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Broken Rules talks Chasing Aurora sales, future Wii U support

A portion of a Wii U Daily interview with Martin Pichlmair...

WUD: How do you feel about the performance of the game on the Wii U eShop so far?

MP: This being our first launch title, we did not know what to expect. And we’re still puzzled by the dynamics of this launch. I can’t deny that I had higher hopes but this has more to do with my personal attitude than with the performance of the game itself. As for the game, the christmas sale did really well and the eShop is hitting his stride now. We’re still learning how to operate in this new and exciting environment.

WUD: With your experience with Nintendo and both the Wii and the Wii U, can we expect to see more titles from you in the future on the Wii U?

MP: That depends on a lot of factors. Obviously, we’ve got the technology in place and the capability to make another Wii U title. Yet as a small studio we have to chose very careful what platforms we’re targeting. From the current perspective we plan to bring our next game to the Wii U. But I can’t see into the future, so I can’t guarantee anything at this point.

Full interview here

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User avatar
22 Jan 2013 20:13

It would also help if the game wasn't being universally disdained. You go to the Miiverse community of the game, and essentially no one is giving support for the game. I was personally very disappointed after the awesome AYIM.
User avatar
22 Jan 2013 21:10

The game is addicting... The controls are great an the graphics are sweet. I will be trying to top my scores a lot. But still it seems like it had so much more tha could have been done....It truly is a charming little game.
No Avatar
23 Jan 2013 00:03

I wasn't impressed by the game at all. I was originally sold on it through the credits sequence as it looked stunning but I have little to no interest in repeating short and repetitive time trials that are not fun at all. The game looks stunning but it lacks content.
No Avatar
23 Jan 2013 01:22

glad to hear that it sold well enough to warrant further support, sad to hear that people who bought it are dissapointed. Can't please everybody though
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 05:54

younghavok wrote:glad to hear that it sold well enough to warrant further support, sad to hear that people who bought it are dissapointed. Can't please everybody though

MAny say the multiplayer is really fun, but I have neever tried. What I am going to try is to beat my own scores which is a very addictive thing. If you want 3 stars on a level you have to be spot-on on every move. An that ain't easy! ;)

There could have been way more to the game, but it's not straight out bad. It has potential that hopefully can be used for a sequel.

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