
18 Dec 2012 14:16

Most videos are crap. The 3D effect in every video is crap. The app is crap.
User avatar
18 Dec 2012 15:56

Yeah, downloaded this once, I had no interest in anything on it. I would love them to put up either a YouTube or BBC iPlayer app though.
User avatar
18 Dec 2012 17:17

Eh, never cared much about this.
No Avatar
18 Dec 2012 19:38

Good, I hope it will delete itself. For some reason I can't get it off my original 3DS. Probably installed the icon for some reason, but I never downloaded the service itself.

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