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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon to feature local multiplayer mode

Coming from the official website...

With so many new places to explore, all new ways to capture ghosts, and a brand new local multiplayer mode, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is another star turn for Mario's heroic brother—and it's only on Nintendo 3DS.

This is the first we've heard of any multiplayer in the game. No idea what this mode will have us doing, but I'm excited to find out! Thanks to all that sent this in.


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User avatar
19 Jan 2013 14:26

I wonder what happens if they capture a ghost at the same time..... Does it rip in half?
User avatar
19 Jan 2013 14:33

Yeah, I just read about this earlier today.. I wonder.. Man-alive, this game cant come out soon enough!
User avatar
19 Jan 2013 14:35

Actually, it isn't the first time we have heard about local multiplayer. Read Nintendo Life's article about it and you'll see where I'm getting at.
User avatar
19 Jan 2013 16:07

Doesn't it have the Nintendo Network on the boxart? If so, I wonder what it's for?
User avatar
19 Jan 2013 18:05

I'm hoping they're planning on doing a Nintendo Direct for this when we're closer to the release date.
User avatar
19 Jan 2013 19:30

so I guess online multiplayer goes without saying, right?... ... ... right?!
User avatar
20 Jan 2013 06:26

I'm guess online is too hip for Nintendo?
No Avatar
21 Jan 2013 00:05

i've got to be honest i was a little bit disappointed that coop required two games for nsmb 2 so i'm not holding my breath for this one either . As i understand the limitations of ping and internet gaming in general I'm not too frustrated by the lack of online . I'll just embrace one of the many genre that does online well on the others platform ...... so shooter it is ! or build in latency strategy game even though i don't like the genre and the genre doesn't actually exist on home systems .
Living in a world where everything is nintendo's fault and laziness and at the same time nothing remotely like that exist elsewhere but that's totally normal , a very true fantasy

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