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Official Japanese Pokemon site promoting Jan. 8th announcement

Okay...looks like this Jan. 8th announcement we've been waiting for might be a pretty big deal. Pokemon.co.jp has added a big block on their official website to promote the upcoming reveal, whatever it might be. Just a few more days until we find out!


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User avatar
04 Jan 2013 14:09

Pokemon spin-off/merch/movie announcement or mainline pokemon game? DO they do this much press-hype for non-mainline pokemon game stuff?
No Avatar
04 Jan 2013 14:10

Announcing....BLACK AND WHITE VERSION 3!!!

It's totally a HUGE advancement for the series just like Version 2 was.

Get this guys...you can now catch PURPLE Charmanders. PURPLE!!!!

Oh btw, still top-down sprites, still on DS.

User avatar
04 Jan 2013 17:18

Finally they'll make Ash older!!!

...What? The joke's not good enough?
User avatar
04 Jan 2013 18:04

led-naruto wrote:Finally they'll make Ash older!!!

...What? The joke's not good enough?

That joke is pretty old, but for story reasons I'll say it's 10 years old.
User avatar
04 Jan 2013 19:28

(*crosses fingers to be disappointed*)


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